Theodoric's Rainbow

Theodoric's Rainbow

by Stephen P. Kramer, Daniel M. Duffy

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Ilene Cooper
This picture book for older readers introduces a thirteenth-century monk who tried to understand what caused rainbows by doing experiments with light and water. Although the story is highly fictionalized (little is known of Theodoric's personal life), the core is true to Theodoric's studies. The setting is a Dominican monastery where Theodoric lived with his brethren. Curious about rainbows, the other monks offer superstitious stories about the phenomenon, but Theodoric decides to conduct experiments, eventually deducing that drops of water reflect and refract light. The oversize format features dramatic oil paintings that capture both the imagination of Theodoric's work and the medieval milieu. An interesting lesson that is part history and part science, and one that will find use in both classrooms.

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Freeman, W. H. & Company
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Product dimensions:
9.34(w) x 12.34(h) x 0.45(d)
Age Range:
5 - 9 Years

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