Theo Loves Me




One day, without reason, Theo finds his energies filled with a desire to bring a new woman into his life, a woman who could love him deeply, and a woman who would brighten his days by adding richness, care, and companionship to his needy life. Time passed. These disturbing feelings lingered.

And then ... a chance meeting ... a ...

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One day, without reason, Theo finds his energies filled with a desire to bring a new woman into his life, a woman who could love him deeply, and a woman who would brighten his days by adding richness, care, and companionship to his needy life. Time passed. These disturbing feelings lingered.

And then ... a chance meeting ... a sensuous woman stopped next to him ... a flirtatious smile, an eye contact lasting longer than seconds ... disarmed him.

A love affair followed ... Theo and Jenny found something new and adventurous in each other.
Could it be just a fresh infatuation? Or could Jenny be the woman to fill Theo's dreams of finding a life-long partner? Unsure about the uncertainties of love, Theo struggles to keep their love vibrant and alive in spite of the atypical happenings.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781467028240
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publication date: 11/8/2011
  • Pages: 232
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.53 (d)

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Theo Loves Me

By John (Jack) Callahan


Copyright © 2011 John (Jack) Callahan
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4670-2824-0

Chapter One

I found myself wondering what it would be like to meet that one special woman. A woman I found interesting, one that could love me deeply, and the special one who could brighten my days by adding richness, care, and companionship to my ordinary life.

This transcending rationale continued to fill my heart and mind with unclear but joyous thoughts.

Could my time have arrived when I needed a full-time companion to share my lifetime dreams? This desire, founded without intent, burned within me. The conception of this thought was something fresh, something new, and something adventurous.

I'm usually shy around women, an uneasy feeling of being out of place in their company. So, why was I being intrigued by this new fervor to bring a caring, compassionate partner into my life?

This new perception was completely foreign to my normal life. When I tried to engage my thoughts otherwise, they always returned to this single mind-set:

Meet a woman who would excite and enrich my life.

My desire for a companion was completely overriding my other thoughts.

Being so ...

What would I look for in a companion? Where would I meet a person of interest? How would I recognize the one companion I could love for my whole life? How could I satisfy these compelling desires that arrived in mind without cause? Questions like these and more flowed through my mind without hindrance.

"Oh, what can I do to control these compelling thoughts?" I pondered.

Without reason, without foundation, I was engulfed into a scenario of unknown urgencies to meet a woman: a woman who would bring me happiness for the balance of my life. Daydreams of a life with a woman companion dwelled in my mind every waking moment.

A script of my thoughts: a companion with whom I could share my most intimate secrets; one who would bring me joy 24/7; an understanding woman who would share my decisions, my doubts, my indiscretions; a woman who would stay by my side through good and bad times; and a woman who would accept my wayward nature without finding a need to change it.

Perhaps my time as a bachelor was rapidly closing. A family, a house, children appeared inviting, but was I ready for such a major change in my life? Being used to living by myself, doing things my own way, when and how I wanted to do them. My past had been satisfactory, but what could I expect to happen in my future?

If I met a companion, would I spend my time satisfying her desires? Could a woman companion bring happiness into my life if I surrendered to this major change?

Unbridled questions like these propelled my doubts into this unknown journey.

What if the time to accept a life partner was fast approaching? If so, how would I handle it? Always being a careful planner, my thoughts of entering into something so bemusing kept buzzing through my head like a bee seeking its morning nectar.

I had a master's degree in economics and considered myself well versed in worldly affairs, but I knew nothing about selecting a companion for my future life. This was a new frontier; one I couldn't find in books.

How would I approach a woman who interested me? How would I find a companion who would accept me with few changes? Would my shyness get in the way if I did meet such a person?

Questions, questions, questions. What was I to do?

How would I find the answers to my quandary?

The need to turn the page on my bachelor life came to mind. These thoughts were too invasive to push aside easily.

It was true: my social life needed a boost, but how would I go about doing just that?

My last ten years had been packed with learning, getting established in the business world, and building a good foundation for later life, without considering a companion who could share my life and good fortune.

All of this was good common sense, so why was I being derailed by this inspiring thought of needing a companion? This was a journey I knew nothing about, possibly not prepared for, but my quest to address this new and unexplained yearning was at hand, and needed to be addressed.

How would I go about it?

In my college days, I had enjoyed many activities that involved both men and women. Was I just missing the days of football, the drinking parties, hanging out at the coffee shop, the dorm with my college friends? Studies and activities filled my life from dawn until my exhausted body wouldn't go any further. Without a doubt, those college days were special. I'd moved on, but my college memories lingered.

My work life had settled into a humdrum routine. My move from the college atmosphere left me lethargic, with unexplained awareness about what my future could be all about. It was true my job kept me busy during the day, but my time at home kept me chasing meaningless tasks that added little or no value to my life.

