There's Been a Change in Me (1951-1955)

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Steve Leggett
Eddy Arnold's approach to country and his rich, expressive baritone voice always seemed closer to pop singers like Bing Crosby and Perry Como than it did to more rustic country stars like Hank Snow and Ernest Tubb, and he worked with pop songwriters out of New York as much or more than he used Nashville ones. His approach reaped dividends, certainly, and he charted countless hits in an a truly astounding seven-decade career, and if he was never fully embraced by the public as a pop singer, he brought a kind of urbane dignity and grace to country music in the bargain, prefiguring the so-called Nashville countrypolitan sound as early as 1955. This expansive seven-disc, ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Steve Leggett
Eddy Arnold's approach to country and his rich, expressive baritone voice always seemed closer to pop singers like Bing Crosby and Perry Como than it did to more rustic country stars like Hank Snow and Ernest Tubb, and he worked with pop songwriters out of New York as much or more than he used Nashville ones. His approach reaped dividends, certainly, and he charted countless hits in an a truly astounding seven-decade career, and if he was never fully embraced by the public as a pop singer, he brought a kind of urbane dignity and grace to country music in the bargain, prefiguring the so-called Nashville countrypolitan sound as early as 1955. This expansive seven-disc, 166-track box charts Arnold's RCA Victor years from 1951 to 1955, and it reveals a fascinating transformation from Arnold's early tenure as a hillbilly singer to his later stance as the man who melted country and pop together into what was essentially a whole new musical form. The early stuff here, like the opening track "Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost," is surprisingly sturdy and energetic, and shows that Arnold could have easily made a successful career out of the rustic material that most country singers turned to, but he was really after something else, and possessing a near faultless ear for a good song, he went in an entirely different direction, and by the time he recorded songs like "I Walked Alone Last Night," with its beautiful string ensemble backing, he was just a sweater or two away from being Perry Como. Still, Arnold never completely turned his back on Nashville, keeping his home base there, and he continued to record songs like Floyd Tillman's "I Love You So Much It Hurts" and Merle Travis' lovely "Bayou Lullaby," giving them a kind of easy and sincere smoothness. He also foresaw the urban folk revival in 1955 when he released a wonderful album of traditional material, and his beautifully orchestrated and elegantly dressed up re-imagining of folk classics like "The Wayfaring Stranger," which is included here, are among his finest tracks. Also worth noting are Arnold's versions of the slow waltz "I Wish I Knew," "Now and Then, There's A Fool Such as I," the organ-laced "You Always Hurt the One You Love" and Tommy Dilbeck's "This Is the Thanks I Get For Loving You," which is represented here in five versions that show the evolution of Arnold's approach to the song. As usual, Bear Family Records captures it all, and this is simply a gorgeously produced and annotated set that no Eddy Arnold fan will want to skip.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 12/23/2008
  • Label: Bear Family
  • UPC: 790051653828
  • Catalog Number: 16538


Disc 1
  1. 1 Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost (2:28)
  2. 2 Rollin' and Tossin (2:41)
  3. 3 I Wanna Play House with You (2:11)
  4. 4 Call Her Your Sweetheart (2:53)
  5. 5 He Knows (3:06)
  6. 6 Puppy Love (2:25)
  7. 7 I Wish I Knew (2:41)
  8. 8 Heart Strings (2:42)
  9. 9 Bundle of Southern Sunshine (2:13)
  10. 10 When You and I Were Young, Maggie (3:21)
  11. 11 A Sinner's Prayer (3:05)
  12. 12 I Wanna Play House with You (2:12)
  13. 13 Roll Along Kentucky Moon (2:37)
