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The Wyoming Debt

The Wyoming Debt

4.2 9
by Blushing Books, April Hill
Married to crooked gambler Jack Thornton, Alex has spent much of her adult life in sleazy saloons, working rigged poker games and small- time swindles, while enduring her drunken husband�s brutalities. Finally, she alters her appearance, changes her name to Cathy, and catches the first train out of Denver, only to find herself broke and stranded in a sleepy little cow


Married to crooked gambler Jack Thornton, Alex has spent much of her adult life in sleazy saloons, working rigged poker games and small- time swindles, while enduring her drunken husband�s brutalities. Finally, she alters her appearance, changes her name to Cathy, and catches the first train out of Denver, only to find herself broke and stranded in a sleepy little cow town. Fearing that Jack will find her and desperate for traveling money, she empties the cash register at the store where she�s found a job, and is caught in the act.

Unaware of past, or that she has an enraged husband looking for her, Will agrees to let �Cathy� satisfy her bail bond by working at the small ranch he shares with his two children. The isolated cabin is miles away, though, and a judge demands that the couple be legally married before spending months together in the wilderness.

At the ranch, Cathy is forced into a life she�s spent years trying to avoid�cooking, cleaning, and scrubbing laundry�while also dealing with Will�s resentful adolescent daughter. Will soon learns that the best way to handle his stubborn new �hired hand�s� bad manners, incessant profanity and hot temper is with a wooden hairbrush or a folded belt. With one husband close on her trail and bent on vengeance, the situation is further complicated when Cathy realizes she�s fallen in love with her second husband�and that he�s in love with her, as well.

Formerly released as: "Borrowed Bride by Judith McClaren"

Includes BONUS short story "The Picnic".

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April Hill is a best-selling author of women�s romance, known for her wry humor, sensitive character development and of course, the love.