Thoughts about a companion who would add value, meaning, and purpose to my loose time kept my thinking active.

I had a good job, a good income, a stable life; but something of great importance was absent from my perfect life. Could the answer be someone with whom I could share my love, my life, and my good fortune? Perhaps it could be true. A lifetime mate is what I should be seeking.

My thoughts meandered their way to thinking about growing old with a person who would give me love, tenderness, and compassion. Someone to rub my back when it hurt, listen to my concerns when troubled, share my happy times when I was ecstatic, and give me the attention my soul was now craving. Was this new desire a natural happening of aging? Or could it be a journey I wouldn't be able to fulfill because of my shyness?

Since moving away from family and friends, my social life had been moving along at a snail's pace. In the last several years, I had acquired two close male friends. Occasionally, I dated women friends, but my shyness constantly got in the way, leaving me yearning to complete a meaningful relationship.

And then ...

One day while shopping for groceries, I was standing in front of an assortment of breads, selecting a loaf of my choice, when a young woman stopped next to me to make her selection.

Her flirtatious perfume found its way to my inquisitive nose. I looked in her direction. Our eyes met. She smiled at me. Her smile was warm and enticing; her dimples, her youthful appearance successfully disarmed me.

Not knowing about how to how to respond, my face flushed.

I returned her smile.

And then ...

Without reason, our eyes engaged for endless seconds.

The unintentional happenings of the moment inflamed my heart. My true feelings were erupting with excitement; feelings sheltered for years of dormancy. Momentarily, our eyes surrendered to an emotional ecstasy, our hearts seeking a new unfettered dawning.

The moment amplified my senses.

Uncomfortable but exhilarated with this newly found experience, I remarked, "It would be easier if they offered two kinds of bread."

She laughed.

Her laughter was warm, charming, and infectious. Instantly, I became enamored with this beautiful person. Her presence brought to mind the woman I had been seeking. My pulse quickened; my inquisitive eyes drank in the message her eyes were sending to me. Her perfume, the happy notes of her laughter, the warmth of her eyes, her smile, her dimples, the way her wavy hair flowed against her cheeks were highly tantalizing to my delicate being.

An electric shock ran up and down my spine, like a race car zooming toward the finish line.

Again I glanced in her direction. Her smile, her happy face engaged my desires. Her eyes returned my smile. The moment erupted a new beginning within me, a new happening never before experienced by me.

Suddenly, her eyes broke off our enticing encounter.

She rushed away, seemly embarrassed, plausibly flustered, or caught off guard?

Or could it be ... the moments we shared came from two hearts seeking a connection for something more?

"Unbelievable experience," I softly whispered.

A delightful moment; one I couldn't let go. It happened, yes, it happened. The episode—seconds, minutes long—left me breathless, my mind searching for reasons, my heart fluttering, my eyes probing for her beauty.

"My! My! Interesting, an incredible moment." I praised.

This was a new experience: a joyous event. My heart sang with happiness.

She hadn't said a word, but vibes of her vivacious smile and her animated eyes kept excitement racing through my mind and body.

I lingered in the store for a while longer. Happy notes bubbled inside me. Had I discovered something new, possibly a new beginning? Our casual connection stirred an awareness of excitement, of warm intensity, and a stirring of my senses, one I couldn't identify, but it came from this unexplained affair. This new delight amplified the dormant senses within me, senses I hadn't breathed before my brief encounter with this charming woman.

Halting questions crowded my normal reasoning aside. "Could she have been as embarrassed as me at that very moment?" I reflected.

"Could this chance meeting have deeper meanings? Her presence aroused a new spirit within me. Could this new, exciting, unexplained feeling be ... love?"

The engagement of our eyes, her laughter, flashed through my mind like a bolt of lightning trying to find a tree to splinter. I stopped my shopping cart and stood paralyzed with beautiful reflections running through me like an out of control train. Her interesting laugh, alluring eyes, entrancing perfume kept angelic sensations pulsating through my heart and mind for endless minutes.

A burly man asserted, "Excuse me! Can't you make up your mind? I need to get in there."

Launched back to reality, embarrassed, I quickly recovered my senses and moved to another aisle, leaned on my cart, and sighed ...

This new, youthful, feeling left me unarmed and unprepared. A warm sensation filled my chest and heart. The enjoyment of it all left me with an inexplicable cluttered mind.

"Oh well, maybe another day," I mused, "I'll meet an interesting woman much like the one I'd shared those eventful moments."

My spirits were lifted, and for some unknown reason I felt a fresh breeze beneath my wings.

That impromptu meeting hurled excitement into my stale life. Armed with a passionate feeling, my heart pounding an irregular beat, my thoughts singing the praises of the provocative woman who stirred those new feelings within me.

Thoughts of meeting someone I could love, a person who would love me back, pushed my other thoughts aside, like a swift wind winding its way through a narrow canyon.

