The World and Its People, Spanish Student Edition / Edition 1

The World and Its People, Spanish Student Edition / Edition 1

by McGraw-Hill Education, Merry Lobrecht, Dennis Reinhartz, Francis P. Hunkins

ISBN-10: 0078673828

ISBN-13: 9780078673825

Pub. Date: 03/11/2005

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing


Spanish Student Edition

Product Details

McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date:
Geography: World & Its People Series
Product dimensions:
8.70(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.40(d)
Age Range:
9 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

Unit 1 The World
Chapter 1 Looking at the Earth
Chapter 2 Water, Climate, and Vegetation
Chapter 3 The World’s People
Unit 2 The United States and Canada
Chapter 4 The United States
Chapter 5 Canada
Unit 3 Latin America
Chapter 6 Mexico
Chapter 7 Central America and the Caribbean Islands
Chapter 8 Brazil and Its Neighbors
Chapter 9 The Andean Countries
Unit 4 Europe
Chapter 10 Europe-Early History
Chapter 11 Europe-Modern History
Chapter 12 Western Europe Today
Chapter 13 The New Eastern Europe
Unit 5 Russia and the Eurasian Republics
Chapter 14 Russia’s Landscape and History
Chapter 15 The New Russia and Independent Republics
Unit 6 North Africa and Southwest Asia
Chapter 16 Birthplace of Civilization
Chapter 17 North Africa Today
Chapter 18 Southwest Asia
Unit 7 Africa South of the Sahara
Chapter 19 West Africa
Chapter 20 Central and East Africa
Chapter 21 Southern Africa-A Varied Region
Unit 8 Asia
Chapter 22 South Asia
Chapter 23 China and Its Neighbors
Chapter 24 Japan and the Koreas
Chapter 25 Southeast Asia
Unit 9 Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica
Chapter 26 Australia and New Zealand
Chapter 27 Oceania and Antarctica

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