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The\Criminal Law of Intellectual Property and Information:Cases and Materials / Edition 1

The\Criminal Law of Intellectual Property and Information:Cases and Materials / Edition 1

by Geraldine Szott Moohr

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ISBN-10: 0314154310

ISBN-13: 9780314154316

Pub. Date: 02/28/2008

Publisher: West Academic

This casebook defines a new field that combines two disciplines, criminal law and intellectual property. The casebook first reviews traditional larceny and civil misappropriation law. Subsequent chapters present various types of conduct (theft, misappropriation, infringement) that target specific kinds of property (trade secrets, copyrights, confidential business


This casebook defines a new field that combines two disciplines, criminal law and intellectual property. The casebook first reviews traditional larceny and civil misappropriation law. Subsequent chapters present various types of conduct (theft, misappropriation, infringement) that target specific kinds of property (trade secrets, copyrights, confidential business information, and personal identifying information). The material focuses on substantive law and policy and provides theoretical rationales for assigning rights in intellectual property; it is thus readily accessible to all students. This flexible casebook can serve in a stand-alone upper-level course or as a supplement in intellectual property or advanced criminal law classes.

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West Academic
Publication date:
American Casebook Series
Edition description:
New Edition
Product dimensions:
7.30(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.90(d)

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Table of Contents

Preface     v
Acknowledgments     ix
Table of Cases     xix
Table of Authorities     xxv
The Common Law of Theft and Misappropriation
Introduction     2
"What Is Stolen Must Be Property"     2
Criminal Conduct and New Forms of Property     2
Expanding Conceptions of Property and Conduct     4
United States v. Turley     4
Notes and Questions     8
Regina v. Stewart     9
Notes and Questions     13
Problem 1.A. The Case of the Missing Cookie Recipe     14
Problem 1.A Supplement. The Recipe     16
The Common Law of Theft     17
Introduction     17
The Mens Rea of Theft Offenses     18
People v. Brown     18
Notes and Questions     20
Problem 2.A. The Case of the Missing Exam     20
Morissette v. United States     21
Notes and Questions     25
People v. Kunkin     25
Notes and Questions     28
The Property Element of Theft Offenses     29
Brooks v. State     29
Notes and Questions     32
State v. Miller     33
Notes andQuestions     35
Problem 2.B. The Case of the Secretary's Electricity Bill     36
People v. Ashworth     36
Notes and Questions     39
Property Issues Raised by Computer Use     40
People v. Weg     41
Notes and Questions     45
State v. McGraw     45
Notes and Questions     48
Lund v. Commonwealth     49
Notes and Questions     52
Evans v. Commonwealth     53
Notes and Questions     55
Note on the Value of Intangible Property     56
Notes and Questions     59
Misappropriation and Conversion     60
What Is Misappropriation?     61
International News Service v. Associated Press     61
Notes and Questions     69
Modern Applications of Misappropriation Doctrine     72
United States Golf Association v. St. Andrews Systems, Data-Max, Inc.     72
Notes and Questions     77
United States Golf Association v. Arroyo Software Corp.     78
Notes and Questions     81
Note on Misappropriation and Copyright Infringement     82
Notes and Questions     83
Problem 3.A. The Case of the Lost Idea      84
Problem 3.B. The Case of the Framed Database     85
Note on Criminal Misappropriation     86
Notes and Questions     86
What Is Conversion?     87
The Tort of Conversion     87
Moore v. Regents of the University of California     87
Notes and Questions     94
The Crime of Conversion     96
Morissette v. United States     96
Notes and Questions     97
United States v. Girard     98
Notes and Questions     100
United States v. Collins     101
Notes and Questions     106
Problem 3.C. Literary Theft, Borrowing, or a Crime?     108
Crimes of Intellectual Property and Information
Trade Secrets and the Economic Espionage Act     112
What Is a Trade Secret?     113
Schulenburg v. Signatrol, Inc.     113
Notes and Questions     117
Schalk v. State     118
Notes and Questions     126
Problem 4.A. A Finger Lick'n Trade Secret     127
Why Are Trade Secrets Protected?     128
The Conduct Rationale     128
Du Pont v. Masland     128
DuPont v. Christopher      129
Notes and Questions     132
The Property Rationale     133
Ruckelshaus v. Monsanto     133
Notes and Questions     136
Rockwell Graphic Systems v. DEV Industries     137
Notes and Questions     143
The Economic Espionage Act     144
Passage of the EEA     144
United States v. Hsu (Hsu II)     144
Notes and Questions     146
Note on Federal Criminal Law     147
Attempt to Steal a Trade Secret     149
United States v. Hsu (Hsu II)     149
Notes and Questions     158
Defining a Trade Secret Under the EEA     159
United States v. Hsu (Hsu IV)     159
Notes and Questions     165
United States v. Krumrei     166
Notes and Questions     169
United States v. Lange     170
Notes and Questions     176
Problem 4.B. Trade Secrets in the Executive Suite     177
Policy Implications of the EEA     177
Employee Mobility     177
United States v. Martin     177
Notes and Questions     185
The Problematic Role of Criminal Law in Regulating Use of Information: The Case of the Economic Espionage Act Geraldine Szott Moohr     186
