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The Wrong Quarry (Quarry Series #10)

The Wrong Quarry (Quarry Series #10)

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by Max Allan Collins

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Quarry doesn't kill just anybody these days. He restricts himself to targeting other hitmen, availing his marked-for-death clients of two services: eliminating the killers sent after them, and finding out who hired them…and then removing that problem as well. 
So far he's rid of the world of nobody


Quarry doesn't kill just anybody these days. He restricts himself to targeting other hitmen, availing his marked-for-death clients of two services: eliminating the killers sent after them, and finding out who hired them…and then removing that problem as well. 
So far he's rid of the world of nobody who would be missed. But this time he finds himself zeroing in on the grieving family of a missing cheerleader. Does the hitman's hitman have the wrong quarry in his sights?

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Collins's 10th noir featuring John Quarry (after 2010's Quarry's Ex) is easily his best—a sharp-edged thriller with more than one logical but surprising twist. Quarry used to work as a hit man on assignments arranged for him by a middleman known as the Broker, but that work ended when Quarry had to take him out. Making use of the Broker's records, he has begun a new phase in his killing career. He identifies the targets of other hit men, and then, for a price, offers to take them out on behalf of the intended victims. And, for an extra fee, Quarry removes the threat entirely by killing the person who ordered the hit. The early 1980s find Quarry doing exactly that in the "Little Vacationland" of Stockwell, Mo. He learns that the local dance instructor, Roger Vale, is to be killed because he's suspected of murdering a teenage girl, and offers to save his life, for a price. The lean prose, brisk pacing, and clever plotting are a winning combination. (Jan.)
From the Publisher
"The book delivers a solid and satisfying plot that will appeal to readers who like their crime especially hardboiled."- The Mystery Place.com 

"Fans of hardboiled suspense will enjoy Collins’ latest thriller, as it delivers up enough sex, violence, and grim humor to satisfy the most demanding pulp reader." - Mystery Scene

"Collins’ forte is in writing crime novels set in period, and The Wrong Quarry captures the early eighties scene beautifully." - Blogcritics

“Highest possible recommendation!” I Love a Mystery

"Very tough and cool and with a pleasantly nasty sense of humor." - Comic Book Resources

"Quarry is a classic hardboiled character: tough, smart, and dangerous. The plot was lean and hard and the character wry and charming. Collins is a worthy successor to Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane, and Quarry may be his best character. I enjoyed this book enough that I plan on tracking down the other Quarry novels, so obviously this is highly recommended." - Fandom Post 

"The perfect jumping point for all newcomers and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for some intelligent hard boiled detective fun." - Upcoming4.me

"Pulp fiction fans won’t be able to put their hands down on this new Quarry novel as it revolves around gritty action, hard-boiled violence and hot sex." - Retrenders

"Fast-paced and full of sex and murder. Think Twin Peaks without the supernatural." - Super Punch

"This book has a little bit of everything including mystery, suspense and sex." - Examiner

"If you are a fan of gritty, hard boiled storytelling that shows a bit of heart……and every other organ in the human body, you might want to give The Wrong Quarry a try." - Geek Hard

"Written very well." - Project Fandom

"Kept me reading from page one straight till the end...a fun and twisty journey, full of great sights and meticulous detail." - Nerd Span

"Quarry is an excellent addition to the catalog of hard-boiled (anti-)heroes. His exploits are different enough to bring a refreshing uniqueness to the genre without upending it entirely, and are written in such a way as to pack maximum entertainment into a fast-paced page-turner of a read." - Criminal Element

"The Wrong Quarry is a great blend of suspense, sex, and sensation that will keep you engaged and intrigued until it’s surprising conclusion." - Geek Nutz

"Hard-edged storytelling at its best" - Awkward Geeks

"The dry wit and action throughout makes for an entertaining read and leaves you wanting more." - The Celebrity Cafe

"Pure entertainment for fans of old-school, hard-boiled prose." - Booklist

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Quarry Series , #10
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5.00(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Meet the Author

MAX ALLAN COLLINS is the best-selling, award-winning author of Road to Perdition, the graphic novel that inspired the Oscar-winning movie starring Paul Newman and Tom Hanks, and of the acclaimed Nathan Heller series of historical hardboiled mysteries.  He also wrote the Dick Tracy newspaper comic strip for years, as well as novels based on numerous major movies and TV series ranging from Saving Private Ryan, Air Force One, and American Gangster to CSI, Bones and NYPD Blue.  Also a filmmaker himself, Collins’ films include "Shades of Noir," "Real Time," and the documentary "Mike Hammer’s Mickey Spillane."

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The Wrong Quarry 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
tedfeit0 More than 1 year ago
This latest Quarry novel shows the killer of assassins has developed a conscience. As a murderer for hire by those targeted by others, he has developed an interesting business. He collects money from intended victims, preventing their deaths by taking out the teams engaged for the purpose. In this latest adventure, he approaches a dance instructor who is accused by the grandfather of a missing teenager of her murder. Quarry’s approach is purely professional. He identifies the first member of the team who arrives merely to observe the target’s habits. When he passes the information to the second, the active member of the team, Quarry then removes both as threats. His business model then has him offer, for an additional fee, to end any fear of further activity by ending the sponsor’s life so that the “contract” is nullified. And that’s when the fun begins. Along the way, Quarry himself enjoys a lot of extracurricular action, as Max Allan Collins provides all kinds of implicit sex, not to mention violence. The long-running series has a style all its own, told in a voice that reflects Quarry as a thinking man’s murderer. The character, and thee novels in the series, are a throw-back to pulp fiction of yester-year and are reminiscent of Mickey Spillane. Recommended.