The Wonder Of It All

The Wonder Of It All

by Roger A. Goodman

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This portfolio of poems, songs, writings, and visual imagery communicates the blessings of God's benevolence and uncovers the wonders God has placed on our plate. In The Wonder of it All, author Roger Goodman shares the rewards and reveals the fruits of seeking God's attention.

The Wonder of it All reflects Goodman's life journey as he traveled from spiritual


This portfolio of poems, songs, writings, and visual imagery communicates the blessings of God's benevolence and uncovers the wonders God has placed on our plate. In The Wonder of it All, author Roger Goodman shares the rewards and reveals the fruits of seeking God's attention.

The Wonder of it All reflects Goodman's life journey as he traveled from spiritual negativism and depression, to hope, and to greater understanding of God's wondrous gifts and life's true purpose. The journey took him from frustration and confusion to confidence in his faith. Through poems, hymns, and scriptures, this compilation provides insight into faith, prayer, sin, salvation, forgiveness, redemption, love, blessings, the wonders of nature, and peace.

Accented with colorful stained glass art created by Goodman, The Wonder of it All serves to inspire a deep gratitude for God's creative genius and celebrates Christ's redemptive grace. Through words and pictures Goodman instills a sense that there is hope for all on the horizon. Through Christ there is everlasting hope.

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The Wonder of it All

By Roger A. Goodman

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2011 Roger A. Goodman
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4269-2318-0

Chapter One


As we look through the window of "The Wonder of it all" we discover many things about God's creative genius, His love and mercy through the grace of His redemptive powers. Our intuition should make us aware of the fact that there exists an author greater than us and that a spirit emanates from that source influencing our daily lives. The mind is made for exploration as evidenced by a look at history, educational systems and the development of people with ideas revealing their genius. The human mind has and always will have the desire to probe into God's Creation and the workings of the Holy Spirit. Out of such exploration emerges greater insight to "The Wonder of it all." One must engage in order to encounter that which surrounds us as well as that which is invisible, seeking, searching, probing or exploring the vastness of God's Domain. Out of this is a path leading to trust and faith in God's forecast for a promised land. God gave us our mind, body, heart and soul to be programmed as an investment to reveal and spread God's message. Scripture: John 4:48 "Jesus said, "Unless you see signs and wonders you will in no way believe". Christ is the body of the church, however, without us the church could not function. That challenge and responsibility has been assigned to Christians to magnify and glorify His sovereignty. Through us the church is active in the world. It is our responsibility to open "The Book of Life." Such inquires require a quiet place, patience, and the ability to focus and concentrate on God's gifts. Even prayer enters the picture, opening the heart and mind to embrace the "Wonders of it all." Rather than let dictums govern our thinking, incorporate the practice of imagination. Imagination brings into play and view a more realistic interpretation of God's creative genius and His redemptive grace, thereby serving as cohesive elements to bind the various aspects of faith together. It solidifies and weaves the fabric of faith as a pathway to follow and cross the bridge into the out stretched arms of our Lord. It is a walk through reality, yet, it guides us like a compass as we travel through our episodes of life on earth.

We were made in the image of God. To infuse that into our daily living, not only requires exploration, but imagination as well. Self image as well as robbing ourselves in an image to please our maker. He gave birth to our image. Reflection on how we become that image and how that image transforms us takes shape over time. Jesus made us aware that our thinking processes are integral to establishing a positive relationship with the Father of our being. The 1st commandment gives us a clue to one of the most important ingredients to satisfy God's expectations needed in our devotional life. The commandments tell us to love thy God and love thy neighbor as they self. This sets the stage and essentially says " If you love me, receive my grace and tell your neighbors." To become a genuine Christian, requires a transformation of values and attitude, including modification of ones self image. A mind that is willing to be molded to become Christ like. The key is willingness, taking the initiative to open the mind, heart, and soul to allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in us permitting God to perform His work. It is not an immediate injection of mature faith, for like any discipline it is acquired in stages. God knows that and sympathizes with our struggles. An Olympic runner doesn't run a world record the first time he steps on the track to compete. A teacher, lawyer, or doctor doesn't become a certified professional until his mind has been trained to perform his specialty. In God's eyes, Christians are His elect, however, there is a preparedness necessary to take on the assignment of Christianity. It is the infusion of a spirit outside ourselves that transforms us so that we may think and conduct ourselves like Christ. Such characterization and actions are revealed through our thoughts and actions on a daily basis. Ideas that are grounded in what God offers us through His word, discovery of gifts granted through His creative genius and the realization (revelation) of redemption through the spiritual power of His Son, Jesus Christ. Therefore, do not be afraid to engage the freedom of imagination as it applies to God's wonders, for it holds promises for all the tomorrows. Until a person becomes aware of God and His providence for each of us, our soul will decay and wither into a useless body not worthy of God's attention. Bones will simply dry white, rather than a creation wrapped in worthiness to be granted that which Jesus proclaimed as our birth right and be crowned with his glory for eternity. The final episode of "The Wonder of it All". It is to reap the harvest of God's grace, love, mercy and freedom to live eternally in peace. Wow! To live forever in the Kingdom of God. What a grand vision full of great expectations. Hopefully, this will help you to scan the panoramic view of God's works.

Each person has the same unadulterated right to accomplish what has been presented in this re'sume' of thoughts. Let your mind explore God's gifts. Lay captive each clue God whispers through "The Wonder of it All" for it will eventually yield the true nature of God. Lay claim to what is your birthright. As evidenced in this collection of thoughts there are several ways by which we can explore the mastery of God's ways. Don't be afraid to set pen to paper letting God know your most intimate thoughts. Whether it be scribed in words, composed in a song, the rhythm of a poem, or letting the hands speak by fabricating stained glass images to reveal visionary ideas, God will listen, he will acknowledge and appreciate knowing you as an individual. He will not cast you out, nor should any faithful Christian brother/sister. The more we explore, the more we'll discover ourselves as well as Jesus Christ.

