Theater for Beginners

Theater for Beginners

by Richard Maxwell

A unique meditation on the art and practice of theater, from one of its most original thinkers and practitioners.  See more details below


A unique meditation on the art and practice of theater, from one of its most original thinkers and practitioners.

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"The writer and director Richard Maxwell is a stylist of the first order, which is to say that the content of what he says is equal to how he says it. When I read or think about a Maxwell text, I don’t so much recall any other writer. Rather, I think about visual artists and colors, usually some gradation of gray, and as painted by Agnes Martin: a series of lines and, ultimately, grids that seduce through a visible splendor that is immediate but not florid. You have to work to meet the work’s meaning." - Hilton Als, New Yorker

"Although rich with sublimated humor and magnified nuance, Maxwell’s theater works are noted for their non-emotive acting style coupled with an extreme form of neutrality in direction. Circular conversations, fractured silences, and dead-pan absurdity permeate his works, yet one never suspects lurking parody or satire. Instead, the result is a sophisticated, surprisingly moving rendering of the human condition laid bare." - Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

"Though few of Mr. Maxwell’s characters would put it this way, the sense of being 'unwritten and without form' has always seemed to grip them, from the playwright’s breakthrough work, House (1998), to his everyday Joycean odyssey, Neutral Hero (2012). Whether they’re cowboys, cops, robbers, medieval knights or garden-variety Americans, the denizens of Planet Maxwell talk in a forthright, emphatic prose that rings hollow in the mouths of its speakers.

They say one thing, they say the opposite. And every contradiction is uttered with the same uncertain certainty. Listening to Mr. Maxwell’s characters talk, you become aware of how much all conversation is a matter of groping in the dark, no matter how solid and common the words are." - Ben Brantley, New York Times

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