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Thesaurus Rex

Thesaurus Rex

by Laya Steinberg, Debbie Harter

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Follow this mischievous dinosaur as he frolics, rollicks, frisks and romps. Each colorful page introduces simple synonyms and a fun-filled way to build vocabulary and word recognition.


Follow this mischievous dinosaur as he frolics, rollicks, frisks and romps. Each colorful page introduces simple synonyms and a fun-filled way to build vocabulary and word recognition.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Judy Silverman
This is a delightful, light hearted introduction to synonyms. We follow little Thesaurus through his day as he runs, splashes, explores, and searches—and every activity has three or four words that mean the same thing! For me, there is background to the story. It involves the "Peanuts" cartoon strip. Sally Brown is Charlie Brown's little sister. While Sally was a baby for much of the early 1960's, she entered school in the seventies, and thus sprang her major gimmick in the strip: mangling the English language! This one, which dates from the 1970 or 1971, is, I think, one of her best: She enters the living room, where her brother is sitting with some of his friends. She is very excited. "I'm writing a story about some cave men," she says. "They're sitting around a campfire, see, when all of a sudden they're attacked by a huge thesaurus." Her brother's response? Just what a big brother's should be: "Volume one or Volume two?" To me this little book is Volume I. If you are a teacher and read this as a class activity, you will probably be able to find other words—I think it could be lots of fun. Reviewer: Judy Silverman
Children's Literature
"Thesaurus Rex starts his day: stretching, reaching, extending, bending. Uh oh, his pants need mending." Follow the delightful green polka-dotted fellow as he continues to sup, forage, rollick, and slither throughout the day. Soon he becomes stuck in mud, howling and yowling until mom rescues him. Cartoon-like watercolor and pen illustrations in rich vivid colors capture Rex's zany antics. Steinberg's book would be a wonderful introduction to synonyms. Dinosaur lovers are sure to be captivated by Rex and vocabulary work has never been so much fun! 2003, Barefoot Books, Ages 3 to 7.
—Laura Hummel
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 3-Thesaurus Rex spends his day exercising, exploring, and getting into trouble. After a nutritious dinner, the little turquoise dinosaur takes a bath and is tucked into bed by his mom. Filled with descriptive language, the text offers numerous synonyms for each activity. For example, when Rex exercises, he is "stretching, reaching, extending, bending." The bouncy, rhyming language is enhanced by bright watercolor-and-crayon illustrations that create a wonderful sense of movement. One picture shows the happy dinosaur jumping into a swamp; brown mud splashes cross over to the opposite page where he is shown again, no longer smiling and buried in the slime. Many of the words used are listed as synonyms in Scholastic Children's Thesaurus (Scholastic, 1998) and American Heritage Children's Thesaurus (American Heritage, 2003), a connection that could be useful for older students. An entertaining and painless way for children to broaden their vocabulary while enjoying a fun story.-Elaine Lesh Morgan, Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
A delightful romp through the world of words (language, vocabulary, terminology) as readers follow young Thesaurus Rex through his busy day exploring his world and the words that can be used to describe his actions. "Thesaurus Rex starts his day stretching, reaching, extending, bending. Uh oh, his pants need mending!" There are four synonyms for each word, and at least one of these will be familiar. Steinberg has chosen excellent synonyms that will help children extend their vocabulary-foraging, slither, frolic, gnaw, scour, hurtle. Marvelous onomatopoeia is used throughout, as when he gets stuck in the mud: "Thesaurus Rex calls his Mom: howl, yowl, squeal, and shout. Whoosh, plop! She pulls him out." The humorous illustrations are brightly colored and will help young children see the meanings of the new words. Harter is a master at depicting facial expressions-readers will have no trouble in identifying with the dinosaur tyke. Great, super, terrific, cool. (Picture book. 2-7)

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