Would finding the "right person" be like seeking a needle in a haystack? Stories about when you meet your true love flashed through my mind. But for someone like me, who knew nothing about love, would I be able to recognize the right person, who could bring love and excitement into my life? Could the woman I'd just met be that person?

Since that wondrous moment, my mind had room for little else. Meeting the young woman at the bread stand created a sense of anticipation within my dull life, and with it, a new hope of finding the person with whom I could share my life.

I had seen those television ads about meeting the love of your life but was always taken aback with someone else selecting my lifetime partner. Someone I didn't know selecting the person I intended to marry ... that would be a revolting thing to do. There must be a way. I must search for it. I must find a way to meet the right person ... a person much like the woman I encountered at the bread counter, a happy life partner who could keep this intoxicating feeling within me forever.

I must find a way.

I queried myself, "Why did the wondrous woman I'd met at the bread counter keep saturating my thoughts? Had I fallen in love with a woman whom I didn't know, a complete stranger? Or could it be we were destined to meet one another? Could this be what love was all about?"

During my college years, several of my fellow students got married. At the time, I questioned them about how love affected them, but they couldn't give me a decent answer—other than they wanted to be together with their mate all of the time. None of them mentioned a needed fulfillment of their inner spirit, a happy heart, a new dawning, an uncontrolled excitement raging within them, or something like I was presently experiencing.

What was this new feeling I was enjoying? It was joyous, an uplifted feeling I couldn't explain. My organized mind hadn't dealt with unknowns like these in the past. Questions of uncertainly crammed my mind with thoughts I didn't know how to handle. What could this unanswerable desire I was craving possibly be?

The daydream that kept my mind working overtime was how I could be in love with a person I didn't know. After all, we hadn't exchanged any conversation. I remarked about the bread offerings, she answered with a laugh, we had smiled at each other, our eyes expressed interest in each other, and that was it!

While preparing dinner that evening and munching on a thin slice of bread, I recalled my chance acquaintance with the intriguing woman at the bread counter.

Her laughter ... irresistible, her eyes ... beguiling, her smile ... warm, the fragrance of her perfume ... enticing, her dimples ... attracting, her rush to leave ... fascinating.

The whole scene replayed in my mind like a sonata. This joyous experience enlivened my heart, as love notes of our meeting filtered pleasantly through my mind. My body was singing her praises; my mind and heart fluttered while reminiscing about our meeting.

The fullness of our chance engagement had enlivened my spirits.

After dinner, while doing the dishes, her laughter, her face, her dimples, her smile, her eyes, crept into my happy thoughts. I couldn't recall the color of her eyes, but I did remember the happy message her eyes sent to me.

"Captivating," I breathed.

She hadn't said a word, but the whole episode of meeting this youthful bundle of joy exploded excitement into my stale life. My deep feelings of loneliness had been answered. Our chance meeting continued to linger in my mind and heart for me to reminisce about. Had I embraced an infatuation for this stranger, a person I didn't know?

She appeared to be younger than me, but that was okay. She had brought happiness within me and raised my overall spirits. How could this person with that unforgettable laughter affect me so deeply?

"Impossible. Couldn't be," I mused. "But, if that were the case, then why did her face keep reentering my mind, bringing me joy, minute by minute?"

"Get a life, Theo," I sighed, while surrendering to my soft side.

She is probably married. You don't know anything about this woman, and you won't ever see her again.

But yet ...

Her face remained in my uppermost memory.

Stray thoughts of the chance meeting with this interesting woman kept my heart singing happy songs for the remainder of the week.

And then ...

A week passed. While shopping, I found myself standing in front of the assortment of bread, reminiscing about my brief encounter with the woman who captivated my heart a week earlier.

And then ...

I heard that laugh.

I looked in the direction of the laughter.

Surprise held me in momentary suspension. It was the woman I'd constantly reminisced about for the entire week.

This time she spoke. "Don't tell me you've been here all week, trying to decide which loaf of bread to buy?"

Her voice, warm and captivating, her eyes bubbly, her presence caught me off guard. Surprise was my guardian.

It was the woman who had cheered my spirits for the week. Her eyes radiated happiness. A dark brown curl of her hair rested softly on her cheek, adding another dimension to her ability to fascinate me. Her smile brought to light a row of perfectly enlightened teeth. A dimple broke the smoothness of her cheeks when she smiled. She was a beautiful girl.

My smile returned hers.

"No way, but I could use some help."

"The multigrain is good. Do you do your own cooking?"

"Yes, I do. I really do. Would you like to come over for dinner?"

The words had flown out of my mouth. It was brazen of me, I know—to invite her to dinner when I didn't know her name, if she was single or married, but yet, I'd done it. My shyness had been brushed aside in my haste to answer her.

The rays of her smile showed her interest in my suggestion.


Excerpted from Theo Loves Me by John (Jack) Callahan Copyright © 2011 by John (Jack) Callahan. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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