The Zondervan TNIV Compact Concordance

The Zondervan TNIV Compact Concordance

by John R. Kohlenberger III

More than 50,000 references with their contexts and over 2,000 exhaustive entries make this compact TNIV concordance a handy reference tool.See more details below


More than 50,000 references with their contexts and over 2,000 exhaustive entries make this compact TNIV concordance a handy reference tool.

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The Zondervan TNIV Compact Concordance

By John R. Kohlenberger III Zondervan Copyright © 2008 John R. Kohlenberger III
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-310-26503-0

Chapter One A


Genealogy of (Ex 6:16-20; Jos 21:4, 10; 1Ch 6:3-15).

Priesthood of (Ex 28:1; Nu 17; Heb 5:1-4; 7), garments (Ex 28; 39), consecration (Ex 29), ordination (Lev 8).

Spokesman for Moses (Ex 4:14-16, 27-31; 7:1-2). Supported Moses' hands in battle (Ex 17:8-13). Built golden calf (Ex 32; Dt 9:20). Talked against Moses (Nu 12). Priesthood opposed (Nu 16); staff budded (Nu 17). Forbidden to enter land (Nu 20:1-12). Death (Nu 20:22-29; 33:38-39).






Rev 9:11 whose name in Hebrew is A


Dt 4:31 he will not a or destroy you Jos 10: 6 "Do not a your servants. 1Ki 6:13 and will not a my people Israel." 2Ch 12: 5 I now a you to Shishak.'" Ne 9:19 compassion you did not a them 9:31 not put an end to them or a them, Ps 16:10 because you will not a me 138: 8 do not a the works of your hands. Jer 12: 7 forsake my house, a my inheritance; Ac 2:27 because you will not a me 1Ti 4: 1 in later times some will a the faith


Ge 24:27 who has not a his kindness Dt 29:25 because this people a the covenant 32:15 He a the God who made him Jdg 6:13 now the Lord has a us and given 1Ki 18:18 You have a the Lord's Isa 54: 7 "For a brief moment I a you, Ac 2:31 that he was not a to the realm Ro 1:27 also a natural relations with women 2Co 4: 9 persecuted, but not a;


Mk 14:36 "A, Father," he said, Ro 8:15 And by him we cry, "A, Father." Gal 4: 6 the Spirit who calls out, "A, Father."


A judge of Israel (Jdg 12:13-15).


Deported to Babylon with Daniel (Da 1:1-6). Name changed from Azariah (Da 1:7). Refused defilement by food (Da 1:8-20). Refused idol worship (Da 3:1-12); saved from furnace (Da 3:13-30).


Second son of Adam (Ge 4:2). Offered proper sacrifice (Ge 4:4; Heb 11:4). Murdered by Cain (Ge 4:8; Mt 23:35; Lk 11:51; 1Jn 3:12).


Lev 26:11 among you, and I will not a you. 26:15 reject my decrees and a my laws 26:30 of your idols, and I will a you. 26:44 or a them so as to destroy them Ps 26: 5 I a the assembly of evildoers 139:21 a those who are in rebellion against Am 6: 8 "I a the pride of Jacob and detest Ro 2:22 You who a idols, do you rob


High priest in days of Saul and David (1Sa 22; 2Sa 15; 1Ki 1-2; Mk 2:26). Escaped Saul's slaughter of priests (1Sa 22:18-23). Supported David in Absalom's revolt (2Sa 15:24-29). Supported Adonijah (1Ki 1:7-42); deposed by Solomon (1Ki 2:22-35; cf. 1Sa 2:31-35).



1. Sister of David (1Ch 2:16-17).

2. Wife of Nabal (1Sa 25:30); pled for his life with David (1Sa 25:14-35). Became David's wife after Nabal's death (1Sa 25:36-42); bore him Kileab (2Sa 3:3) also known as Daniel (1Ch 3:1).


Son of Aaron (Ex 6:23; 24:1, 9); killed for offering unauthorized fire (Lev 10; Nu 3:2-4; 1Ch 24:1-2).


