There Are No Spies (A November Man Novel)

There Are No Spies (A November Man Novel)

by Bill Granger

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Granger's November Man series has been consistently entertaining andinteresting, far surpassing much of the work done in the espionage genre. This addition to the list maintains that consistency. The story begins when Hanley, former boss of the now-retired Deverauxcode name Novemberis carted off to a mental hospital on the orders of his superiors. This triggers a sequence of deadly events that brings November back into action, pitting him against a deadly female Soviet operative and ultimately leading him to a Soviet sleeper agent high within the American security community. Cross-cutting between November's return to the U.S. from Europe and Hanley's desperate attempts to keep his sanity, the book builds almost perfectly to an exciting finish. Despite telegraphing the identity of the ``mole,'' Granger is mostly on the mark and is approaching the class of le Carre, although he lacks some of that writer's subtlety and psychological insight. 50,000 first printing; $100,000 ad/promo; author tour. (November 11)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Coldly effective but suspicious American spy-runner Hanley inadvertently fouls up a deeply embedded Russian mole's scenario when he warns ``sleeping'' agent Devereaux (``November'') that something has gone amiss in R Section. Rudely forced out of retirement in Lausanne by two hit men, the calm, collected, and utterly cynical Devereaux enlists the aid of former contacts in determining the truth of Hanley's allegation. Crisp style, well-mannered prose, and inexorable tension characterize this worthy addition to the successful November Man series ( The Zurich Numbers ). Granger once again displays his winning talent for manipulating traditional elements of intrigueincluding here a luscious Russian lady spy with charismatic eyes and an isolated insane asylum (run by nuns) for unwanted agents. Highly recommended for public libraries. Rex E. Klett, Anson Cty. Lib., Wadesboro, N.C.

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