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The Wyoming Debt 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
KArc More than 1 year ago
This is a great story about Alex aka Cathy who's on the run from a checkered past and an abusive husband. When Cathy is caught stealing, Will marries her and takes her home to work off her debt. Will's children Hannah and Caleb, do not like the idea of another woman taking their dead mothers place so take an instant dislike to Cathy. Hannah does everything she can to make Cathy's life miserable, and succeeds more often than not. As Cathy's past life and lies start to catch up with her she sets about making plans to keep eveyone safe. There are some great characters in this story who were so real, I was drawn in from beginning to end. I would have given this story five stars, unfortunately I hated the ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another really good story from April Hill! This one started with a back story on Cathy/Alex's abusive husband. She leaves him and runs across a new man. This time he's the right kind of man! Problems start right away with the two having to get married to save their reputations, Will's children, and the fact that Cathy/Alex is really a bit of a brat!! Very fun read!
Redrabbitt More than 1 year ago
Life on the run and paying off a debt Alex was married to Jack Thornton, a crooked gambler who used his own wife to ply men with drinks and cop a feel of her while he swindled them.  But if things didn't go well at the tables, and he was losing he started drinking heavily, and then he blamed her and would beat her.  After a bad night and beating her nearly to death, she knew she must escape, her life depended on it.  Taking what she could she left Denver trying to get to California.  Instead she winds up in a small town and ends up working for a miserable shopkeeper and decides to steal enough money to get away.  Unfortunately that didn't work.  Will Cameron agrees to pay the bond and takes her home to be his housekeeper and teacher for his two children. The judge makes them marry before they leave. Cathy, as she goes by now, doesn't know how to cook or clean or teach.  Life isn't better at the Cameron home, his daughter despises her, and the battle rages. Will has to take Cathy in hand with spankings several times for her attitude and foul mouth, but never does he beat her.   This is a fun western domestic discipline story, with likeable characters and a feisty redhead.  It also has a Bonus Story: A Picnic In The Park
MarybethR More than 1 year ago
This is a well written story.  Alex is married to Jack. Jack is a gambler and Alex helps him distract the other players so that he can win.  But, one day Jack goes too far and beats her severely.  She decides to leave him and buys a ticket for as far away as she can get.  She lands in Wyoming territory and she makes the mistake of embezzling from the store owner that she worked for as “Cathy”. Of course, she gets caught and Will Cameron rescues her when he agrees to repay the money that she stole.  Unfortunately for them both, the judge insists that they marry as it wouldn’t be right for an unmarried woman to be out in the wilderness with an unmarried man.  And so, the two of them make the journey to Will’s home, married.  It definitely isn’t love and not even like.  Cathy hated Will.  But, as the weeks, and months pass, the two of them come to an agreement.  And, eventually, there is a HEA.  I highly recommend this story.  I laughed so much when reading it.  Cathy is no simpering miss!  I give this story 5 stars!
Patty_Author-of-Choices More than 1 year ago
Wow! I’ve read from this author before and loved her. This one didn’t let me down. With a heroine running for her life and the hero a sucker for a pretty girl in need of help, what can go wrong? Cathy feels she has no choice but to lie and steal to protect herself. Jack pretty much covered her with bruises, splitting her lip, blacking her eye, and busting her ribs. She is sure he’s going to kill her next time. So she’d have done just about anything to get away from his abuse. But Cathy’s unprepared for a caring sort of man, who can see through her and won’t let her run away from him. At Will’s (literal) hand she learns a few hard lessons and no where near the way Jack preferred to use his hands or fists as they were. Will was more than willing to spank her when Cathy had crossed the line into disrespect or downright danger, but he never hit her anywhere other than her poor bottom. Between, house fires and barn-burning spankings, charming visitors with interesting news, broken china and even an eight year old ally, April Hill will keep you turning the pages. I couldn’t stop until I’d read the very last paragraph and I’ll dang sure be first in line for her next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Overall, I enjoyed this book. I loved Will and thought he was great. I had mixed feelings about Cathy, I didn't feel much empathy for her and thought she was a brat at times. I loved the interactions with the children and the challenge there.  
madpuss More than 1 year ago
An entertaining read. A little different from most historical westerns. It showed how difficult it can be for a woman to come into a house with older children who have lost their mother. I enjoyed the interaction between all the family members. Will was a sweetheart even though he knew he had to be firm with Cathy. Considering he took her on for her great cooking and housekeeping skills and her ability to teach children he took it well that she turned out useless at all those things. Overall it was a warm and fuzzy story though the first chapter of the book did it no favours and doesn't feel like it belongs.
CJO1 More than 1 year ago
This one was pretty good. Alex is a woman who escapes from her abusive husband in Denver. She ends up in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming, and married to a man named Will when she is caught stealing and he offeres to pay her debt and let her work it off at his ranch doing cooking, cleaning, etc. It is the perfect hiding place for her. They don't seem to like each other much at first, but eventually they fall in love. The book moved a little slow at first, but became a real page-turner at the end.
SLGIL More than 1 year ago
I really do like April Hill.  She gives you a story with background and characters you can love and hate.   This is a warm story of a man, Will, who tries to help a desperate woman named Cathy out.  She is arrested  for stealing and he makes her his wife in order to protect her virtue and save her from jail. The story was warm and had a happy ending, sort of. The spankings were mild using only Belt, hand, and spoon.  There is the conflict between Will’s daughter and Cathy.  There is the conflict with her old husband and the new borrowed husband.  The story is without sexual relations, because technically Cathy is still married to Jack her old swindling, wife beating husband.   But you can see that Cathy is falling in love with Will and his children.   Cathy wants the life that Will can offer her, but she has lied since from  the beginning about who she was, what she was running from, and why she was so desperate to get away. I enjoyed the read.  It was short and sweet with a few domestic discipline spankings as well.  I didn't enjoy the first chapter as it seems to be the real ending of the book which was not what I expected.  The first chapter is written and then you have a flash back to the story for the rest of the book. The last pages of the book are the happy ending I expected.  It is well worth the read.