Their Conquered Bride

Their Conquered Bride

4.7 7
by Grace Goodwin
As a child conceived in one night of reckless passion, Elizabeth Lewis has carried the taint of her mother's indiscretion her entire life. Her life takes a turn for the worse when her father dies, leaving her fate, along with her two half-sisters, in the hands of a cruel and judgmental uncle. Rather than accept an arranged marriage to a man three times her age,


As a child conceived in one night of reckless passion, Elizabeth Lewis has carried the taint of her mother's indiscretion her entire life. Her life takes a turn for the worse when her father dies, leaving her fate, along with her two half-sisters, in the hands of a cruel and judgmental uncle. Rather than accept an arranged marriage to a man three times her age, Elizabeth decides to take her chances in the Montana Territory as a mail order bride. It couldn't be any worse, or could it?

Ford Ellison and Logan Smythe are heading west after long years of service on foreign soil. A twist of fate lands them at the poker table across from a vile man by the name of Samuel Jenkins. He and his grown sons are bragging to all who will listen about how they plan to share the unsuspecting woman who's responded to their advertisement for a bride. When she arrives on the stage, she'll be in for quite a horrible surprise.

Ford and Logan take one look at the lovely Elizabeth and know they can't allow that kind of evil to touch her, even if it means telling a little white lie. The only way to save her is to marry her themselves. Will their duplicity end the marriage before it even starts? Ford and Logan are convinced all they need is time, time to conquer Elizabeth's body and to win her heart.

Publisher's Note: Their Conquered Bride is a stand-alone book set in the same world as Vanessa Vale's Bridgewater Menage Series. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, dominant cowboys and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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Meet the Author

Once upon a time, a young girl was born into an average, working class family. The wee little girl, convinced she was not an average child but was, in fact, a fairy princess, longed to leave the mundane world behind and live her dreams. She grew up, went to school, and when she'd grown too big to wear tutus and tiaras in public without drawing unwanted attention, turned to writing down her fantasies instead.

Now a bit older, her fantasies have grown to include sexually dominant men who know how to ensure a woman's pleasure. Grace believes all women should be treated like princesses, in the bedroom and out of it, and writes love stories where men know how to make their women feel pampered, protected and very well taken care of.

She currently lives in Oregon where she spends her days writing, and her nights in the arms of her very own Prince.

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Their Conquered Bride 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Great storyline
Anonymous 9 days ago
Very good from beginning to end can't wait for the next book
bunnan21 5 months ago
Loved reading more of the Bridgewater Brides series. This was a fabulous addition to the series. Thank you.
MarybethR 10 months ago
This is the next book in the Bridgewater Brides series. Elizabeth has become a mail order brides to get away from her uncle. She brings her little sisters with her. Unbeknownst to her, her husband to be is disgusting and is planning on sharing her with his grown sons. Logan and Ford save her and marry her. They send her sisters off with her husband pairs (new books, I'm sure) and then take her. I loved this new voice in the series. I enjoyed the story and I give it 5 stars.
JoannHerley 10 months ago
Samuel Jenkins is waiting for his mail-order bride. While playing cards with Logan and Ford, Samuel brags about his plans for their wedding night and how he will be sharing her with his sons. Logan and Ford are sickened by Samuel’s plans and make a plan of their own to save Lizzie from the old man. After fleeing Omaha, Lizzie and her two sisters arrive a day early in Hayes after agreeing to marry Samuel Jenkins, a man she believes has two young sons. With their plan in place, she is approached by Ford who pretends to be Mr. Jenkins. They are quickly married and on their way to Bridgewater. Her world changes at that moment. What will she do when she discovers they lied, that she is wed to both Ford and Logan? The writing style of his book by Ms. Goodwin was very similar to the other books in the series. The characters were intriguing, but I felt that Lizzie’s sisters just vanished without much concern. The storyline was interesting and kept you turning the page. The moment it was revealed that Lizzie was married by proxy fell a little flat. If you are looking for spice, this book is for you.
PennieM 10 months ago
I really enjoyed this addition to the Bridgewater world. Ford and Logan are on their way to join their "family" and meet a disgusting old man and his two sons in a saloon and learn he is waiting for his mail order bride and what he plans to do with her. They cannot let this happen and intercept Elizabeth's stage and when their eyes meet it was fate for all three. The story that follows is pretty typical of the rest of the Bridgewater books as the women are cherished and loved and the center of their men's lives. I cannot wait for more of this series! **Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**
Redrabbitt 10 months ago
THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE I COULD DO BUT GIVE THEM EVERYTHING I enjoyed this addition to the Bridgewater series, and Grace Goodwin is a beautiful fit with Vanessa Vale. Their writing styles was a beautiful merger. Once again, the story will read well as a standalone, will bring other Bridgewater couples into the stories, but if you haven’t read other books in the series, you can still keep up. Lizzie becomes a mail order bride, escaping a cruel family, a heartless Uncle, and marriage to an older man with grown children. A lecherous, lying man, Samuel Jenkins, has sent for Lizzie to be his bride and take care of his sons, his grown sons. The man honestly planned to share her with his own boys. Ford and Logan can’t believe the Jenkins men and their bragging about their plan, they stink, are unkempt and have no respect for a woman. Ford and Logan are determined they will save her and make her their wife. Lizzie may be shocked after she and Ford are married to learn that she is to be shared as a wife to both Ford and Logan. She is confused and feels they have tricked her or did they save her from a bad situation? The plot is unique for this series in that at least two men will be married and protect one woman. The interaction of the couple is full of passion. What happens when trouble comes looking for a missing mail-order bride? Will this tear Ford, Logan, and Lizzie apart? Secrets are harmful and cause anxiety, confusion, and a lack of trust. Can Lizzie get forgiveness and will the three of them forge a new commitment?