World You're Living In

The World You're Living In

by Amber Digby

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Cd Baby

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  1. It's a Long Way from Heaven (To the World That You're Living In)  - Amber Digby
  2. One More Thing I Wished I'd Said  - Amber Digby
  3. How Can I Unlove You  - Amber Digby
  4. She'd Already Won Your Heart  - Amber Digby
  5. Saturday Night  - Amber Digby
  6. You Leave Again  - Amber Digby
  7. The One I Can't Live Without  - Amber Digby
  8. It Won't Be Long (And I'll Be Hating You)  - Amber Digby
  9. Where Will You Go  - Amber Digby
  10. My Imagination  - Amber Digby
  11. We Loved It Away  - Amber Digby
  12. If It Ain't Love (Let's Leave It Alone)  - Amber Digby
  13. You Put Me Here  - Amber Digby
  14. Little Darlin'  - Amber Digby

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Amber Digby   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

Bill Anderson   Composer
Johnny Paycheck   Composer
Joe South   Composer
Lloyd Green   Composer
Carmol Taylor   Composer
Dallas Frazier   Composer
Vince Gill   Composer
Jimmy Johnson   Composer
Aubrey Mayhew   Composer
George Richey   Composer
Dale Dodson   Composer
James Pullman   Composer
Amber Digby   Composer
Sharon Higgins   Composer
Sean Locke   Composer
Billy Merrin   Composer
Dani Flowers   Composer
Jimmie Helms   Composer
Alma Rhodes   Composer

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