Theoretical and Computational Acoustics '95

Theoretical and Computational Acoustics '95

by D. Lee

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The Meeting as seen from afar
Parabolic Equation Development in Recent Decade: A Summary1
Higher Order Numerical Schemes for Paraxial Approximations of the Wave Equation11
Backscatter Calculations in Simple Waveguide Geometries Using Stepwise Coupled Normal Modes25
On the Use of Stair Steps to Approximate Bathymetry Changes in Ocean Waveguides33
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of Wave Propagation in Transversely Isotropic Media45
2D and 3D Propagation Modeling with Coupled Modes61
Three-Dimensional Acoustic Modeling in the Atmosphere, Approaches and Issues75
How to Make the Best Use of Three-Dimensional Hamiltonian Acoustic Ray Tracing by Avoiding Modeling Artifacts85
A Direct Solution for the Two Way Parabolic Equation95
Numerical Recognition of Seabed Parameters Using Data of Reflections105
Modeling the Effects of Azimuthal Coupling on Acoustic Propagation in the Presence of Three-Dimensional, Rough Ocean Interfaces Using the Parabolic Approximation115
What Theory Doesn't Tell You About Array Design: The Environmental Factors133
Mode Coupling and Inter-Mode Energy Transfer in Upslope Environments147
Influence of Signal Band-Limitation on the Resolution of Travel-Time Tomography: 2D Numerical Experiments163
Analytic Diffraction Correction for the Accurate Experimental Modeling of Absorption and Dispersion Properties of Visco-Elastic Materials175
Acoustic Transient Signal Transfer Between Two Fluid-Filled Boreholes Embedded in a Horizontally Stratified Anisotropic Elastic Formation197
A Numerical Solution of Parabolic Elastic Wave Equations213
Advances in Space-Time Finite Element Methods for Structural Acoustics and Fluid-Solid Interaction223
Vibrational Response of a Finite Cylindrical Shell to Arbitrary Wave Incidence235
Analysis of Wave Field in Fluid Entrained Between Two Concentric Cylindrical Shells245
On the Stability of a Finite, Baffled Elastic Plate in Mean Flow255
Pure Elastic Resonance Scattering of an Obliquely Incident Plane Acoustic Wave by a Submerged Infinite Cylindrical Shell271
Using Matched Field Processing to Determine Shallow Water Environmental Parameters283
A Formulation in the Time Domain for the Acoustic Waveform Inversion: Synthetic Examples297
Geometrical Errors and Focalization in Matched Field Inversion for Geoacoustic Properties313
3D Irregular Grids' Optimization for the Tomographic Inversion of the Ocean Sound Speed321
Improving the Matched-Field Processing Price-to-Performance Ratio335
The Constrained Parameter Inversion of Seismic Data Using the Simulated Annealing Algorithm349
Reflection Coefficients for Scattering from a Pressure-release, Sinusoidal Surface367
Scattering Kernel Approach to Bottom Loss and Scattering in a Parabolic Equation Model385
Shallow Water Acoustic Propagation from an Embedded Source399
The Impact of Mesoscale Oceanic Structure on Global-Scale Acoustic Propagation409
Range-Dependent Propagation: A State-Space Approach433
Acoustic Solitary Waves in a Tunnel With an Array of Helmholtz Resonators447
Two-Dimensional Acoustic Wave Propagation in a Medium Containing Rigid Cracks451
Neural Network Inversion and Applications to Estimate Some Parameters of a Submerged Moving Body463
Three Neural Inverse Methods for Ocean Acoustic Tomography475
On the Detection and Identification of Marine Mammals Using Artificial Neural Networks487
Analysis of Transient Acoustic Wavefields in Continuously Layered Media with Attenuation: An Approach Based on Symbolic Manipulation493
A Simulation Study of the Variability of Acoustic Transmissions from Hawaii to Monterey505
Simulated Wave Propagation in a Waveguide by a Modified Finite Length Ping Time Dependent Ray Trace Technique527
Noise Cancellation by Arrays of Active Noise Sources in Enclosures with Impedance Surfaces541
Model-Based Internal Wave Processing555

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