X Files: I Want to Believe [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

The X Files: I Want to Believe [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]


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  1. Moonrise
  2. No Cures / Looking For Fox
  3. The Trip to DC
  4. Father Joe
  5. What If You're Wrong / Sister
  6. Ybara The Strange / Waterboard
  7. Can't Sleep / Ice Field
  8. March and Dig / Girl In The Box
  9. A Higher Conscious
  10. The Surgery
  11. Good Luck
  12. Seizure / Attempted Escape
  13. Foot Chase
  14. Mountain Montage / The Plow
  15. Photo Evidence
  16. The Preparation
  17. Tranquilized
  18. The Axe Post
  19. Box Them
  20. Home Again
  21. The X-Files (UNKLE Variation on a Theme Surrender Sound Session #10)
  22. Broken, song (for the film "X-Files: I Want to Believe")
  23. Dying To Live, song (for the film "X-Files: I Want to Believe")

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Xzibit   Group
UNKLE   Group
Pete Anthony   Conductor
Joel Cadbury   Bass
Philip Sheppard   Cello
Aidan Lavelle   Piano

Technical Credits

Chris Goss   Composer
Richard Grant   Auricle Programming
Randy Kerber   Orchestration
Alan Meyerson   Engineering
Tom Steel   Stage Manager
James Lavelle   Composer,Remixing
Tim Lauber   Engineering
Mark Snow   Composer
Slamm Andrews   Engineer
Tom Cavanaugh   Business Consultant
Jonathan Sacks   Orchestration
Richard File   Composer
Philip Sheppard   Arranger
Pablo Clements   Programming,Engineer,Remixing
Jamie Forsyth   Composer's Assistant
Francesco Perlangeli   Stage Manager
Gavin Clark   Composer
Chris Carter   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Denis St. Amand   Engineer
Aidan Lavelle   Programming,Engineer,String Arrangements

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