Theory into Practice / Edition 1

Theory into Practice / Edition 1

by Ann R. Dobie

ISBN-10: 0838452639

ISBN-13: 9780838452639

Pub. Date: 11/28/2002

Publisher: Cengage Heinle

This student-friendly text gives clear explanations of complex theories. It also provides extensive guidance for writing literary analyses from each of the critical perspectives addressed.  See more details below


This student-friendly text gives clear explanations of complex theories. It also provides extensive guidance for writing literary analyses from each of the critical perspectives addressed.

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Table of Contents

To the Student: An Introduction to Theory into Practicexiii
Works Analyzed in the Textxvii
1.The Relationship of Reading and Writing1
Reading and Writing in College1
Engaging the Text2
Adding Marginal Notations2
Keeping a Reading Log3
Using Heuristics5
Shaping a Response5
Determining a Purpose5
Answering Essay Questions6
Writing Research Papers7
Knowing Your Audience8
Choosing a Voice8
Helping the Process9
Reference Materials11
Summing Up12
Recommended Web Sites12
General Information Sites12
Literary Criticism Sites13
Suggested Reading14
2.Familiar Approaches15
Conventional Ways of Reading Literature15
A Social Perspective15
The Effects of Genre20
Conventional Ways of Writing about Literature24
Comparison and Contrast25
Study of a Single Author's Works25
Summing Up26
Recommended Web Sites26
Model Student Analyses26
"A Look at the Background of Kate Chopin's 'Desiree's Baby': A Biographical Study,"26
"Good versus Evil in Kate Chopin's 'Desiree's Baby': A Comparative Study,"30
Historical Background32
Reading as a Formalist34
What Doesn't Appear in Formalist Criticism40
Writing a Formalist Analysis41
Drafting and Revising41
The Introduction41
The Body42
The Conclusion42
Glossary of Terms Useful in Formalist Criticism43
Recommended Web Sites44
Suggested Reading44
Model Student Analysis45
"Robinson's 'Richard Cory': A Formalistic Interpretation,"45
4.Psychological Criticism47
Historical Background47
Practicing Psychological Criticism48
Freudian Principles49
The Unconscious50
The Tripartite Psyche51
The Significance of Sexuality52
The Importance of Dreams53
Summing Up55
Carl Jung and Mythological Criticism56
Northrup Frye and Mythological Criticism60
Jacques Lacan: An Update on Freud61
Writing Psychological Criticism64
Drafting and Revising65
The Introduction65
The Body65
The Conclusion67
Glossary of Terms Useful in Psychological Criticism67
Recommended Web Sites68
Suggested Reading69
Model Student Analyses70
"Psychological Complexity in Sherwood Anderson's 'The Egg': A Freudian Analysis,"70
"Water, Sun, Moon, Stars, Heroic Spirit, in Tennyson's 'Ulysses': A Mythological Analysis,"76
5.Marxist Criticism79
Historical Background79
Reading from a Marxist Perspective81
Economic Power82
Materialism versus Spirituality84
Class Conflict85
Art, Literature, and Ideologies86
Writing a Marxist Analysis89
Drafting and Revising90
The Introduction90
The Body90
The Conclusion91
Glossary of Terms Useful in Marxist Criticism91
Recommended Web Sites92
Suggested Reading93
Model Student Analysis94
"Marxist Criticism of Frank Norris's 'A Deal in Wheat,'"94
6.Feminist Criticism97
Historical Background97
Reading as a Feminist103
Studies of Difference104
Studies of Power105
Studies of the Female Experience108
Writing Feminist Criticism109
Drafting and Revising110
The Introduction110
The Body111
The Conclusion112
Glossary of Terms Useful in Feminist Criticism113
Recommended Web Sites113
Suggested Reading114
Model Student Analysis115
"The Masculine Sex-Parasite in Edith Wharton's 'The Other Two,'"115
7.Reader-Response Criticism120
Historical Background120
Making a Reader's Response122
Getting Started122
Interacting with the Text122
The Power of the Text123
The Reader as Producer of the Text125
The Reader and the Text as Coproducers127
Period Responses, The Receptionists128
Writing a Reader-Response Analysis129
Drafting and Revising130
The Introduction130
The Body130
The Conclusion131
Glossary of Terms Useful in Reader-Response Criticism132
Recommended Web Sites132
Suggested Reading133
Model Student Analysis133
"Eudora Welty's Portrayal of the American Nightmare: A Formalist Analysis of 'Death of a Traveling Salesman,'"133
Historical Background138
Practicing Deconstruction143
Making a Deconstructive Analysis147
Writing a Deconstructive Analysis152
Drafting and Revising153
The Introduction153
The Body153
The Conclusion155
Glossary of Terms Useful in Understanding Deconstruction155
Recommended Web Sites156
Suggested Reading156
Model Student Analysis157
"Who Wants a Doughnut without a Hole? Deconstructive Criticism and the Failure of Meaning in Bobbie Ann Mason's 'Shiloh,'"157
9.Cultural Studies: New Historicism161
An Overview of Cultural Studies161
Assumptions, Principles, and Goals of New Historicism163
Traditional Historicism163
New Historicism164
New Literary Historicism166
Historical Background168
Reading as a New Historicist171
The World of the Author and the Text172
Discourses in the Text174
Intentions and Reception176
Writing a New Historicist Literary Analysis177
Drafting and Revising178
The Introduction178
The Body178
The Conclusion180
Glossary of Terms Useful in New Historicist Criticism181
Recommended Web Sites181
Suggested Reading182
Model Student Analysis182
"Clothes as Power in Elizabethan England: A New Historicist Criticism of John Donne's 'To His Mistress Going to Bed,'"182
10.More Cultural Studies: Postcolonialism and Multiculturalism185
Historical Background186
Basic Assumptions188
Reading as a Postcolonialist189
Presentation of Colonialism190
Treatment of Characters190
Validity of the Narrative191
Expressions of Nativism (Nationalism)191
Recurring Subjects and Themes192
Minor Characters193
Political Statement and Innuendo194
Glossary of Terms Useful in Postcolonial Studies195
American Multiculturalism196
African-American Literature196
Reading as a Multiculturalist199
Narrative Forms199
Writing a Cultural Studies Analysis204
Recommended Web Sites204
Suggested Reading205
Model Student Analyses205
"Representations of Cultural Others in Angela Carter's 'The Tiger's Bride,'"205
"Writing and Staging the White Man's Blues: An Analysis of James Baldwin's Blues for Mister Charlie,"209
Literary Selections217
Chapter 2"Barn Burning"217
Chapter 3"Araby"230
Chapter 4"Young Goodman Brown"234
Chapter 5"The Diamond Necklace"243
Chapter 6Letters of Abigail and John Adams249
Chapter 7"The Masque of the Red Death"252
Chapter 8"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"256
Chapter 9"The Sky Is Gray"257
Chapter 10excerpt from The Road from Coorain277
excerpt from The Eatonville Anthology287
Information at a Glance297
Purposes and Assumptions297
Strategies, Strengths, and Weaknesses298

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