The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile

The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile

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by Chuck Martin

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Expert, cutting edge information for marketing to the generation of shoppers who purchase goods and services on cellphones and tablets.See more details below


Expert, cutting edge information for marketing to the generation of shoppers who purchase goods and services on cellphones and tablets.

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Publishers Weekly
After spending 10 years and million, Motorola launched the first cell phone in 1983. Known as a "brick" phone, it could support one hour of talk and eight hours in standby and cost ,000. Today, 94% of Americans own a cell phone (a quarter of whom use it exclusively). Martin argues that a convergence of trends in consumer behavior and technology has resulted in a migration to the "third screen" (after television and the computer) in this insightful account of the rise and widespread adoption of mobile phones. Cell phone technology allows users to access content anywhere, at any time, creating extraordinary possibilities for tailored promotion (for instance, reaching consumers in a store with the offer of coupons). And apps enable advertisers to literally become part of the customer's phone. Martin deftly illustrates how brands like Lexus, Zippo, and ING have used the mobile channel to connect with customers, and Martin ponders tough introspective questions on consumer behavior and an organization's ability to pull off a mobile promotion. Anyone interested in the evolution of consumer behavior and the adoption of new technologies will appreciate the clarity of Martin's prose and the breadth of his vision. (May 16)
From the Publisher
One of American Express's Open Forum's Best Business Books of 2011—The Third Screen by Chuck Martin.

The third screen—the mobile device—changes the rules entirely by creating a completely 'untethered consumer,' free from the constraints of traditional broadcast or online communication, who can search on the move and share information with other customers in real time. This new breed of customer is in charge—they are plugged in, always on, and completely in control in a way that changes the fundamental assumptions of marketing and customer service.

Jeffrey Hayzlett
Marketing is ever-changing and The Third Screen mirrors the future of marketing. If you are new to mobile, this book makes sure you get it right!
Julie Roehm
Mobile is the ultimate social device. And if big and small brands don’t understand how to engage their customers there, they risk extinction. The Third Screen is a must-have for any company looking to develop an effective mobile strategy, one that will drive customers to become brand champions.
Kent Huffman
In today's mobile environment, smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous around the globe. In The Third Screen, Chuck Martin engages the reader with important details relating to how the untethered consumer, m-commerce, and the entire mobile revolution are changing the game for marketers and what they need to do to make sure their organizations survive and prosper in this ever-changing and evolving marketplace.
Don Tapscott
Our mobile devices are indispensable digital co-pilots, which is why the third screen is fast becoming the most important screen. If you want to stay relevant to your customers as they go about their lives, apply the lessons from this book.
Josh Koppel
A fascinating and eye-opening view of the mobile landscape and what companies must do to survive there.
Chris Brogan
Chuck Martin has more than all the facts. He has the soul of the idea. The Third Screen is thoughtful and valuable.
Charlene Li
The Third Screen describes a clear power shift where the customer is in charge—and what companies must do their best to reach them on their terms. Using detailed case studies, Chuck Martin shows readers how to develop a mobile marketing strategy that will really work. Don’t wait: Get copies for your team today.
Library Journal
In the progression of entertainment and information technologies from large to small, some authors call mobile the "fourth screen" after movies, television, and computers. Martin (director, Ctr. for Media Research, MediaPost) omits movies from the evolution and dubs mobile the third. Mobile technologies continue to proliferate, but there are few books about using them for marketing; books on social media marketing typically allocate a chapter to this topic. Martin fills a niche with this slim, information-packed volume. Readers will learn how to leverage a mobile device's GPS information to tailor promotional offers to consumers via location-based marketing and how consumers' information-seeking behavior changes on mobile technology; how to adjust their advertising to suit the mobile platform and the user's behavior; how best to provide opt-in text messaging; and more. He takes care to accommodate readers of all awareness levels by including glossaries. Bulleted lists, statistical tables, and paragraph-length examples leaven the content. VERDICT This book will appeal to upper-division entrepreneurship students as well as practitioners.—Heidi Senior, Univ. of Portland Lib., OR

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