1. Second son of Samuel (1Ch 6:28); a corrupt judge (1Sa 8:1-5).

2. An Aaronic priest (1Ch 24:10; Lk 1:5).

3. Son of Jeroboam I of Israel; died as prophesied by Ahijah (1Ki 14:1-18).

4. Son of Rehoboam; king of Judah who fought Jeroboam I attempting to reunite the kingdom (1Ki 14:31-15:8; 2Ch 12:1614:1; Mt 1:7).


Ge 47: 6 of any among them with special a, Ex 31: 6 given a to all the skilled workers 35:34 tribe of Dan, the a to teach others. 36: 1 a to know how to carry out all 36: 2 to whom the Lord had given a Dt 8:18 for it is he who gives you the a Ezr 2:69 According to their a they gave Ecc 5:19 and the a to enjoy them, 6: 2 does not grant the a to enjoy Da 5:12 and also the a to interpret dreams, Mt 25:15 one bag, each according to his a. Ac 8:19 this a so that everyone on whom I 2Co 1: 8 far beyond our a to endure, 8: 3 were able, and even beyond their a.


1. King of Gerar who took Abraham's wife Sarah, believing her to be his sister (Ge 20). Later made a covenant with Abraham (Ge 21:22-33).

2. King of Gerar who took Isaac's wife Rebekah, believing her to be his sister (Ge 26:1-11). Later made a covenant with Isaac (Ge 26:12-31).

3. Son of Gideon (Jdg 8:31). Attempted to make himself king (Jdg 9).


Sided with Dathan in rebellion against Moses and Aaron (Nu 16; 26:9; Dt 11:6).


Shunammite virgin; attendant of David in his old age (1Ki 1:1-15; 2:17-22).


Son of Zeruiah, David's sister (1Sa 26:6; 1Ch 2:16). One of David's chief warriors (1Ch 11:15-21): against Edom (1Ch 18:12-13), Ammon (2Sa 10), Absalom (2Sa 18), Sheba (2Sa 20). Wanted to kill Saul (1Sa 26), killed Abner (2Sa 2:18-27; 3:22-39), wanted to kill Shimei (2Sa 16:5-13; 19:16-23).


Dt 5:23 while the mountain was a with fire, Da 7: 9 with fire, and its wheels were all a. Rev 8: 8 all a, was thrown into the sea.


Ge 13: 6 that they were not a to stay together. Lev 26:37 So you will not be a to stand before Nu 14:16 'The Lord was not a to bring Jos 24:19 people, "You are not a to serve 1Sa 17:33 "You are not a to go out against 1Ki 3: 9 who is a to govern this great people 1Ch 29:14 that we should be a to give as 2Ch 2: 6 who is a to build a temple for him, Job 41:10 Who then is a to stand against me? Pr 17:16 when they are not a to understand it? Eze 7:19 gold will not be a to deliver them Da 2:26 "Are you a to tell me what I saw 3:17 the God we serve is a to deliver us, 4:37 walk in pride he is a to humble. Hos 5:13 But he is not a to cure you, not a Mt 9:28 you believe that I am a to do this?" 26:61 'I am a to destroy the temple of God Lk 13:24 will try to enter and will not be a to. 14:30 to build and wasn't a to finish.' 21:15 your adversaries will be a to resist 21:36 pray that you may be a to escape all 21:36 you may be a to stand before Ac 5:39 you will not be a to stop these men; 11:29 The disciples, as each one was a, 15:10 we nor our ancestors have been a 22:13 very moment I was a to see him. Ro 8:39 will be a to separate us 11:23 for God is a to graft them in again. 14: 4 the Lord is a to make them stand. 16:25 to him who is a to establish you 2Co 8: 3 they gave as much as they were a, 9: 8 God is a to bless you abundantly, Eph 3: 4 you will be a to understand my 3:20 to him who is a to do immeasurably Eph 6:13 you may be a to stand your ground, 1Ti 3: 2 respectable, hospitable, a to teach, 2Ti 1:12 that he is a to guard what I have 2:24 be kind to everyone, a to teach, 3: 7 never a to come to a knowledge 3:15 which are a to make you wise Heb 2:18 he is a to help those who are being 3:19 we see that they were not a to enter, 5: 2 He is a to deal gently with those 7:25 Therefore he is a to save completely 9: 9 sacrifices being offered were not a Jas 3: 2 a to keep their whole body in check. 4:12 Judge, the one who is a to save 2Pe 1:15 my departure you will always be a Jude 1:24 To him who is a to keep you Rev 5: 5 He is a to open the scroll and its


