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They Screamed Evil

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Is a chilling tale of possession, murder and all those scarey things you were afraid of that go bump in the night

In the quiet little town of Saint Rea New Hampshire 1949,

A group of children stumble upon an evil more terrifying than they could have ever imagined. As they double dare each other to ride out on their bicycles to old mans crossen, It is just a small lake where the kids go to ...

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They Screamed Evil

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Is a chilling tale of possession, murder and all those scarey things you were afraid of that go bump in the night

In the quiet little town of Saint Rea New Hampshire 1949,

A group of children stumble upon an evil more terrifying than they could have ever imagined. As they double dare each other to ride out on their bicycles to old mans crossen, It is just a small lake where the kids go to skip rocks and play hiding seek, Its there we they venture off to an old plantation house know as the Mattie Fridays a place that has been shut down for many years and known by the towns people to be very haunted. Chasing a dog through the woods one child becomes missing and another hospitalized. As an Un holly presence has awaken from beneath the soil spreading a sickness like plague through out the entire town, people start becoming possessed going stark raven mad causing nothing but But destruction,they start killing each other and no one knows why or why now. As Sheriff Steven Tate and a handful of towns people are trapped inside of a church, "who will survive all of the horror!"

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781452080956
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publication date: 10/21/2010
  • Pages: 336
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.88 (d)

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They Screamed Evil

You've Been Warned
By Jamie Grooms


Copyright © 2010 Jamie Grooms
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-8096-3

Chapter One

The Beginning

Danny and Johnny were a couple of remarkable kids. Both of them came from loving families and couldn't wait to play with each other every time they got a chance. The boys also had others they would hang with as well.

One was a little girl named Sylvia Anderson. A girl that was tuff as nails and wasn't afraid of anything. She came from a rich family and, was indeed spoiled rotten. Another out of the bunch was a thirteen year old prankster named Alex Dunlow. He was a kid who would play a trick on anyone and he didn't even have to know who they was. People said to stay away from this boy because he was mean as hell and would get you into trouble, and that meant real big trouble.

Last but not least was little Jacob Barns who came from a pretty unstable family that fought night and day.

Jacob always seemed to get on the wrong side of the deal every single time. First his dad would stay at the bar till closing, getting all boozed up on the cheapest stuff you could drink, and then he would come home in a rage and first take it out on Carla Barns. Jake would smack his wife to the floor for no reason. Then he would go into little Jacob's room and take his belt off and, as the boy would scream "no daddy", Jacob would get the beating of his life. While his mother lied on the kitchen floor crying and curled up into a ball. A couple hours later he would act like nothing had taken place. Jake would tell her how sorry that he was and that it would never happen again and Carla fell for it each and every single lie.

This, over a period of years caused server speech problems for little Jacob, and any time he would get around loud people he would just cover his ears and start stuttering more.

He would always begin to cry, "Please make them stop" When Jacob would play with the rest of the kids he stuttered really bad, making it very hard to understand him, but all of the kids did.

They all knew from the bruises that they saw all over Jacob's body. They never said anything to his face, but they all understood the situation and he was part of them in every way. These kids would stick together through hell or high water. They were best of friends. They were the gang and nothing would ever separate them if they had a choice in the matter,

Now Sylvia Anderson, on the other hand, was a twelve year old little girl who had the longest, stringy blond hair that you have ever seen and some of the most bluest eye's. She was cute as a button, but that smile did not fool anyone. She was a real tomboy in disguise. Her mom and dad was not hurting for anything. Mrs Helen Anderson was a very successful real estate agent and her husband, Mr. Jim Anderson, was a real estate adjuster who loved to gamble on horses every chance he got, and most of the time he got real lucky. "Yea" I guess you could say the Andersons had it made. They were known to the community as snobby and stuck up "Son of a bitches"

And the people of Saint Rea didn't have much use for them. You see the Andersons have been sucking money out of this town for quite some time now and would evict god himself if he did not pay his mortgage or rent when it was owed. And that's not even including Jim's little side job of drug trafficking and taking care of people "who just pisses him off!"

