The World, the Flesh and the Devil

The World, the Flesh and the Devil

by Reay Tannahill

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This big historical novel by the author of A Dark and Distant Shore teems with adventure and romance. The setting is 15th century Scotland, a wild country poised on the edge of civil war. Cameron Gavin has risen from a modest birth to become Bishop of Glasgow and advisor to King James I. Intrigue flourishes in both Catholic church hierarchy and Scotland's court, and when Cameron makes an enemy of one of his archdeacons, Columba Crozier, Crozier's scapegrace, illegitimate son Adam plots to ruin Cameron's reputation. Matters are further complicated for the Bishop when he finds himself attracted to Adam's beautiful cousin, Ninian. Tannahill's vital and memorable characters move through a narrative laced with irreverent humor, passion and fascinating glimpses of history. In every respect this is a marvelous story, told by a master storyteller. (February 2)
Library Journal - Library Journal
The romance of Gavin and Ninian is part of a multifaceted tale of the 15th-century Scottish court of James I. As Chancellor of the Realm and Bishop of Glasgow, Gavin is much in the public eye, as is Ninian, who attends Queen Joan. Gavin tries to deny his love of Ninian because of his priesthood, but he is drawn inevitably to the woman who more freely admits to loving him. The tragic intrigues of the Catholic Church in both Scotland and Rome and the conspiracies revolving around the throne cause a division of the country and conflicting loyalties within Ninian herself. The substantive characters and an interesting plot keep the reader moving toward the satisfying conclusion of this well-researched novel by the author of A Dark and Distant Shore. Highly recommended. Andrea Lee Shuey, Dallas P.L.

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