There Was No Sky

There Was No Sky

by Walter Wangerin Jr., Joe Boddy

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There is nothing as creamy as the prose of Oscar Wildespoofing both Brits and Yanks, ethereal and earthlyin one of the most famously funny ghost stories of all time. Is it for children? A resounding yes; doubters are challenged to read the descriptions of the Otis twins' pranks on the hapless Canterville haunt and see if they can keep a straight face. Zwerger has illuminated the story with special zealas ``Reckless Rupert, or the Headless Earl,'' her ghost's head looks gloomily toward his trunk, seeming to suspect that even this splendid get-up won't have any effect on the skeptical Americans inhabiting his home. Virginia's pity on the ghosthis salvationis told in every picture as she turns away from the scenes of his failed tricks and later as a married woman, lays flowers on his grave where he finally rests. A hilarious story, and a truly spirited blend of words and pictures. (8-up)

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Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
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6 - 8 Years

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