This Delicate Thing We've Made

This Delicate Thing We've Made

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by Darren Hayes

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Previously the forte of prog rockers, hair metallers, and hip-hop MCs, the idea of the double album has recently been embraced by the pop world, with Christina Aguilera (Back to Basics), Beyoncé (I Am...Sasha Fierce), and even Pop Idol runner-up


Previously the forte of prog rockers, hair metallers, and hip-hop MCs, the idea of the double album has recently been embraced by the pop world, with Christina Aguilera (Back to Basics), Beyoncé (I Am...Sasha Fierce), and even Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates (Go Your Own Way), unable to restrict their creative flow to just one disc. Following his split with Columbia Records after ten years and 25 million sales together, former Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes has used his new-found freedom to become the latest unlikely artist to boldly attempt the ambitious concept with his third solo album, This Delicate Thing We've Made. Clocking in at a near-two-hour running time, Hayes' first release through his own Powdered Sugar label could quite easily have become an exercise in self-indulgence, but luckily, he has plenty to offer both sonically and lyrically. Written during the period of his civil partnership with his animator/music video director husband, and his subsequent public coming out announcement, the majority of its 25 tracks eschew the dark and tortured themes of predecessor The Tension & the Spark in favor of a more optimistic approach which revels in his newly discovered happiness, particularly on the likes of "Who Would Have Thought?" a brooding trip-hop-inspired co-write with Guy Chambers, which comes complete with a chiming wedding bell middle-eight; the shimmering Enya-esque choral-led "The Only One," and the joyous new wave pop of lead single "On the Verge of Something Wonderful." Not that Hayes has become averse to addressing more heavy-handed issues, either, as evident on the politically charged, robotic synth-funk of "Bombs Up in My Face," the new age waltz of "Neverland," which tackles the subject of domestic violence, and the campfire sing-along of "The Great Big Disconnect" which covers everything from weapons of mass destruction to AIDS in Africa. The shimmering electro-pop that he so convincingly pulled off on his sophomore album remains the album's prevalent sound, the highlights of which are the Paul Van Dyk-inspired, six-minute trance-lite epic "Casey," the Giorgio Moroder-esque bubbling synth pop of "Step Into the Light," and the Middle Eastern-flavored "A Conversation with God." But elsewhere, Hayes takes full advantage of the opportunity to showcase his more adventurous side, shifting from Prince-inspired falsetto funk ("Me, Myself and I") to Scissor Sisters-style glam rock ("Lucky Town") to melancholic country-pop ("Maybe") to a cappella gospel ("Walk Away"), all with consummate ease. Of course, the album's sprawling nature means that it might be a bit of a slog for anyone other than hardcore fans, while the schmaltzy tendencies of Savage Garden unfortunately rear their head on the slushy and dreary acoustic ballads "I Just Want You to Love Me," "A Hundred Challenging Things a Boy Can Do," and "Words." But strip away these misguided ventures into lounge territory and you're left with an inventive, seductive, and slightly eccentric record which only furthers Hayes' surprising reinvention as one of pop's most unpredictable mavericks.

Editorial Reviews

Transcends all genres. Joyous. A celebratory beacon.
Time Out New York
Modern dreamy, romantic ballads; pure pop numbers; and disco monsters...
Stylus Magazine
The album is both lyrically individualistic but heavily indebted sonically to some of Darren’s heroes, mostly from the 1980s. What we find out from this album is that he makes a curiously likeable male Madonna, a pretty decent Michael Jackson, and a convincing Tears For Fears.

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Powdered Sugar


Disc 1

  1. A Fear of Falling Under
  2. Who Would Have Thought
  3. Waking the Monster
  4. How to Build a Time Machine
  5. Casey
  6. Step into the Light
  7. Sing to Me
  8. A Conversation with God
  9. The Sun Is Always Blinding Me
  10. Listen All You People
  11. The Only One
  12. Bombs Up in My Face
  13. The Great Big Disconnect

Disc 2

  1. The Future Holds a Lion's Heart
  2. On the Verge of Something Wonderful
  3. Neverland
  4. Walk Away
  5. Maybe
  6. Me, Myself And (I)
  7. Lucky Town
  8. I Just Want You to Love Me
  9. Setting Sun
  10. A Hundred Challenging Things a Boy Can Do
  11. Words
  12. The Tuning of Violins

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Darren Hayes   Primary Artist,Piano,Vocals,Track Performer
Fraser T. Smith   Guitar
Keith Prior   Drums
Eg White   Guitar,Drums
Justin Shave   Keyboards

Technical Credits

Matthew Wilder   Composer
Guy Chambers   Composer
Peter-John Vettese   Composer
Stuart Brawley   Composer
Darren Hayes   Composer,Producer,beats,Audio Production,Instrumentation
Paula "Asiah" Pierre Louis   Art Direction
Eg White   Composer,Sound Effects
Justin Shave   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer,drum machine,beats,Audio Production,Instrumentation
Robert Conley   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Audio Production,Instrumentation
Richard Cullen   Animation