Cousin of Saul and commander of his army (1Sa 14:50; 17:55-57; 26). Made Ish-Bosheth king after Saul (2Sa 2:8-10), but later defected to David (2Sa 3:6-21). Killed Asahel (2Sa 2:18-32), for which he was killed by Joab and Abishai (2Sa 3:22-39).


Job 38:19 "What is the way to the a of light? Isa 33:20 a peaceful a, a tent that will not be


Da 11:31 and will a the daily sacrifice. Hos 2:18 and battle I will a from the land, Mt 5:17 think that I have come to a the Law 5:17 I have not come to a them


Da 12:11 the time that the daily sacrifice is a Gal 5:11 the offense of the cross has been a.


Da 9:27 set up an a that causes desolation, 11:31 set up the a that causes desolation. 12:11 the a that causes desolation is set Mt 24:15 in the holy place 'the a that causes Mk 13:14 "When you see 'the a that causes


Pr 26:25 them, for seven a fill their hearts. Isa 66: 3 ways, and they delight in their a; Rev 17: 5 AND OF THE A OF THE EARTH.


Ps 72: 7 and prosperity a till the moon is no 72:16 May grain a throughout the land; 2Co 9: 8 you will a in every good work. Php 1: 9 that your love may a more and more


Ex 34: 6 to anger, a in love and faithfulness, Nu 14:18 a in love and forgiving sin Dt 33:23 "Naphtali is a with the favor Ne 9:17 slow to anger and a in love. Ps 86: 5 a in love to all who call to you. 86:15 to anger, a in love and faithfulness. 103: 8 gracious, slow to anger, a in love. Pr 8:24 there were no springs a with water; Joel 2:13 slow to anger and a in love, and he Jnh 4: 2 slow to anger and a in love, a God


Hab 1: 3 there is strife, and conflict a. 2Co 1: 5 also our comfort a through Christ.


Ge 3:14 "Cursed are you a all livestock 28:13 There a it stood the Lord, and he Lev 26:19 and make the sky a you like iron Dt 4:39 that the Lord is God in heaven a Ps 8: 1 have set your glory a the heavens. 18:48 You exalted me a my foes; 57: 5 Be exalted, O God, a the heavens; 68:33 to him who rides the ancient skies a, 95: 3 great God, the great King a all gods. 103:11 high as the heavens are a the earth, Da 11:36 and magnify himself a every god Mt 10:24 "Students are not a their teacher, nor servants a their master. Jn 3:31 The one who comes from a is a all; 3:31 who comes from heaven is a all. 8:23 "You are from below; I am from a. Ro 12:10 Honor one another a yourselves. Php 2: 9 him the name that is a every name, Col 3: 2 Set your minds on things a, 1Ti 3: 2 the overseer is to be a reproach, Jas 1:17 good and perfect gift is from a, 1Pe 4: 8 A all, love each other deeply,


Abram, son of Terah (Ge 11:26-27), husband of Sarah (Ge 11:29).

Covenant relation with the Lord (Ge 12:1-3; 13:14-17; 15; 17; 22:15-18; Ex 2:24; Ne 9:8; Ps 105; Mic 7:20; Lk 1:68-75; Ro 4; Heb 6:13-15).