  14. 14 Trouble in Mind (2:40)
  15. 15 When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again (2:48)
  16. 16 No One Will Ever Know (2:54)
  17. 17 Wild Flower (2:25)
  18. 18 White Azaleas (2:52)
  19. 19 I'll Still Belong to You (2:32)
  20. 20 Somebody's Been Beating My Time (2:13)
  21. 21 That Little Boy of Mine (2:59)
  22. 22 Open Thy Merciful Arms (2:33)
  23. 23 The Old Rugged Cross (2:36)
  24. 24 Have Thine Own Way, Lord (3:18)
  25. 25 Take My Hand, Precious Lord (2:14)
Disc 2
  1. 1 Anything That's Part of You (3:13)
  2. 2 Easy on the Eyes (2:35)
  3. 3 This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You) (3:03)
  4. 4 That's What Love Is All About (2:20)
  5. 5 Someone Calls Me Daddy (3:03)
  6. 6 (Don't Ever Take The) Ribbons from Your Hair (2:25)
  7. 7 A Full Time Job (2:28)
  8. 8 Shepherd of My Heart (2:56)
  9. 9 You Gotta Be Mine (2:45)
  10. 10 Puppy Love (2:20)
  11. 11 I'll Do as Much for You Someday (2:30)
  12. 12 Have Thine Own Way, Lord (2:06)
  13. 13 My Desire (3:15)
  14. 14 When I've Done My Best (3:03)
  15. 15 I Want to Thank You Lord (2:37)
  16. 16 Smokey the Bear (2:50)
  17. 17 Horace the Horse (2:17)
  18. 18 I'd Trade All of My Tomorrows (2:27)
  19. 19 Older and Bolder (2:19)
  20. 20 Lovin' Up a Storm (2:31)
  21. 21 The Missouri Waltz (3:04)
  22. 22 Condemned Without Trial (2:33)
  23. 23 You Always Hurt the One You Love (2:40)
  24. 24 Moonlight and Roses (2:26)
  25. 25 I'm Waiting for Ships That Never Come In (3:02)
  26. 26 The Old Rugged Cross (2:36)
  27. 27 Have Thine Own Way, Lord (3:18)
  28. 28 Someday, Somewhere (2:45)
  29. 29 Today (Evening Song) (2:06)
Disc 3
  1. 1 Angry (2:43)
  2. 2 I Got Bad News for You (2:51)
  3. 3 When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver (2:31)
  4. 4 I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away the Key) (2:23)
  5. 5 Ready, Willing and Able (2:11)
  6. 6 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter (2:05)
  7. 7 Eddy's Song (2:23)
  8. 8 This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You) (2:57)
  9. 9 If I Never Get to Heaven (2:43)
  10. 10 Your Left Over Kisses (2:15)
  11. 11 How's the World Treating You (2:57)
  12. 12 Free Home Demonstration (2:18)
  13. 13 A Second Fling (2:32)
  14. 14 Mama, Come Get Your Baby Boy (2:30)
  15. 15 I Really Don't Want to Know (2:26)
  16. 16 I'll Never Get Over You (3:05)
  17. 17 My Everything (2:39)
  18. 18 Unfaithful Love (2:36)
  19. 19 It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) (3:12)
  20. 20 Crying in the Chapel (3:16)
  21. 21 Beyond the Sunset (2:33)
  22. 22 I Really Don't Want to Know (2:35)
  23. 23 Whispering Hope (3:10)
  24. 24 The Chapel on the Hill (2:44)
  25. 25 This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You) (2:42)
  26. 26 I Was Foolish When I Fell in Love with You (2:40)
  27. 27 Through a Stranger's Eyes (2:18)
  28. 28 My Everything (2:41)
Disc 4
  1. 1 The Chapel on the Hill (2:44)
  2. 2 Robe of Calvary (2:50)
  3. 3 Prayer (2:51)
  4. 4 I Called on the Master (2:39)
  5. 5 'Twas the Dawn of a Beautiful Day (3:11)
  6. 6 When It's Round-Up Time in Heaven (2:34)
  7. 7 The Touch of God's Hand (2:32)
  8. 8 Just Call Me Lonesome (2:35)
  9. 9 Hep Cat Baby (2:01)
  10. 10 The Mills of the Gods (2:10)
  11. 11 A Dozen Hearts (2:27)
  12. 12 When You Said Goodbye (2:57)
  13. 13 Hep Cat Baby (1:59)
  14. 14 If She Will (2:37)
  15. 15 Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young (1:59)
  16. 16 This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You) (2:45)
  17. 17 When You Said Goodbye (2:30)
  18. 18 No One to Cry To (2:53)
  19. 19 Shame on You (2:34)
  20. 20 Cold Cold Heart (2:44)
  21. 21 So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed (1:46)
  22. 22 I Love You So Much It Hurts (2:35)
  23. 23 Christmas Can't Be Far Away (2:58)
  24. 24 Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) (2:37)
  25. 25 Sittin' on Santa Claus' Lap (2:21)
  26. 26 Slow Poke (2:19)
Disc 5
  1. 1 You Can't Be True Dear (2:09)
