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The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican:

The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican:

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by Vladimir Dedijer (Editor), Harvey Kendall (Translator)
First-hand testimony of survivors and eyewitnesses is compiled in this shocking and graphic account of the crimes committed during World War II at the largest death camp in Yugoslavia. At the small Croatian town of Jasenovac, the fascist "Independent State of Croatia" (a satellite state of the Nazi Third Reich) constructed a concentration camp where more than 200,000


First-hand testimony of survivors and eyewitnesses is compiled in this shocking and graphic account of the crimes committed during World War II at the largest death camp in Yugoslavia. At the small Croatian town of Jasenovac, the fascist "Independent State of Croatia" (a satellite state of the Nazi Third Reich) constructed a concentration camp where more than 200,000 people, mostly Orthodox Serbs, were systematically murdered. Among the participants in this genocide were members of the Roman Catholic Clergy, from the Franciscan monk who became the camp commandant to the infamous Archbishop Stepinac, the spiritual advisor to the fascist state appointed by Pope Pius XII.

Vladimir Dedijer, a close associate of Marshall Tito, has collected irrefutable documentary and photographic evidence, attesting to thousands of atrocities and the complicity of the Catholic Church in these crimes. The events described in this important volume provide a historical context to the recent conflict in Yugoslavia and shed light on the motivations behind the apparently senseless ethnic and religious strife which tore Yugoslavia apart. The massacre at Jasenovac was the terrible culmination of centuries-old animosities between Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats, and a dark episode in the history of the Church, one that the Church has attempted to hush up for fifty years.

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A former Yugoslav ambassador to the UN describes the Croatian fascists' program against the Serbs and Vatican complicity in the "final solution" to the Serbian orthodox heresy. Speaks to the fury of today's hatreds. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

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The late Vladimir Dedijer held many high state offices in the government of Yugoslavia, including the post of official delegate from Yugoslavia to the United Nations. He was considered a leading authority on genocide in the twentieth century and, together with Jean-Paul Sartre, chaired the Bertrand Russell International Tribune on War Crimes. Dedijer was also a highly-respected scholar of modern history, who taught in universities throughout the world, and the author of many books, among which is his widely acclaimed biography of Tito.

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The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book.and it pains me to call it a book, is nothing but the Serbian whitewashing of history that the west has been eating up for years and supports. 50+ years of Serbo-Communist revisionism has taken its toll and now it is nearly impossible to shed light on the truth in any expedient way. The author seems to subscribe to the Nazi creedo of 'Tell a lie 9 tiimes and it remains a lie, the tenth time, it becomes truth.' It truly sickened me to read this propoganda. the defiling of Aloysius Stepinac and his tireless work of saving any and all from nazi terror, whether Serb, Croat, Jew, or Muslim. This book is pure Serbian refuse. Each side had Nazi puppet regimes during WWII. And two wrongs do not make a right, they never do. The names Ljotic, Nedic and Mihajlovic state it all. The Serbian announcement to Hitler himself during WWII informing him that Belgrade was now 'judensfrei' free of jews, is a testament to the revisionism encassed within this piece of work. This book is a sad testament to the waste of natural resources. Save your money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book in question is openly written by a "close associate" of Tito who had everything to gain by inflating the numbers killed in this camp and other during World War Two. Directly after the war, Tito cared less about the numbers of dead and estimated numbers at under 100,000. This all changed when Tito was contacted by the freshly formed United Nations and informed that he could recieve war reperations from Germany based on the number of people killed. Tito quickly inflated the numbers dead through investigations that were non academic. He estimated more Jews killed in the Independant State of Croatia that the amount that were living there! Furthermore, the German claimed to have shipped out and killed 8,000 Jews themselves. So according to this writers sources the Croatians killed some Jews at least three times over! Also, the Jews that were killed by Serbs in Serbian camps in Serbia were instead said to have been killed by the Croatians! The pro-nazi royalist Serbs under Nedic declared that they could killed Jews and Roma faster than anyone and further declared that Belgrade held the title of "The first Jew-Free City of Europe". They even went on to make commemorative stamps to celebrate the occasion with Chetnik crosses on those same stamps. But all of those numbers and attrocities also were heaped on the Indpenendant State of Croatia. The Independant State of Croatia did kill people in camps, and did commit atrocities, but who does it help to inflate these numbers three or four times more than the amount that were actually killed? The modern Serbs would also claim that there were all Serbs, Jews, and Roma killed in Croatian camps, but the simple fact is that many were anti-government Croatians. History is bad enough that it does not need to be white-washed by the likes of this "writer".
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is an absolute truth, and the person who wrote the previous review obviously knows very little, if not nothing, about history. The book was written in 'The Tito Era', by one of his associates, and therefore didn't mention some more facts, trying to maintain good relations between the two nations. Saying that this is just a Serbian propaganda is utter nonsense, and I assume the person who wrote it is Croatian, even though he signed himself under an English name. The world has long remained silent about Croatian crimes in WWII, keeping under the carpet that it was purely a fascist country in WWII, and that their nation was fully supporting their government, or dictatorship, and its crimes. People who were fighting on the right side in former Yugoslavia during the war, Partisans and a great majority of Chetniks, were mostly (80 and more %) Serbs, with only a few Croats fighting. Tito, a Croat himself, hid the facts and the truth, and thus helped his people become a 'winning side in the war', which, by all means, they were not. Most of the stories from this book reflect what had really happened in former Yu and Ustase, the Croat fascists, can just deny this with no real arguments.