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The Zebra Network

The Zebra Network

3.5 2
by Sean Flannery

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Although Flannery's thrillers ( Gulag , Moscow Crossing , etc.) are based on his career in U.S. security organizations, his latest requires a leap of faith too large for even ardent devotees of spy fiction. In Moscow, CIA operative David McAllisterMacgets an enigmatic warning from a Soviet contact: ``Zebra One, Zebra Two.'' After the meeting, the agent is seized by the KGB, tortured, then sent home to the U.S. From this point onward, Mac survives unbelievable attempts on his life; he kills or witnesses the murder of nearly everyone in the outsize cast. Understanding that he's suspected of working for the Soviets, Mac persists in hunting the mole at Langley, who could be anyone, including his chief, Bob Highnote, or agent Stephanie Albright, although she helps the accused prove his loyalty. If the author had exercised some restraint, he could have given fans a rip-roaring adventure, instead of this benumbing assembly of blood-red herrings and corpses. (Mar.)
Library Journal
CIA agent David McAllister is arrested in Moscow and isolated and tortured in Lubyanka prison for almost a month. Released unexpectedly and put on a flight to New York via Paris, he finds his problems are only just beginning. Somewhere he has acquired information about security leaks in both countries, and his death seems preferable to disclosure. After surviving an assassination attempt at JFK and another in Washington, he flees both family and colleagues. With the help of a sympathetic female agent he evades the efforts of several groups, including the KGB, CIA, and Mafia, who are intent on killing him. Nonstop action and a very complex plot totally involve the reader in a masterpiece of escapist entertainment. Only purists will be concerned that later analysis shows multiple improbabilities. Recommended.-- John North, NorCom Enterprises, Toronto

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HarperCollins Publishers
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1st ed

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The Zebra Network 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Zebra Network is an intriguing, complex web of deceit and espionage. David MacAllister, a CIA agent, is taken from the Moscow streets in the dead of night and imprisoned, tortured and interrogated for a month. When he is released his own team think he has been turned. Someone is trying to kill him. Are they Russians or his own? On the run like a hunted animal, deserted by his friends, murder happening all round him; his only ally, Stephanie Allbright, a young and inexperienced FBI agent. The action and suspense continues through to the end of the book where part of the conclusion comes as a big surprise. I guessed some of the outcomes before they were revealed.