  2. 2 (Now and Then, There's) A Fool Such as I (2:37)
  3. 3 Tennessee Waltz (2:29)
  4. 4 Do You Miss Me (2:25)
  5. 5 Don't Forget (2:19)
  6. 6 I've Been Thinking (2:04)
  7. 7 I Always Have Someone to Turn To (2:35)
  8. 8 I Wouldn't Know Where to Begin (2:20)
  9. 9 I'm Your Private Santa Claus (2:04)
  10. 10 I Don't Hurt Anymore (2:42)
  11. 11 (Gonna Get Myself A) Brand New Sandman (2:16)
  12. 12 Two Kinds of Love (2:27)
  13. 13 In Time (2:44)
  14. 14 Each Time You Leave (2:25)
  15. 15 It Took a Miracle (2:34)
  16. 16 A Present for Santa Claus (2:10)
  17. 17 The Horse in Striped Pajamas (2:22)
  18. 18 Why Daddy? (2:09)
  19. 19 Unchained Melody (2:31)
  20. 20 His Hands (2:50)
  21. 21 Silver Moon (2:24)
  22. 22 Making Believe (2:40)
Disc 6
  1. 1 The Cattle Call (2:32)
  2. 2 The Richest Man (2:23)
  3. 3 The Kentuckian Song (2:46)
  4. 4 I Walked Alone Last Night (2:26)
  5. 5 Home on the Range (2:27)
  6. 6 Wanderin' (2:10)
  7. 7 On Top of Old Smokey (2:28)
  8. 8 Sweet Betsy from Pike (2:11)
  9. 9 The Lonesome Road (2:30)
  10. 10 The Wayfaring Stranger (3:19)
  11. 11 Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (1:55)
  12. 12 Barbara Allen (3:45)
  13. 13 Across the Wide Missouri (3:06)
  14. 14 Down in the Valley (2:53)
  15. 15 Red River Valley (2:44)
  16. 16 I Gave My Love a Cherry (2:16)
  17. 17 Careless Love (2:31)
  18. 18 The Rovin' Gambler (2:33)
  19. 19 If She Will (2:17)
  20. 20 That Do Make It Nice (2:30)
  21. 21 I'll Be Satisfied (2:29)
  22. 22 I'll Be Satisfied (2:34)
  23. 23 Do You Know Where God Lives? (2:02)
  24. 24 Bayou Lullaby (2:41)
  25. 25 You Don't Know Me (2:35)
Disc 7
  1. 1 Puppy Love (2:23)
  2. 2 Heart Strings (2:46)
  3. 3 Bundle of Southern Sunshine (2:15)
  4. 4 Trouble in Mind (2:43)
  5. 5 Trouble in Mind (2:36)
  6. 6 Wild Flower (2:52)
  7. 7 I'll Still Belong to You (2:51)
  8. 8 Somebody's Been Beating My Time (2:28)
  9. 9 Have Thine Own Way, Lord (2:15)
  10. 10 This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You) (2:58)
  11. 11 This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You) (2:44)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Eddy Arnold Primary Artist, Guitar, Leader, Vocals, Bandleader
Chet Atkins Guitar, Electric Guitar
Hank Garland Banjo, Electric Guitar
George Barnes Electric Guitar
Anita Kerr Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Marty Gold Organ, Piano, Celeste, Leader, Bandleader
George Duvivier Bass
Harold Bradley Electric Guitar
George "Funky" Brown Viola
Frank Carroll Bass
Harold Feldman Saxophone
Harry Glickman Violin
Charles Randolph Grean Bass, Leader, Bandleader
Hugo Winterhalter Leader, Bandleader
Lillian Hunt Violin
Douglas Kirkham Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Millie Kirkham Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Phil Kraus Drums, Vibes
Ernest Ernie Newton Bass
David Novales Violin
Louis Dean Nunley Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Danny Perri Guitar
John Rossi French Horn
Lucien Schmit Cello
Sylvan Shulman Violin
Terry Snyder Drums
Brock Speer Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Dorothy Ann Dillard Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Howard Carpenter Violin
Farris Coursey Drums
Felix Orlewitz Violin
Jack Saunders Drums, Vibes
Wilda Tinsley Violin
Chuck Wright Bass
Allen Hanlon Guitar
Jack Shook Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Lois Winter Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Lillian Clark Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Maurice Hershaft Violin
Bernard Kaufman Saxophone
Howard Kay Viola
Walter Lenk Drums
Seymour Miroff Violin
Henry Ross Saxophone
James "Guy" Willis Guitar
Tony Gottuso Guitar
William Guilford Wright Jr. Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Marvin H. Hughes Organ, Piano, Celeste
Al Chernet Banjo, Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Ralph Nyland Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Samuel Persoff Viola
Maurice Wilk Violin
Marcia Neil Vocals, Choir, Chorus