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This Delicate Thing We've Made 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I grew up listening to Savage Garden. As as teenager I couldn't get enough of their two albums, the first self-titled and the second "Affirmation". As I grew older my music taste changed and I became more interested in harder rock. For a long while I forgot about Darren but when this album came out I gave it a shot. I listned to it over and over and over again. It is, without question, the best pop album I have ever heard. Songs range from ditzy and fun to serious and somber - and all work due to Hayes' talented writing style and unmistable, flawless voice. Don't deny yourself this album!
Guest More than 1 year ago
All I can say is thank you Darren for standing out amongst today's artists. The search to produce something innovative, the search for your sound, for your music. I haven't been this excited about an album in the longest time. And yes, I do love your new stuff better than your old stuff.... This is an outstanding cd. I recommend it to all music lovers.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The album is so amazing. There is hardly words to describe it. There is something for everyone on this CD and you will not be disappointed! American Darren Hayes fans need to support him to get him back on tour in the U.S.!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Two common things I hear whenever the name Darren Hayes is mentioned are that people don't realise who he is until you mention Savage Garden songs and then the moment you do they make a sort of disinterested noise because they assume that Darren's solo music has stayed on the Savage Garden formula. Its kind of amusing to me that a band who sold over 25 MILLION albums have this uncool stigma and snobbery surrounding them. I bet you know someone who bought an album. What's the point of my saying this in relation to a review? Well the fact is its about time these misconceptions and this stigma was thoroughly lain to rest because this album and this man are genius. 'This Delicate Thing We've Made' is progression from the dark 'The Tension And The Spark'. This latest album is a gorgeously rich huge sounding electronic album. You have to admire this man for not sticking to the same formula and not being afraid to experiment and grow. The moment the album started playing it sucked me in with the jaw dropping and thumping opening track 'Fear Of Falling Under'. This blends into the stunning 'Who Would Have Thought' (co-written with Guy Chambers and one of the best songs I've heard Chambers collaborate/ co-write in a very very long time). I cant get enough of this song. I find Darren's vocals, the chorus, the melody all hugely addictive. Other favourites include 'Waking The Monster', 'How To Build A Time Machine', 'Conversation With God' - you can almost feel the car driving over the bridge in this absolutely stunning song, 'Neverland' is so beautiful but so incredibly clever, the darkness of the lyrics is at complete contrast to the childlike innocence of the melody. The first single 'On The Verge Of Something Wonderful' a huge uplifting addictively catchy pop song. Then there is the incredible pop anthem 'Listen All You People', the throbbing and catchy 'Setting Sun', Princesque 'Me, Myself & I', reminiscent of Portishead 'The Only One', the all equally gorgeous 'Sing To Me', 'Words', 'Maybe' and 'Walk Away'. The most out there track that you'd never in a million years guess was Darren Hayes is 'Bombs Up In My Face' thats not to say its not a great track but its not what you'd expect either, this is what I mean by don't judge this album before you listen to it. Its full of surprizes. This is an album that you will listen to time and time again and love, this is an album you will listen to in twenty years and it will sound as fresh and exciting as the first time you played it. Darren named his influences as people such as Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel and whilst there are touches of what made these people unique and special that you can pick up on, this is a highly original album. It sounds like nothing around today, its a much needed breathe of fresh air. This is huge, symphonic, electronic and pop at its very very best. This album is not someone bending their creativity to fit in with what the media find acceptable or sticking to a formula just to sell records, this is someone who has made an album they want to be proud of with real passion . Does Darren Hayes have a right to be proud? HELL YES.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well I dont know where to start. Even by listening to the clips, I can tell you that this record is going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread! And if its not, it damn well should be. Alot of us already know how amazing Darren is, The Tension and The Spark was hands down the best record of the last few years, but with this coming out soon, im sorry to say that im going to be pushing it aside for some time so I can wear this new one out. There just seems to be something about Darren Hayes, I dont know how he manages to write such beautiful songs and bring them to us, he deserves more than a pat on the back. I would love to thank him personally but I doubt that will happen. All I have to say is buy this record, play it to death, and love it, it deserves all of that, Well done Darren for bringing us such a masterpeice. And thank you, thank you for being you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is Darrens finest work and certainly the most personal. After leaving the record label that he had been with since the days of Savage Garden and starting his independent he knows that his future success rides on this album. He has worked hard to make this album and to promote it by doing small gigs in the UK, USA and Australia and also sending out teasers on his website. I hope that his hard work pays off and if there is any justice then this album will be huge as he has certainly delivered. A double what a fete but you listen to all the tracks and still want more. His voice is one of the best in pop and is up there with the likes of George Michael. It has the ability to sore and to tug intimately at the heartstrings. If you enjoy this album then you will have loved the last one 'The Tension And The Spark' which is one of my favourite albums ever but didn't sell very well despite its critical acclaim. I thoroughly recommend both albums....go try for yourself.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i attended some of the small shows in the US, ie NYC, Chicago and SF, and heard some of the new songs. working with Justin Shave and Robert Conley, Darren has written probably the finest album of his career. i have a feeling this album will be what puts him in the elite singer/songwriters category with others such as Simon le Bon, Bono, George Michael, the list goes on. ppl are only discovering what alot of us have known about for the past 10 years. the man is incredibly talented. the music scene has needed a long overdue makeover and Darren is jsut the one to do it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
