THEA W/CD-ROM, 9th Edition / Edition 9

THEA W/CD-ROM, 9th Edition / Edition 9

by Ellen Davis Conner, Jocelyn Chadwick-Joshua, George P Parks Jr., Robert Blake Truscott

ISBN-10: 0738609676

ISBN-13: 9780738609676

Pub. Date: 06/23/2011

Publisher: Research & Education Association

REA’s THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment) Test Prep with TestWare CD

Gets You a High Score!

Updated 9th Edition!

This updated ninth edition of our popular test prep was designed to help college-bound students in Texas master the information on the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA).

This test prep is perfect for:
* Students

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REA’s THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment) Test Prep with TestWare CD

Gets You a High Score!

Updated 9th Edition!

This updated ninth edition of our popular test prep was designed to help college-bound students in Texas master the information on the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA).

This test prep is perfect for:
* Students entering Texas public colleges, universities, and technical institutes (including students transferring from out-of-state schools or from private institutions within the state of Texas)
* Students seeking admission to public and private teacher-education programs
* Students seeking admission to upper-level programs that require the THEA for admission

Our comprehensive review chapters cover all math, reading, and writing skills tested on the exam. Drills in each chapter let you practice what you’ve learned and target areas in need of improvement.

Two full-length, multiple-choice practice tests in the book simulate the actual THEA. Each practice test is balanced to include every type of question, subject area, and skill tested on the exam. Our practice tests replicate the THEA’s question format, allowing you to assess your skills and gauge your test-readiness.

The book’s two exams are included on CD in a timed format with instant scoring, diagnostic feedback, and on-screen detailed explanations of answers. Our TestWare CD offers the most powerful scoring and diagnostic tools available today. Automatic scoring and instant reports help you zero in on the topics and types of questions that give you trouble now, so you’ll succeed when it counts!

Every practice exam comes with detailed feedback on every question. We don’t just say which answers are right—we explain why the other answer choices are wrong—so you’ll be prepared on test day. Our detailed explanations of answers let you identify your strengths and weaknesses while building your skills. This complete test prep package comes with a customized study schedule and REA’s test-taking strategies and tips.

This test prep is a must-have for college-bound students in Texas!

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Product Details

Research & Education Association
Publication date:
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
6.60(w) x 9.90(h) x 1.90(d)
Age Range:
18 Years

Table of Contents


About Research & Education Association
Study Schedule

Chapter 1 - Passing the THEA Test
About this Book with TestWare
About the Test
  Who takes the test and what is it used for?
  Who administers the test?
  When should the THEA be taken?
  When and where is the test given?
  Is there a registration fee?
How to Use this Book
  What do I study first?
  When should I start studying?
Format of the THEA Test
Sections of the THEA Test
  Reading Section
  Mathematics Section
  Writing Section
About the Review Sections
  Reading Section Review
  Mathematics Section Review
  Writing Section Review
Scoring the THEA Test
  How do I score my practice tests?
  Scoring the Reading and Mathematics Sections
  Scoring the Writing Section
  What scores do I need to pass the actual THEA?
  When will I receive my score report and
  what will it look like?
Studying for the THEA Test
THEA Test-Taking Tips
The Day of the Test
  Before the Test
  During the Test
  After the Test

Chapter 2 - Reading Section Review
  The Passages
  The Questions
Strategies for the Reading Section
A Four-Step Approach
  Step 1: Preview
  Step 2: Read Actively
  Step 3: Review the Passage
  Step 4: Answer the Questions
Vocabulary Enhancer
  Similar Forms and Sounds
  Multiple Meanings
  Connotation and Denotation
  Vocabulary Builder
  Additional Vocabulary
  Knowing Your Word Parts
  Figures of Speech
  Interpretation of Graphic Information Questions
Reading Drills Answer Key

Chapter 3 - Mathematics Section Review
Strategies for the Math Section
  Integers and Real Numbers
  Order of Operations
Arithmetic Drills Answer Key
  Operations with Polynomials
  Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
  Linear Equations
  Two Linear Equations
  Quadratic Equations
  Absolute Value Equations
  Ratios and Proportions
Algebra Drills Answer Key
  Points, Lines, and Angles
  Regular Polygons
  Coordinate Geometry
Geometry Drills Answer Key
Word Problems
  Data Interpretation
  Combination of Mathematical Skills
Word Problem Drills Answer Key
Detailed Explanations of Answers
Reference Table

Chapter 4 - Writing Section Review
Part I: Multiple-Choice
Strategies for the Multiple-Choice Subsection
Recognizing the Writer's Purpose and Intended Audience
  Analyzing a Passage for Purpose and Audience
  Determine What Essay Strategy the Writer Uses:
  Explain, Inform, or Persuade
  Consider Implications and Inferences
  Determine the Nature of the Audience
Recognizing Effective Organization: Unity, Focus, and Development
  Look for Key Sections (T) and (t)
  Key Sections to Recognize
  Determine the Type of Evidence (E)
  Check for Logic
  Note the Transitions
Recognizing Effective Sentence Structure and Mechanics
  Test Your Skills
  Diagnostic Answer Key
Review of Standard Written English
  Sentence Fragments
  Run-on Sentences
  Short Sentences/Wordiness
  Misplaced Modifiers
  Parallel Structure
  Phrases and Clauses
  Subject-Verb Agreement
  Comparison of Adjectives
  The Comma
  The Colon and Semicolon
  Quotation Marks
  The Apostrophe
  Interjections, Dashes, and Parentheses
Writing Drills Answer Key
Part II: Writing Sample
Strategies for the Writing Sample
Appropriate, Unified, and Focused Essays: Recognizing Effective Writing Why Essays Exist
  Organization and Purposeful Development
  Essay Writing
  Seven Steps to Prove a Thesis
  The Writing Process: Controlling Organization,
  Paragraph Development, Sentence Structure,
  Usage, and Mechanical Conventions
  Composing Your Essay: Using the Writing
Writing Your Essay
  Prewriting/Planning Time
  Consider Your Audience
  Control Your Point of View
  Consider Your Support
  Write Your Rough Draft
  Providing Evidence in Your Essay
  Organizing and Reviewing the Paragraphs
  Paragraphing with No Evidence
  Check for Logic
Polishing and Editing Your Essay
  Polishing Checklist
Essay Writing Drills Answer Key

The Practice Tests
Practice Test 1
  Answer Key
  Detailed Explanations of Answers
Practice Test 2
  Answer Key
  Detailed Explanations of Answers
Answer Sheets

Installing REA’s TestWare®

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