by Stephen Amidon

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Terry Farish
The tone of "Thirst" is flat, spare. Amidon does not want to give away too much, even what a character looks like. He tells his story with scenes of dramatic action. "Thirst" is the tale of a divorced, expatriate, TV actor (mostly commercials now) who returns to America accompanying the body of his father. Daniel's father was married to Lindy, not Daniel's mother, and it is to Lindy that Daniel takes the body--only to get caught up in the scam his father set up having to do with selling water in the Arizona desert. His father was involved with a group of Native Americans who had found a clever way to exploit using their tribal laws. Some of the best scenes are Lindy's; she struggles with and succumbs to alcoholism, but a grim desert adventure purges her. Amidon is an American now living in London, and his Arizona locals sometimes slip into Briticisms. But "Thirst" offers a tightly woven, high-action plot.

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