Things Forbidden

Things Forbidden

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by Maryam Diaab

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Genesis Press, Incorporated
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Things Forbidden 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
PE More than 1 year ago
This book has a lot of drama in it. If you read this book you want be disappoint with it. I want say a lot about this book because if anyone tell you anything about this book and give you a detailed description of everything you wouldn't want to read it. In my experience, this book you have to read it for yourself. I can't even put into words what I am feeling right now on this book. As for me, I was drawn to this book because of the drama. Nothing else entices me more than that I must say. I wasn't invigorated by the love and passion the two main characters, Ajani and Yvette had for one another. They didn¿t flow within me and I really wanted to that to happen. Also, the ending was kind of weak it wasn¿t a closed-ended book. Overall, I did like the book and I would recommend it to someone else.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Things Forbidden is the first novel I've read by Mrs. Maryam Diaab. The main characters are well developed and quite entertaining. I found the storyline interesting enough to hold my attention, with a few plausible scenarios.~~~~~~~Yvette Brooks is an attractive, intelligent, yet sometimes very naïve woman. I feel sorry for Yvette, because at 34 years of age, she NEVER does anything that makes her truly happy. EVERYTHING she does in her life is for the happiness or satisfaction of either her late grandmother or her fiancé Terrence. And when she decides to make a move from Detroit to Nashville, with the hopes of finally doing something for herself, I can ONLY hope she'll come to her senses and realize that Terrence is definitely NOT the man for her.~~~~~~~When Ajani Riley enters the scene, he's 13 years her junior, even though he seems mature and settled in his life at such a young age, I believe he still has some growing up to do. However, I was still TOTALLY caught up in their forbidden love affair, and hoping they'd find their 'happily-ever-after'. One thing I will say for Ajani is he definitely knows the desires of his heart and he's EXTREMELY persistent in his pursuit of Yvette. He desperately tries to convince his family and Yvette that despite their age difference and the fact that he isn't financially stable, just YET, he CAN make her very HAPPY, something her fiancé hasn't been able to do. What Yvette REALLY needs to do is find out what she WANTS out of life and what truly makes HER happy! And also, with the possibility of a future husband like Terrence and a so-called best friend like Wendy, Yvette definitely doesn't need anymore drama or enemies, but due to her involvement with Ajani she makes one more adversary who intends to make her pay a high price for indulging in the 'forbidden fruit'.~~~~~~~I must admit that despite the few typos and the books predictability, at times, I am still impressed with Mrs. Diaab's writing style. Now, I'll have to back track and read her debut novel 'Where I Want To Be'.