World is a Monster

The World is a Monster


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  1. The World is a Monster
  2. All I Can Do is Cry
  3. Beer Bottle Mama
  4. I'm Playing It Cool
  5. Pick Up Blues
  6. Blue
  7. The Record
  8. Rainy Night Blues
  9. I'm the Devil Who Made Her That Way
  10. Throwing My Life Away
  11. Drinking All My Troubles Away
  12. What a Line
  13. Me and My Big Loud Mouth
  14. Ugly and Slouchy
  15. I Can't Keep the Girls Away
  16. A Shot In the Dark
  17. No Parking Here
  18. Here Kitty Kitty
  19. Red Hot Mama and an Ice Cold Beer
  20. Oh Stop!
  21. Hey! Where Ya Goin?
  22. I'm a Railroad Daddy
  23. Don't Talk To Me About Men
  24. Pistol Packin' Mama Laid Her Pistol Down
  25. Much Too Young To Die
  26. There's a Bottle Where She Used To Be
  27. The Barroom Girl
  28. I've Lived a Lot In My Time
  29. Buddy's Boogie
  30. Eternity
  31. The Wall
  32. When the Sun Goes Down

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Carl Smith   Vocals

Technical Credits

David Landis   Layout
C. Walker   Composer
David Thrussell   Reissue Executive Producer
E. Nicholas   Composer
C. Wells   Composer
Jason Odd   Liner Notes
R. Bennett   Composer
J. Rhodes   Composer
J. Reeves   Composer
J. Murphy   Composer
J. Morris   Composer
H. Howard   Composer
C. Wayne   Composer
C. Sutton   Composer
H. Brasiel   Composer
C. Story   Composer
M. Montgomery   Composer
W. Walker   Composer
D. Reynolds   Composer
L. Butler   Composer
J. Hicks   Composer
J. Wayne   Composer
B. Emmons   Composer
P.L. Howard   Composer
L.T. Zinn   Composer
F.E. Duke   Composer
E.J. Heaton   Composer
D.G. Tubb   Composer

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