Things Invisible: A Nebraska Mystery

Things Invisible: A Nebraska Mystery

by William J. Reynolds

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
One of the most refreshing additions to the ranks of hardboiled detectives, Nebraska is a quick-witted, Chandleresque PI and part-time freelance writer, who eschews revealing his first name. The fourth adventure featuring this offbeat womanizer is an engrossing, well-crafted story with many bizarre twists. Hired by Donna Berens to locate her missing daughter, the Omaha-based gumshoe soon discovers that Meredith, a copywriter, compartmentalized her life and was not what she appeared to be. Her boss, Dianna Castelli, reveals that Meredith has a fiancee, real-estate magnate Thomas Wayne, the pawn of his father's political aspirations; Thomas denies the engagement, however. When Meredith is found murdered, Nebraska believes the Waynes are the only logical suspects. Then Dianna suddenly remembers a rumor that Thomas's high school girlfriend was killed, too. In hopes of learning more about the incident, Nebraska follows a cold trail that takes him to Sioux Falls, S.D., and almost to his death. This classic-style mystery is top-notch entertainment. (May)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Before much plot emerges from a turgid and frequently overly descriptive narration, this addition to the Nebraska series ( Money Trouble ) risks self-annihilation. When freed of impediments (but still subject to repeated reference to other fictional investigators), events begin to move: After the body of a missing Omaha woman turns up, part-time detective Nebraska becomes the target of Omaha and Chicago mobsters. Discovering why more or less subsumes the remainder of the plot. An uneven effort which may still appeal to series followers.-- REK

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Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
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Nebraska Mystery
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1st American ed
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20.00(w) x 20.00(h) x 20.00(d)

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