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This Bad Day in Yankees History: A Calendar of Calamities

This Bad Day in Yankees History: A Calendar of Calamities

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by Gabriel Schechter

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April, Charles Publications
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6.50(w) x 6.10(h) x 0.90(d)

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This Bad Day in Yankees History: A Calendar of Calamities 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
DrTom More than 1 year ago
This Bad Day in Yankee History: a Calendar of Calamities by Gabriel Schechter, Copyright 2008 Attention NY Yankee haters, their friends and relatives: here is the book for you. A minute or so in the morning spent reading the day's entry of indictments, fights, failed bonus babies and other miscellaneous disasters will start the Yankee hater's day with a smile. Bill Lee, the ex-Major League pitcher and practicing Yankee-hater wrote in the foreword, "Fans against the Evil Empire will wish there were more days in the year." Gabriel Schechter's talent and diligence as a researcher-a trade he also plies daily at the Baseball Hall of Fame- is well displayed here. Here we have not fuzzy recollections, but names, dates and all the bitter details. These catch the flavor: Oct. 23, 1979: Bloomington, Minnesota-Billy Martin, assisted by six Scotches, wins a one punch fight over marshmallow salesman Joseph Cooper thus collecting a one penny bet and getting fired by George Steinbrenner. Jan. 20, 1939: Yankee owner Jacob Ruppert's will is read, dividing his $40-45 million estate between two relatives and "someone nobody has ever heard of, a former chorus girl named Helen Winthrope Weyant.." Nov. 13, 1973: "Two employees of George Steinbrenner's shipping company tell Senate investigators about the scheme Steinbrenner concocted to make illegal campaign contributions in 1972.. Steinbrenner will plead guilty to two charges relating to the illegal contributions." Nov. 13, 1939: Yankee President Ed Barrow says "Night baseball is a fad and doubtless will disappear as do all fads." Dec. 18, 1993: Lefty phenom Brien Taylor, who had received a $1.5 million Yankee signing bonus, ruins his career, "After his brother gets in a fight, the 21 year old Taylor goes to the other party's home, starts another fight, and is knocked down. His left shoulder is dislocated. and his 98 mph fastball never returns.." Although this is a wonderful daily book/calendar for those of us out here beyond the Yankee market, one bad thought crept into my mind as I read: If all these awful things happened to the most successful franchise in Major League Baseball, how would a similar calendar for my beloved Cleveland Indians look? Note-- Before he bought the Yankees, George Steinbrenner almost bought the Tribe from Vernon Stouffer. My only suggestion for this book is that Schechter make a deal with Jim Caple to sell TBDIYH as part of a boxed set with The Devil Wears Pinstripes.