The Winemaker's Year: Four Seasons in Bordeaux

The Winemaker's Year: Four Seasons in Bordeaux

by Michael Buller

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Using a unique seasonal approach to grape growing, wine making, and drinking, Buller writes of visits with Bordeaux wine principals and provides historical background to round out the conversational interview/commentaries. While tending to idealize his topic by emphasizing the mystical, romantic qualities of wine, Buller offers some useful information on such topics as blending and labeling. On the other hand, photographer Guillard does not neglect the less glamorous side of this life . . . the hard field and cellar work, the inhumane forced feeding of the pate foie gras geese, the cold winters. The high-quality photos reveal the practical side of wine production, integrated with scenes of beautiful chateaux and glorious countryside. Famous chef Paul Bocuse contributed the preface and a short interview. Not essential, but a lovely, interesting addition for most libraries serving travel and wine enthusiasts.-- Carolyn Alexander, Technical Information Ctr., Ft. Hunter Liggett, Cal.

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