Notes and Questions     188
Reverse Engineering     188
The Economic Espionage Act-Reverse Engineering and the Intellectual Property Public Policy Craig L. Uhrich     189
Notes and Questions     190
Problem 4.C. Reporter's Sources as Trade Secrets     190
Fraudulent Misappropriation of Information     192
Federal Mai and Wire Fraud     193
Pereira v. United States     194
Notes and Questions     196
Problem 5.A. Click Fraud     198
United States v. Siegel     199
Notes and Questions     205
Note on Honest Services Fraud     206
McNally v. United States     207
Notes and Questions     212
Problem 5.B. Is the Honest Services Amendment Void for Vagueness?     213
United States v. deVegter     214
Notes and Questions     219
Problem 5.C. Is It Honest Services Fraud?     220
Fraud and Confidential Information     221
Carpenter v. United States     221
Notes and Questions     224
United States v. Czubinski     226
Notes and Questions     232
United States v. Martin      233
Notes and Questions     236
Problem 5.D. The Case of the Missing Spleen     237
Refining the Property Element     238
Cleveland v. United States     238
Notes and Questions     242
Scheidler v. National Organization for Women, Inc.     245
Notes and Questions     248
United States v. Alkaabi     249
United States v. Alsugair     252
Notes and Questions     257
United States v. Hedaithy     257
Notes and Questions     265
Problem 5.E. Cheating on the Bar     267
Insider Trading     267
Chiarella v. United States     269
Notes and Questions     274
Dirks v. Securities and Exchange Commission     275
Notes and Questions     280
United States v. O'Hagan     281
Notes and Questions     287
Problem 5.F. The Case of Martha Stewart's Trade     289
Criminal Copyright Infringement     291
The Rationale of Copyright Law     292
Feist Publications, Inc. v. Rural Telephone Service Company, Inc.     292
Notes and Questions     298
Problem 6.A. The Red and Blue Attorney Directories      300
United States v. Bily     301
Notes and Questions     303
Criminal Copyright Infringement-The Basic Offense     303
Legislative Background     304
United States v. LaMacchia     304
Notes and Questions     305
Mens Rea-Willful Infringement for Financial Gain     306
United States v. Moran     306
Notes and Questions     312
United States v. Cross     314
Notes and Questions     317
Infringing a Valid Copyright-The Relevance of Civil Infringement     318
United States v. Larracuente     318
Notes and Questions     320
Problem 6.B. Feist, Redux     323
Copyright Infringement as Theft and Fraud     324
Infringement as a Stolen Property Offense     324
Dowling v. United States     324
Notes and Questions     331
United States v. Brown     332
Notes and Questions     336
Copyright Infringement as Fraud     341
United States v. LaMacchia     341
Notes and Questions     346
New Copyright Crimes     348
The No Electronic Theft Act     348
Notes and Questions      349
Problem 6.C. The Case of the Pharmaceutical Sales Rep     350
United States v. Slater     350
Notes and Questions     355
The File-Sharing Phenomenon     358
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. v. Grokster     358
Notes on File-Sharing     360
Problem 6.D. Is File-Sharing a Crime? Should It Be?     363
The Family Entertainment and Copyright Act     363
Quasi-Copyright Crimes     365
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act     365
United States v. Elcom Ltd.     366
Notes and Questions     372
Bootlegging     374
Problem 6.E. Tape Trading or Bootlegging?     376
Camcording     377
Notes and Questions     377
Problem 6.F. The "Transformed" Movie     378
Related Offenses
Identity Theft     380
What Is Identity Theft?     381
United States v. Wells     381
Notes and Questions     384
Problem 7.A. Creating a New Identity     386
Note on TRW v. Andrews and Civil Remedies     387
Notes and Questions     388
Problem 7.B. Wrong Choice at ChoicePoint     391
The Federal Criminal Scheme      391
The Offense of Identity Theft     392
United States v. Della Rose     392
Notes and Questions     396
United States v. Quinteros     398
Notes and Questions     400
United States v. Harrison     402
Notes and Questions     406
Enhanced Punishment     407
United States v. Montejo     408
Notes and Questions     416
Note on Sentencing for Identity Theft     418
Notes and Questions     418
Problem 7.C. The Renter's Dilemma     419
Computer Fraud and Abuse     420
The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act     420
Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc. v. Taylor     420
Notes and Questions     422
Damaging Computers     423
United States v. Trotter     423
United States v. Mitra     426
Notes and Questions     430
United States v. Morris     431
Notes and Questions     436
Problem 8.A. Morris, Redux     437
United States v. Middleton     438
Notes and Questions     442
Problem 8.B. The Disgruntled Employee     443
Using Computers to Defraud and Misappropriate     444
United States v. Czubinski     444
Notes and Questions     446
Problem 8.C. Republicans v. Democrats     446
United States v. Ivanov     447
Notes and Questions     452
Shurgard Storage Centers, Inc. v. Safeguard Self Storage, Inc.     453
Notes and Questions     460
P.C. Yonkers, Inc. v. Celebrations the Party and Seasonal Superstore, LLC     461
Notes and Questions     467
Using Computers for Spam     468
Prohibited Conduct     469
United States v. Kilbride     469
Notes and Questions     476
Mens Rea Issues     477
United States v. Twombly     477
Notes and Questions     480
Statutory Appendix     482
Index     515

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