He pays people to do the dirty jobs while he always comes out smelling like a rose, and if any one that works for him under the table should ever get caught, they knew better than to tell on him, because he would have them killed and he would get away with it too! This guy had his fingers into a lota different pies.

And oh how he loved his whores on a good ole Friday night. He would just tell his wife that he was going to a card game with the boys, "I love you and see you later." He always thought that he was pulling a fast one like the great Harry Houdini, the magician,

But "She always knew!" and she didn't care because soon as he left Helen was getting it good from both sides of the plate. For one thing, she was getting all of his money and, for the other reason, she was getting to take care of all his friends.

Whenever Jim would leave, Helen would just make a little phone call and Jack Slain would always hurry over and put Helen Anderson's fire out. And it wasn't just Jack, there were others. They would come over and have a couple of drinks with her then they would fuck like a diesel truck to all hours in the morning. And whenever Jim would get back home he would climb right back in bed and they would both act like nothing had happened.

Every Sunday Jim and Helen would walk right into church and pretend that they done nothing wrong while the guilt was eating them up inside. They were acting like they were living for God while stabbing the devil in the back every chance that they got.

Danny Conners was a fifteen year old and was the oldest out of the bunch His mom and dad had worked extra hard for everything that they had gotten. The Conners didn't have as good as the Andersons but they managed as well as they could to care for their son and daughter, Danny and Alisha. Let's face it in the small town of Saint Rea, New Hampshire, if you weren't born with a silver spoon, you would struggle here, because in a small town there just are not many jobs to choose from.

Mr and Mrs Connors knew how to make ends meet through many struggles and they were a happy and tight family. Johnny's family, the Tanners, was almost like Danny's. He was a fourteen year old with only his birthday being three weeks away.

His dad, Mr John Tanner, worked with Dan Connor's making very beautiful furniture that sold all over the world. You could say that this furniture industry was doing very well for itself. It was the main source of income for Saint Rea. The majority of the people did in fact work here, and those not yet, would be.

Danny's mom, Mrs Karen Conners, worked for one of the toughest law firms in the county. The name was Jessie McLaughlin, one of the most "crooked" people on the face of the planet. If you had the money, that meant that you would probably walk.

See Good ole Jessie knew the law and how to break it. He had the judges right inside the palm of his hands and he knew them all extremely well. You could say that they were all high school buddies and that's not even including those late night poker games with the boys, and those wild parties with some of the local girls who were real easy to get along with once they got a little money in their pocket and a couple of drinks in their system. All of these men were more eviler than a wild cat on the loose whenever you saw one of these guys around that meant you just turned your head and pretend that you saw no one. That meant, in a small place like Saint Rea, you didn't want to get in trouble in this town because once you did that meant that they would own you and make your life a living hell.

It wasn't what you knew in this place but it was who you know. Mrs Connor's job at the firm was to keep the books balanced out and to do the payroll.

She was a very educated woman and, over the years, she saw things that she would never talk about to anyone, not even her husband. Over the years she just learned that you stayed "QUIET!" and keep your mouth shut because she knew the kind of people that she had been working for and she also knew that people had a strange way of coming up missing. And, in this small town, it was, See no evil and hear no evil! The Connors and the Tanners would give there shirt right of their back to help somebody in trouble. They would give their life if that's what it would take. If a poor man didn't have food, the Connors and the Tanners would make sure that person would always eat and have something warm to wear. They would never ask for anything in return. They were filled with so much love that the light shined right through them.

Alex Dunlow was not the luckiest kid out of the bunch. He lost his farther to the war - Sergeant Frank Dunlow. 9, 9, 1935. He was only thirteen years old when his dad passed away. His mother, Sarah, didn't take it so well when she received the news of her husband's death. It took her and Alex some months to get back up on there feet again. Over a period of time Sarah and Alex became like best friends instead of mother and son. She had to raise her son through some pretty rough situations. He had a hard time adjusting with the other kids. Watching them with there dad, and he couldn't be with his, this made it very hard for Sarah trying to fill two pairs of shoes at once.