Called from Ur, via Haran, to Canaan (Ge 12:1; Ac 7:2-4; Heb 11:8-10). Moved to Egypt, nearly lost Sarah to Pharoah (Ge 12:10-20). Divided the land with Lot; settled in Hebron (Ge 13). Saved Lot from four kings (Ge 14:1-16); blessed by Melchizedek (Ge 14:17-20; Heb 7:1-20). Declared righteous by faith (Ge 15:6; Ro 4:3; Gal 3:6-9). Fathered Ishmael by Hagar (Ge 16).

Name changed from Abram (Ge 17:5; Ne 9:7). Circumcised (Ge 17; Ro 4:9-12). Entertained three visitors (Ge 18); promised a son by Sarah (Ge 18:9-15; 17:16). Questioned destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Ge 18:16-33). Moved to Gerar; nearly lost Sarah to Abimelek (Ge 20). Fathered Isaac by Sarah (Ge 21:1-7; Ac 7:8; Heb 11:11-12); sent away Hagar and Ishmael (Ge 21:8-21; Gal 4:22-30). Covenant with Abimelek (Ge 21:22-32). Tested by offering Isaac (Ge 22; Heb 11:17-19; Jas 2:21-24). Sarah died; bought field of Ephron for burial (Ge 23). Secured wife for Isaac (Ge 24). Fathered children by Keturah (Ge 25:1-6; 1Ch 1:32-33). Death (Ge 25:7-11).

Called servant of God (Ge 26:24), friend of God (2Ch 20:7; Isa 41:8; Jas 2:23), prophet (Ge 20:7), father of Israel (Ex 3:15; Isa 51:2; Mt 3:9; Jn 8:39-58).




Ge 17: 5 No longer will you be called A;


Son of David by Maacah (2Sa 3:3; 1Ch 3:2). Killed Amnon for rape of his sister Tamar; banished by David (2Sa 13). Returned to Jerusalem; received by David (2Sa 14). Rebelled against David (2Sa 15-17). Killed (2Sa 18).


Col 2: 5 For though I am a from you


1Ti 5: 2 women as sisters, with a purity.


Ex 19:15 A from sexual relations." Nu 6: 3 they must a from wine and other Ac 15:20 telling them to a from food polluted 15:29 You are to a from food sacrificed 21:25 they should a from food sacrificed Ro 14: 6 those who a do so to the Lord 1Ti 4: 3 order them to a from certain foods, 1Pe 2:11 and exiles, to a from sinful desires,


Ex 31:17 on the seventh day he a from work


Ge 41:29 great a are coming throughout Job 36:31 the nations and provides food in a. Ps 36: 8 They feast on the a of your house; 66:12 but you brought us to a place of a. Ecc 5:12 but the a of the rich permits them no Isa 66:11 and delight in her overflowing a." Jer 2:22 and use an a of cleansing powder, Mt 13:12 given more, and they will have an a. 25:29 given more, and they will have an a. Lk 12:15 not consist in an a of possessions." 1Pe 1: 2 Grace and peace be yours in a. 2Pe 1: 2 yours in a through the knowledge Jude 1: 2 peace and love be yours in a.


Dt 28:11 will grant you a prosperity- 32: 2 grass, like a rain on tender plants. Job 36:28 a showers fall on the human race. Ps 68: 9 You gave a showers, O God; 78:15 gave them water as a as the seas; 132:15 I will bless her with a provisions; 145: 7 They celebrate your a goodness Pr 12:11 work their land will have a food, 28:19 work their land will have a food, Jer 33: 9 will tremble at the a prosperity Eze 17: 5 planted it like a willow by a water, 31: 7 for its roots went down to a waters. Joel 2:23 He sends you a showers, Ro 5:17 who receive God's a provision


Jos 17:14 and the Lord has blessed us a." 1Ti 1:14 our Lord was poured out on me a,


Pr 9: 7 rebukes the wicked incurs a. 1Pe 4: 4 wild living, and they heap a on you. 2Pe 2:10 not afraid to heap a on celestial beings; 2Pe 2:11 do not heap a on such beings Jude 1: 8 and heap a on celestial beings.


