A Theology Primer / Edition 1

A Theology Primer / Edition 1

by Robert Cummings Neville

ISBN-10: 0791408507

ISBN-13: 9780791408506

Pub. Date: 10/02/1991

Publisher: State University of New York Press

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State University of New York Press
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New Edition
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1. The Nature of Theology

I. Divine Matters
II. Theological Assumptions and Assertions
III. Theological Conceptualization
IV. Truth and the Modes of Theological Assertion

2. Revelation: Sources and Uses of Theology

I. Authority in Theology
II. Scripture, Tradition, Reason, Experience
III. Uses of Theology
IV. Revelation

3. God the Creator

I. God the Problem
II. The Primacy of Divine Creation
III. Determinateness as the Character of the Created World
IV. God as Creator ex Nihilo

4. God as Trinity

I. The Trinitarian Character of Divine Creation
II. Time and Eternity
III. God as Logos
IV. Sky God, Earth Mother, Ground, Goal

5. The Human Condition: Covenant

I. The Religiously Particular Analysis of the Human Condition
II. Conditions of Covenant: Genesis 2 and 3
III. The Logos Ideals of Covenant
IV. Divine Judgment

6. The Human Condition: Sin

I. Unrighteousness
II. Impiety
III. Faithlessness and Despair
IV. Sin and Divine Love

7. Salvation, Freedom, and Bondage

I. The Problem of Salvation
II. Natural Freedom
III. Divine and Human Agencies
IV. Depravity and Bondage of the Will: Original Sin

8. Justification, Grace, and Love

I. The Quest for Grace
II. Justification: Objective and Subjective
III. Dynamics of Faith and Repentance
IV. Divine Love: Conviction and Commitment

9. Sin and Society

I. A Social Metaphysics of the Covenant
II. Social Sanctification
III. Oppression and Blasphemy
IV. Alienation and Secularism

10. Sanctification

I. Sanctification and Justification
II. Personal Sanctification: Spirit, Mind, and Heart
III. Sanctification as Social Justice
IV. Sanctification in Love

11. Christology: The Cult of Jesus Christ

I. The Cultic Community of Jesus
II. The Teachings of Jesus
III. Jesus Christ the Redeemer: Resurrection and the Kingdom
IV. The Universality and Particularity of Salvation

12. Christology: The Divinity of Christ

I. A Logos Christology
II. Incarnation and the Two Natures of Christ
III. Christ and the Holy Spirit: The Filioque
IV. Christ and History

13. The Holy Spirit in the Church

I. Sacraments: Baptism and Eucharist
II. Mission, Teaching, Preaching, and Action
III. The Church as the Body of Christ
IV. Christianity and Other Religions

Appendix A: A Brief Bibliography of Liberation Theology

Appendix B: A Brief Bibliography of Feminist Theology




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