"Papa" John Gordy Piano
Jack Brown Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Vic Willis Piano, Accordion
Samuel Hollingsworth Bass
Bettye McCormack Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Sylvia Textor Vocals, Choir, Chorus
James Burks Vibes
David A. Vogel Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Martin Lake Cello
Louis Innes Guitar
Robert Spiro Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Arthur Berv French Horn
Ovid Collins Violin
Maurice Golodner Violin
John Guarniori Piano
Clifford Leeman Drums
Cy Levitan Piano
Eddie Litvin Organ
Joyce McIlvaiin Violin
Polk Moore Drums
Jules Whiteman Viola
Ivan LeRoy Wiggins Steel Guitar
Walden Wilber French Horn
Thomas D. Thomas Cello
Sylvia Textor Vocals
Ralph Nyland Vocals
Milton Prinz Cello
Merrill Ostrus Vocals
Marilyn Palmer Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Keith Booth Vocals, Choir, Chorus
John W. Kline Viola
James Ulysis 'Guy' Willis Guitar
J. Vic Willis Piano
Ivan Leroy 'Little Roy' Wiggins Steel Guitar
Irving Finkstein Violin
Ed Stover Violin
David Vogel Vocals
C. R. 'Skeeter' Willis Fiddle
Betty McCormick Vocals
Allan Hanlon Guitar
Jack Brown Vocals
Walter L. Garland Banjo, Electric Guitar
George Brown Viola
Jimmy Leyden Vocals
Louise Innes Guitar
Technical Credits
Alberta Hunter Composer
Sigmund Romberg Composer
Eddy Arnold Composer
Chet Atkins Composer
Jimmie Davis Composer
Floyd Tillman Composer
Merle Travis Composer
Larry Wilcox Arranger
Wayne King Composer
Pee Wee King Composer
Marty Gold Composer
Stuart Hamblen Composer
Leon Payne Composer
Redd Stewart Composer
Cliffie Stone Composer
Cindy Walker Composer
Foy Willing Composer
Richard M. Jones Composer
Don Robertson Composer
Spade Cooley Composer
Alice Hawthorne Composer
Fred E. Ahlert Composer
Joe Allison Composer
Gene Austin Composer
Howard Barnes Composer
Roy Bennett Composer
Hal Blair Composer
Boudleaux Bryant Composer
Jenny Carson Composer
Barbara Cross Composer
Peter DeRose Composer
Ervin Drake Composer
Mel Foree Composer
Charles Randolph Grean Composer
Bill Halley Composer
R.J. Jones Composer
Paul Klein Composer
Norman Leyden Composer
Johnny Marks Composer
Alex North Composer
Jim Odom Composer
Fred Rose Composer
Jimmy Shirl Composer
Steve Sholes Producer, Audio Production
Sid Tepper Composer
Fred White Composer
Hank Williams Composer
Allie Wrubel Composer
Jack Yellen Composer
Hy Zaret Composer
Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey Composer
Tex Owens Composer
Stephen H. Sholes Producer
Gene Sullivan Composer
Artie Glenn Composer
Eddie Kirk Composer
Zeke Clements Composer
J.L. Frank Composer
Rex Griffin Composer
Benny Meroff Composer
Bob Nolan Composer
Terry Shand Composer
Tim Spencer Composer
Wiley Walker Composer
Jack Wolf Composer
Jimmy Work Composer
R.A. Andreas Illustrations
Richard Weize Reissue Producer, Tape Research
Dave Sax Tape Comparison
Dave Bohme Composer
Jurgen Crasser Mastering
Fred Ebb Composer
Joe Young Composer
Mort Dixon Composer
Neil Moret (Chas. N. Daniels) Composer
Doris Fisher Composer
Walter Hirsch Composer
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Frank Team Composer
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Packy Smith Illustrations
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Traditional Composer
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Michael Streissguth Liner Notes, Biographical Information
Ralph Wingert Composer
Sunny Clapp Composer
Jimmie Hodges Composer
Chilton Price Composer
Andreas Merck Photo Scanning
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Sid Robin Composer
Daniel Gersdorf Photo Restoration
Mychael Gerstenberger Artwork
Sid Sornoff Composer
Sandy Oakton Composer
Robert St. Clair Composer
Ralph Wingert Composer
Otten Composer
Mykil Nagel Composer
Merle Moore Composer
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Mecum Composer
Charlie Tobias Composer
Griffin Composer
Cassard Composer
Ed Nelson Composer
Cotton Composer
J. L. Frank Composer
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