There is a reason for the resurrection of our Lord. It is free, claim it. Otherwise God would be dishonored. All that work by His creative genius, the grace of salvation and we don't take notice. God would respond by saying "Shame on you". He who hesitates shall miss the boat traveling to a destination. The challenge is knowing how to tap into the source of it all, it is a power that emanates from only one true God. He controls the throttle and we become the benefactors, in that our gratitude should well up from our souls. Our mouths and hearts should shout the words "Thank You, Lord" for "The Wonder of it All." ".... but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God." (Rom. 12:2,KJ) "The man who plants and the man who waters have one purpose, and each will be rewarded according to his own labor, for we are God's fellow workers. You are God's field and God's building." (I Cor. 3:8,KJ)


    There's the wonder of sunset at evening.
    The wonder as sunrise I see.
    But the wonder of wonders that thrills my soul,
    Is the wonder that God loves me.

    There's the wonder of spring-time and harvest.
    The sky, the stars, the sun.
    But the wonder of wonders that thrills my soul,
    Is a wonder that's only begun.

    O the wonder of it all, the wonder of it all.
    Just to think that God loves me.
    O the wonder of it all, the wonder of it all.
    Just to think that God loves me.

         George Beverly Shea
        C 1957 Word Music, LLC
      All rights reserved. Used by permission


    I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows,
    I believe that somewhere in the darkest night, a candle glows.
    I believe for everyone who goes astray, someone will come to
    show the way.
    I believe, I believe.

    I believe above a storm the smallest prayer can still be heard.
    I believe that someone in the great somewhere hears every

    Every time I hear a new born baby cry.
    Or touch a leaf or see the sky.
    Then I know why, I believe.


    Through life we walk,
    crossing many bridges.
    Of this journey, I now talk,
    The genetic code of life,
    passed through the ages.
    Then we turn the pages,
    now let us recall the stages.

    First we are born,
    then through infancy we struggle.
    Without parents we would be forlorn,
    they bestow their love with a cuddle.
    Then we encounter youth and the teenage years,
    many time experiencing fears.
    Our parents' love dried the tears,
    helping us to the future peer.

    Then on to adulthood,
    with the responsibilities of manhood.
    And woman with motherhood,
    with Christ teaching us to live in brotherhood.
    The final bridge to cross is from life to the eternal realm,
    with Christ Jesus at the helm.
    But wait, there is another bridge to cross,
    before we reach the cross.

    We must cross the bridge of salvation,
    there is no other conclusion.
    For it is our transgressions,
    when forgiven by Christ it gives new direction.
    Salvation is a special bridge to cross,
    Christ gave it to us on the cross.
    Redemption for our soul to cleanse,
    like the purity of a crystal lens.

    Birth.... to youth.... to adulthood we all must pass.
    Salvation... to Christian brotherhood ... to Christ's care we pass.
    before we can reach the cross, without alas !
    Christ helps us to cross the bridge to God's eternal plan each
    May God bestow His blessings on us each day.
    The bridges of our life,
    rest in God's Grace !
    Through Him we are given new life,
    then God we can embrace. RG


    It may be just a trifling bit,
    that you may have to give,
    But give it, for to someone else,
    it may mean hope to live!

    Give what you can, although it may,
    seem too small to bestow.
    A gift is measured by its size,
    how well the needy know !

    A wise man said, "The only wealth
    we have is what we share."
    Then give. Who knows, your gift may be,
    an answer to a prayer !
        Esther Nilssom


    I discovered things along the way,
    hopefully, they'll help you on this day.
    For life is worthwhile living,
    let your faith provide the giving.
    Don't let life get you down,
    spirit up, please don't drown.
    Though I am only human,
    festering with flaws.
    There thoughts within me remain,
    and there is purpose to my cause.
    As God is my witness,
    it may not be my best.
    To some it may be nonsense,
    although it helped me to face the rest.

    A story told in God's presence,
    now you know the rest.

Chapter Two


    Birth to death we all make the passage,
    searching for God's message.
    A life is written like a book, page by page,
    day to day searching, searching, forever searching.

    The Good Book tells of heaven's host,
    God's spirit dwelling as a ghost.
    God, why do you hide? Never seen, felt or heard.
    Yet intertwined life a thread.
    Your spirit calling, calling, forever calling.

    In my soul your spirit please reside,
    God, how do I confide?
    Expose yourself, harbor in me,
    Your presence so that I see.
    Your presence I could believe,
    my soul surely would relieve.
    A soul yearning, yearning, forever yearning.

    God please guide my passage,
    endow me with the courage.
    Life's journey seeking the bondage,
    a soul seeking, seeking, forever seeking.

    To the cross I am reaching,
    Christ's love and his teaching.
    Through him my redemption,
    His promise is my salvation.
    There stands the revelation,
    to the cross, reaching, reaching,
        forever reaching.
    My soul forever searching.
    My soul forever calling.
    My soul forever yearning.
    My soul forever seeking.
    My soul forever reaching.

    When shall I hear your voice?
    to fill the soul with elated rejoice.
    My soul traveling through life's passage,
    a soul wanting with endless courage.
    This I have endured from childhood to old age.
    With faith in the Good Book message,
    learning while on life's stage. RG


Excerpted from The Wonder of it All by Roger A. Goodman Copyright © 2011 by Roger A. Goodman. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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