Ac 18: 6 they opposed Paul and became a, 2Ti 3: 2 proud, a, disobedient to their


Lk 8:31 not to order them to go into the A. Rev 9: 1 given the key to the shaft of the A. 9: 2 When he opened the A, smoke rose 9: 2 darkened by the smoke from the A. 9:11 king over them the angel of the A, 11: 7 up from the A will attack them, 17: 8 will come up out of the A and go 20: 1 having the key to the A and holding 20: 3 He threw him into the A, and locked


Ex 25:10 them make an ark of a wood- 25:23 "Make a table of a wood- 26:15 "Make upright frames of a wood 27: 1 "Build an altar of a wood,


Mt 26:73 your a gives you away."


Ge 14:23 that I will a nothing belonging Ex 23: 8 "Do not a a bribe, for a bribe blinds Lev 26:23 things you do not a my correction Dt 16:19 Do not a a bribe, for a bribe blinds 2Sa 24:23 the Lord your God a you." Job 2:10 Shall we a good from God, and not 42: 8 and I will a his prayer and not deal Ps 119:108 A, Lord, the willing praise of my Pr 4:10 my son, a what I say, and the years 10: 8 The wise in heart a commands, 19:20 Listen to advice and a discipline, Eze 43:27 Then I will a you, Zep 3: 7 you will fear me and a correction!' Mal 1:10 "and I will a no offering from your Mt 11:14 And if you are willing to a it, he is 19:11 "Not everyone can a this word, Jn 3:11 you people do not a our testimony. 5:41 "I do not a glory from human 14:17 The world cannot a him, because it Ac 22:18 here will not a your testimony Ro 14: 1 A those whose faith is weak, 15: 7 A one another, then, just as Christ 1Co 2:14 the Spirit does not a the things Jas 1:21 humbly a the word planted in you, 1Jn 5: 9 We a human testimony, but God's


Pr 21: 3 just is more a to the Lord than Isa 58: 5 call a fast, a day a to the Lord? Php 4:18 a fragrant offering, an a sacrifice, 1Pe 2: 5 offering spiritual sacrifices a to God


Ro 11:15 what will their a be but life 1Ti 1:15 saying that deserves full a: 4: 9 saying that deserves full a.


Ge 4: 7 do what is right, will you not be a? Lev 1: 4 it will be a on your behalf to make 7:18 the one who offered it will not be a. 1Sa 8: 3 after dishonest gain and a bribes Job 42: 9 and the Lord a Job's prayer. Lk 4:24 "prophets are not a in their Ac 2:41 Those who a his message were Ro 10:16 all the Israelites a the good news. 15: 7 then, just as Christ a you, in order 2Co 11: 4 different gospel from the one you a, Gal 1: 9 you a gospel other than what you a, 1Th 2:13 us, you a it not as a human word,


Dt 27:25 "Cursed is anyone who a a bribe Ps 6: 9 the Lord a my prayer. Zep 3: 2 obeys no one, she a no correction. Jn 3:32 heard, but no one a his testimony. 13:20 whoever a anyone I send a me; 13:20 whoever a me a the one who sent Jas 1:27 that God our Father a as pure


Est 1:14 Media who had special a to the king Ro 5: 2 through whom we have gained a Eph 2:18 through him we both have a


Ps 89:15 those who have learned to a you, Isa 24:14 from the west they a the Lord's


1Co 10: 4 from the spiritual rock that a them, Jas 2:17 itself, if it is not a by action, is dead.


Isa 40:10 him, and his recompense a him. 62:11 and his recompense a him.'" 2Co 9:13 obedience that a your confession


Dt 28: 2 a you if you obey the Lord your Ecc 8:15 joy will a them in their toil all Mk 16:17 these signs will a those who believe:


Pr 29:24 The a of thieves are their own


Dt 9: 5 to a what he swore to your fathers, 2Ki 19:31 of the Lord Almighty will a this.


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