Theatre of Death [CD/DVD]

Theatre of Death [CD/DVD]

by Alice Cooper

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Universal Uk

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  25. No More Mr. Nice Guy  - Alice Cooper
  26. Under My Wheels  - Alice Cooper
  27. School's Out  - Alice Cooper

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alice Cooper   Primary Artist
Damon Johnson   Guitar
Jimmy DeGrasso   Drums
Chuck Garric   Bass
Keri Kelli   Guitar

Technical Credits

Alice Cooper   Composer,Writer,Executive Producer
David Foster   Composer
Desmond Child   Composer
Michael Bruce   Composer
Glen Buxton   Composer
Dennis Dunaway   Composer
Bob Ezrin   Composer
Shep Gordon   Producer,Writer,Executive Producer
Greg Hampton   Composer
Kelly Jay   Composer
Damon Johnson   Composer
Steve Lukather   Composer
Bob Marlette   Composer
John McCurry   Composer
Ian McLaughlin   Camera Operator
Danny Saber   Composer
Neal Smith   Composer
Bernie Taupin   Composer
Dick Wagner   Composer
Matt Hunter   Camera Operator
Gabrielle Geiselman   Cover Photo
Chuck Garric   Composer
Rockin' Reggie Vinson   Composer
Dave Meehan   Director,Video Director
Piggy D.   Wardrobe Design
Rob Roth   Director,Producer,Writer
Dave Elison   Camera Operator
Jon Gout   Camera Operator
Jim Steinmeyr   Prop Design
Martin Oliver   Camera Operator
Simon Livingstone   Camera Operator
Stephen Pook   Camera Operator
Mark Joyce   Camera Operator
Carin Cronacher   Wardrobe Design
Rock Boston   Composer
Russ Shrimplin   Camera Operator
Chris Moorcroft   Camera Operator

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