Sarah worked at a local restaurant during the time Alex went to school. The restaurant was called Edith's Diner, and it was the gospel of the town. Everybody that lived in this community knew everything about everyone and not even a cracker crumb was left uncovered. Sarah could never get over the death of her husband. Many guys had asked her out, but she would always shine them off, telling them that she had the only man that she needed in her life and that was her son, Alex. He loved his mother and worshiped the ground that she walked on. And, to him, there was nobody else. If anyone would ever talk about his mother in the wrong way, Alex did not mind showing you in a heartbeat and he would react very violently and you did not want to see this boy angry. All these kids had one thing in common and that was each other. Through thick or thin and that was a friendship that you could not cut with a knife.

Chapter Two

Old Man's Crossing

"Danny,' where are you son?" "I'm out here playing with Johnny." "Don't go too far, your supper's almost ready." "Ok I won't, mom". "Man your mother's strict." "She just doesn't want me and my sister, Alisha, to get into any trouble." "Yea, I know what you mean," Johnny told Danny. "My parents are the same way too. They're always breathing down my back.:

Danny's mom looked at them again from off of the porch and was slowly stepping back inside of their house. "Hey look over there." It was Sylvia, Alex, and little Jacob. "Let's see if they want to ride with us." As the boys rode over to them, Sylvia yelled out- "what cha doing?"

"We're just hanging out." Johnny replied back to her.

"Hey, da da Danny." Little Jacob stuttered, "Wha-wha what s up?"

Danny answered him back, "Nothing much."

"Hey you guys, do you want to race to Old Man's Crossing?" Sylvia asked the boys while she was just sitting there on her bike with the biggest wad of big league chewing gum packed inside of her mouth and spitting it out like it was chewing tobacco. She was wearing one of her favorite ball shirts of Babe Ruth that was indeed her hero. She reached up and flipped her ball cap to the side, as if she was standing on the Pitcher's mound,

"I don't know, Sylvia., my mom's almost got my supper done, and her and my dad don't like it when I just take off and don't tell them where I'm going."

"I double dare you!", she told him. "Just there and straight back, Danny" Sylvia was looking at him like he was a real wimp. "You can tell your mom and dad that you were chasing me and trying to get me to stop. They all know that I'm the leader of this gang."

Johnny and the boys were snickering behind Danny's back, waiting for his decision. "Come on I'll cover for you to. You're not going to let her beat us on a double dare are you?"-Johnny spoke up along with the others, up for a good race.

"Just there and back, right?" "You promise?"

"Come on, "you chickens." Sylvia was the first to take off in that direction. She knew that Johnny would get Danny to come. He was like a big brother to him and there wasn't nothing that Danny wouldn't do for Johnny. "Come on chickens. We don't have all day, you know." Danny followed right behind them as Jacob stuttered

"Can I go,?" he asked. Alex told Jacob to come on,

"Chickens-Chickens!! You slow pokes can't catch me." Sylvia was screaming to the top of her lungs. "I'm just too fast for you losers."

The rest of the gang was now following her. They were halfway there now. "Hurry up, you fraidy cats!"

"Who is she calling a fraidy cat?" Danny told Johnny. "No, but you were being a little yellow under the collar." All of the gang began laughing and pretty much having the time of their lives.

"We're almost there," Sylvia screamed back at the boy's. Johnny was right on her tail, while Danny, Alex and Jacob were almost to the point of pushing their bikes. The boys were plumb wore out as she yelled at them again "Will you guys please hurry up?"

They yelled back at Sylvia, "We're coming. I want a little time to play, and skip rocks."

Sylvia was the first to reach Ole Man's Crossing. As she laid down her bike, Danny and Johnny were the next to catch up with her. Alex and Jacob was just coming over the hill top. "Well, it's about time," Sylvia yelled at them. The boys just looked at her while breathing hard. "It took you guys long enough." "Yea, yea, whatever.

