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The World Teacher for All Humanity

The World Teacher for All Humanity

4.4 5
by Benjamin Creme

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As Maitreya, the World Teacher, stands poised ready to emerge into full public work, this book presents a rather full account of the many ramifications which will flow from this momentous planetary happening.

It details the planned return of our planetary Hierarchy and the descent of Maitreya from His Himalayan retreat in July 1977 and of His work in the world,


As Maitreya, the World Teacher, stands poised ready to emerge into full public work, this book presents a rather full account of the many ramifications which will flow from this momentous planetary happening.

It details the planned return of our planetary Hierarchy and the descent of Maitreya from His Himalayan retreat in July 1977 and of His work in the world, albeit behind the scenes, since then. It speaks of the enormous changes His presence has brought about; of His plans and projects, and His priorities and recommendations for the immediate future. It shows Him as a great and powerful Avatar and, at the same time, as a friend and brother of humanity.

Maitreya's advice will bring humanity to a simple choice between two lines of action: to ignore His recommendations and continue in our present mode of life, and so face self destruction; or to accept gladly His counsel to inaugurate a system of sharing and justice which will guarantee a peaceful and prosperous future for humanity, and the creation of a civilization based on the inner divinity of all men.

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>Maitreya Steps Forward
The emergence of Maitreya is all but accomplished. His open, public work will commence really very soon. From then will begin the process of teaching and becoming known, gradually, to the peoples of the world. The time that this will take remains unclear, but it should proceed relatively quickly. At first, of course, there may be much opposition to His views and the nature of His advice. This is only to be expected, so far from the prevailing thinking is His thought. Gradually, however, Maitreya's incisive mind will cut through and expose the flaws in present beliefs about the environment and on matters social, economic and political. The logic and wise understanding of His words will convince many to listen and contemplate further, while His Ray will penetrate the hearts of millions and turn His simple words into revelations of Truth. No one, as yet, knows the loving power of Maitreya, nor can men fathom His inscrutable wisdom.

As millions rally to His cause, demanding peace and justice through sharing and understanding, men will be swept up and galvanized by new hope and a longing for brotherhood and right relationship. They will demand change on a scale hitherto unknown. The governments and men of power will be forced to respond to the demands, and bit by bit, the edifice against change will crumble before the onslaught of a now empowered voice of public opinion. Thus, by logic, revelation and the trust engendered by His love, will Maitreya harness the goodwill which exists, even if unknown, in every heart.

Maitreya will speak to millions of men and women through television and radio. All will have the opportunity to share in His blessing whichwill accompany every appearance. Thus the people worldwide will become familiar with His message and the uplifting of their hearts. Much speculation will surround His identity and many will be the theories presented, but all in their different ways will see Him as the harbinger of the new, a conveyor of wholesome truths and as a way-shower of a lifestyle close to their hearts.

Of course, there will be those who feel threatened by His ideas, and who will attempt to stop His progress but, more and more, the beauty and good sense of His words will inspire the people of all the nations to see Him as their spokesman and leader. Thus will it be. The people will call for Him to speak on their behalf to the world at large, and the Day of Declaration will be announced.

This day, like none other before or after, will give Maitreya the opportunity to reveal His name, title and purpose, as the World Teacher for the New Age, the leader of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Expected One of all religious groups. As the friend and teacher of all who need His help will He present Himself; as a simple man Who knows the pain and suffering of men and seeks to ease their lot, Who loves all totally, without condition, and Who has come to show us the steps to joy.

Such a one is about to step before the world and give His advice to all. We may have heard the words before. Now, with His blessing, we shall understand their meaning, and act.

from the Master --, through Benjamin Creme (Share International, January/February, 2007)

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The World Teacher for All Humanity 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
peacegirl1 More than 1 year ago
A fantastic overview of the events unfolding behind the scenes today....explains what the bigger picture is with a message of hope and joy for us all! Highly recommend to be read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The author, Benjamin Creme, is a British painter who in the mid-1970s embarked on an extraordinary mission, announcing to a cynical world the imminent return of the Christ. His first book earned him worldwide attention and a guest appearance in the Merv Griffin show. Since then, Creme has produced a dozen volumes ranging from philosophical discourses to political and social reform agendas. His main topic in over 4000 pages has never changed, however. A teacher for all humanity is slowly but steadily emerging to help us tackle problems that by now have reached lethal magnitude. Bound by law not to infringe human free will, he may openly present himself only after the general public has been exposed to his ideas. Unlike religious saviors and political demagogues, this teacher has clear proposals for the regeneration of the planet. If we accept that humanity is one species, then its survival depends on safeguarding living conditions for all its members. This can reasonably be achieved through a balanced distribution of world resources. By adopting sharing in vital sectors of world economy (basic food, health care, and educational needs) we establish trust and the resulting goodwill makes all things possible, including the elimination of war. Needless to say, these ideas are anathema to oligarchs and fundamentalists around the globe. In fact, the delayed public appearance of the world teacher has much to do with their efforts to discredit Creme and distort his message. The evidence continues to grow in his favor, however. Photographs, accurate predictions of events, independent testimonies, and a global wave of miracles, all suggest there is a kernel of truth in Creme¿s story. Another source of trust in this material is the author¿s independence from vested interests and ideologies. He is thus free from peer pressure, the imperative of convincing readers, and the anxiety of selling fast. His conversational prose exposes the core of our modern problems with disarming honesty and radiant insight. And his description of the world teacher¿s ideas and transformative presence among us is warm and uplifting, to say the least. I recommend this book as a short discourse on the most urgent problem of our times: our collective survival.
Guest More than 1 year ago
One of the remarkable aspects of this book is the fact that so much is contained in so little. The 132 pages gives the reader much to ponder on relating to the many problems facing humanity. In a very simple, direct and objective way, author Benjamin Creme lays bare the urgent need for human beings to change direction and move from a competitive based society and culture to one of co-operation. Competition and the destructive seeds of seperation permeates every aspect of human relationship - politically, socially, economically, religiously, with the familiar effects of war, poverty, ill-health and environmental destruction. What was particularily uplifting about this book was the steadfast view that humanity can change direction and if the initial steps are taken then - as always - providence will act to support and invigorate this descion. In this case providence isn't some vague notion, Mr.Creme speaks of a group of enlightened teachers who have stood behind humanity since its earliest days and have always sought to inspire, aid and assist. Now this group is emerging from their ancient retreats to walk again among men and to once again assist humanity through the point of crisis and danger we now face. I found this book to be a practical blue print for effective spiritual living in a world that is confused and conflicted.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In his book, Creme outlines the crucial steps humanity must take in order to bring justice to the world. I found his perspective on achieving peace and ending proverty unique yet balanced. To aid us in the betterment of our planet, Creme assures readers that 'Divine Leadership' is soon to emerge. This is hopeful news...