Therapy Services: Organistion / Edition 1

Therapy Services: Organistion / Edition 1

by Outrevelt

ISBN-10: 3718652463

ISBN-13: 9783718652464

Pub. Date: 01/22/1992

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.  See more details below


First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Table of Contents

BIOSS Research: A General Note
Services Provided by the Health Services Centre
Ch. 1Introduction1
An Outline of the Book4
Research Methods and Sources6
What is a "Therapy Profession"?6
Profession Profiles8
Ch. 2Professional Autonomy and Organisation13
Theoretical Issues and Perspectives in the Study of Professions13
Professional Dominance and Autonomy15
Professional Autonomy at the National Level16
Extent of Occupational Control and Autonomy in the U.K23
Ch. 3Therapy Service Organisation (NHS) 1968-199027
Public Service Reorganisations 1968-199027
Research into Therapy Organisation 1968-199028
Summary of Research into the Organisation of Physiotherapy 1968-199029
Summary of Research into the Organisation of Psychology 1968-199036
Ch. 4The 1990 Reforms and Therapy Services43
The 1990 Reforms44
Unit Structure46
Financing Therapy Services48
Public "Markets", Needs and Finance51
Ch. 5Models of Organisation53
Models of Organisation53
Influencing Structure: Do Therapists Have a Choice of Model?62
Ch. 6Therapy Practice and Practitioner Autonomy66
Features of Therapy Practice66
Levels of Therapy Practice68
Practitioner Accountability71
Practitioner Autonomy74
Ch. 7Managing Practitioners78
Management work78
Management Responsibility and Roles81
Accountability and Authority of Therapy Managers84
Co-management Arrangements89
Ch. 8Strategic Management93
The Need for Strategic Management93
Strategic Management Roles95
Strategy: General Points96
Strategy: Concepts and Principles98
Practical Steps for Formulating a Strategy100
Therapy Service Structure105
Ch. 9Contracts and Quality112
"Business Autonomy" and Financing Therapy Services through Contracts112
The Main Elements of a Contract115
Preparing and Negotiating a Contract118
Improving Therapy Service Quality123
Introducing Quality Assurance126
Ch. 10Grades Pay and Career Progression131
Confusion of Grade Levels and Management Levels133
Distinguishing and Defining High-Level Practice Work134
Career Progression: "Standing Still" with "Nowhere to Go"136
Requirements of a Pay Assessment System139
Ch. 11Conclusions and the Future141
Professional Autonomy141
Theoretical Conclusions143
Management Expertise and Professional Power145
The Future146
App. 1: The Social Analytic Method for Organisational Research150
App. 2: Main Field Research157
App. 3: Physiotherapy and Clinical Psychology 1968-1988159
App. 4: Co-management of Therapy Practitioners181
App. 5: Guidance and Data Formats for Formulating Strategy182
App. 6: Review of Research into Professions203
References and Bibliography204

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