Ole Man's Crossing was a bridge built in the 1600s and it was used for horses and farmers to bring their food into town and sell their fruits and vegetables, and to auction off their cattle to the highest bidders.

Now the bridge is used for small trucks and cars to get back and forth to town.

Ole Man's Crossing was, in fact, a small and unique bridge built with all types of material. There were many different kinds of stones that bordered around the bottom of the foundation of the bridge. It had been framed with railroad ties that were the main beam's that supported it .as bracing, and underneath of the bridge there was a small brook that lead into the river. On the other side of Ole Man's Crossing there were a series of trails used by hunters that lead all over the woods that were used for hunting raccoon, squirrel, deer, and anything else that moved. But there was one trail that was closed off to the public and if the nearby farmers who would see anybody going in there they would fire a warning shot, and most of the time it was kids just playing around, but still the same, this one place was meant to be taken seriously. There was a huge barb wire fence surrounding the property with a sign the farmer's had hung up on it to keep people out. It read "May the devil get anyone that enters this unholy place."

And, over the years from bad storms other kinds of trees and debris had fell across it There was a limb off of a very large oak that had smashed down the fence enough where you could climb over it if you wanted to. But most people that knew about this place, in their right minds, never came to this part of town after dark.

Legend has it that there's a buried plantation deep inside of those woods, cursed by the Devil himself. Stories of all types have been stirred up from generations to generations.

It is said that they used to execute witches for practicing the black arts, and worshipping satin.

There were burnings, decapitations, and hangings. Women, children and men were "accused!"

The other legend is dated back through the civil war during slavery and the death of many soldiers. The stories are that the dead still walk the land, and on a good, quiet night you can hear the screams of many. The plantation was known as Mattie Fridays,

She use to be called the Palace of Dreams, until the night of Oct 30, 1943. At about 11:56 P.M., during a ballroom bash, people began to go stark raving mad, killing each other for no reason, It was one of the most gruesome and bloodiest masquerade parties of its time.

Mattie Friday's stayed open till Feb 30, 1944 People would vanish into thin air, or they would be found dead inside the hallways with missing body parts. It was banned by the state of New Hampshire and recognized for being the only historical site not allowed to visit. After Mattie Friday's closed her doors for good, the land was declared tainted.

And then on Nov 6, 1948, there were two hunters that went missing. The next day one of the hunters came crawling out of them woods and he had told people that he was grabbed by something that he could not see and that a burlap bag was thrown over his head, and then he was dragged through the woods by something.

The man had been "hysterical" When asked "How did you escape?" He said that he could hear voices all around him but he could not understand what they were saying. Then he could hear giggling of small children and then when it got silent he had fought with the piece of vine that had his hands tied up, and when he broke free, the hunter had pulled off the sack that was on his head and could see pieces of what was left of his friend being boiled in a huge pot. There were other bodys and bones hanging everywhere. Then when asked about if he could remember the location of where this had happened, the hunter said where he was dragged to felt like it was far away and he had the deep gashes in his back that could prove it. And, then the man went into convulsions and died four days later in Saint Rea Memorial hospital!


Excerpted from They Screamed Evil by Jamie Grooms Copyright © 2010 by Jamie Grooms. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted July 8, 2011

    Not recommended

    Save your money and skip this book. It is very badly written. There are so many things wrong with this book, I don't know where to begin. I think the person who reviewed this book before had to be the author himself. The storyline itself was not a bad idea, but the delivery was atrocious. Authorhouse publishers are what we in the business call "Vanity Press". This means they will print anything if you have the money to pay for it. The cover of the book was great. I guess that is the most positive thing I can say about this book. It's great that this author had the discipline and drive to get his book together, but he definitely needs to work on his knowledge of the English language. Authorhouse should be ashamed for not helping him more on this. I guess they are only concerned about money. I wish the author lots of luck and keep trying. Just get more input from Family and friends before you spend money on publishing another book.

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

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  • Posted October 30, 2010

    alsome book

    Can't believe this is the Author's first book. If you like Stephen King, you will love this book.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted April 16, 2011

    No text was provided for this review.

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