hey,I don't think words can explain the feelings as well as music can. for all of you that believe in music and in the emotions that it can bring to you ,this cd must have been got,and listened. Both music and words are great... so what are you waiting for? DARREN HAYES will be your next cd to buy!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Now, if the Grammy’s gave out awards for the most underrated and overlooked artists, Darren would win, hands down. Without a doubt, Mr. Hayes is one of the best lyricist and singers I’ve heard in a while. He has the ability to pull you in with his music. And his music is always masterful. And This Delicate Thing We’ve Made is no exception. And it’s certainly Darren’s most ambitious project yet. Twenty-five tracks written during the course of three years released on his own independent label. And his first release Stateside since Spin in 2002, after Sony Columbia refused to release the amazing 2004 The Tension and the Spark, to the dismay of his American fans. This Delicate Thing seems to pick up where we left off with Tension. We continue the emotional personal journey that was so prominently featured in Darren’s 2004 release. And after nearly two hours of an emotional rollercoaster, we arrive to a happy place, ending with “The Tuning of Violins,” a song that seems to be about Darren’s everyday life in London with his partner. There are some dark moments in this epic voyage. “Neverland” is a dark, somewhat disturbing, albeit catchy, song about the contemplation of patricide. “A Conversation with God” is a contemplation of suicide. However, this album has its happy moments as well. “On the Verge of Something Wonderful,” the first single “Who Would Have Thought,” the first song previewed to fans on Hayes’ website “Step into the Light” are just a few. “Words,” a personal favorite of mine, is one of the best piano ballads Darren has ever done, with such emotionally charged vocals it can bring a tear to your eye. Same can be said about “I Just Want You to Love Me.” It would be impossible to fully bring justice to the beauty of this album. If you’re looking for something different from the everyday blah on the radios, or seeking a journey of epic proportions, then this CD is the one for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Darren is probably one of the most under-rated artists out there today "maybe other than Richard Marx" and yet his music continues to change and inspire many people. "This Delicate Thing We've Made" follows his 2004 release "The Tension And The Spark", which despite it's low record sales was an absolutely amazing album, it is one of those albums I can listen to over and over. After seeing him perfom some of the new songs live in San Francisco, and hearing the clips of the other songs from the album I know that this will be yet anonther brilliant album from the man with the voice of an angel. I will be grabbing a copy of this album for a bunch of my friends who after hearing the few tracks I have played for them, have become Darren Fans. Good job Darren, and thank you for all your hard work over the years!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was quite taken aback by my first listen to the album in its entirety, not through any disappointment, quite the opposite in fact. I’d always known that this double album was going to be special, what I hadn’t bargained for was quite how monumental it is. What a fantastic piece of music this album is though. The collaboration of Darren with Justin Shave, Robert Conley and others is a remarkable one. I think a certain major record company will now be kicking themselves for losing someone who can produce a record of this magnitude. Right from the first strains of Fear of falling Under, which really does set the scene for the whole album, there was an excitement in me and I couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the album. This song just leads so well into Who would Have Thought that you can almost believe there one song. Waking the Monster, OMG, I thought I was going to explode inside as I listen to these fantastic lyrics. It makes me thing of the professor in the Back to the Future films but I also feel that Darren is referring to Justin Shave, as the professor producing something fantastic. How to Build a Time Machine was my favourite of the new tracks when I saw Darren perform at the Soho Revue Bar and it’s always gonna be a much loved track but maybe it’s not my favourite any more. I guess it’s too early days yet to decide what is my favourite track on the album but there are just so many wonderful tracks, both lyrically and musically that I will play over and over again, probably on repeat. Darren has a way of making me visualise scenes in my head when I listen to his lyrics and to me it’s always the hallmark of a great songwriter, combine this with one of the best, no THE best voice I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and it all combines for something so very magical. I wont do a review of each and every track, just a quick run down of ones which are affecting me at the mo There is the current single, ‘On the Verge of Something Wonderful’ a song which never fails to cheer me up and make me sing along, ‘Step Into the Light’, love the words and the piano at the beginning, ‘Me Myself and (I)’, the next single and I just love the phrase ‘I don’t know what the future will bring but I am willing to sing til I drop’. Yeah, Darren, go How to Build a Time Machine has made me cry because I can empathise with Darren’s wanting to go back over his childhood and alter the unhappy times. Listen All You People, so uplifting and one I hope and pray Darren performs when he tours. I love it, it’s such a feel good song. Sing to Me, The Sun is Always blinding Me, The Only One, The Future Holds A Lion’s Heart, another one I can see Darren singing in concert, Neverland, another tearjerker as you imagine the fear and pain of a small child seeing domestic violence and not being able to deal with it. A Hundred Challenging Things a Boy Can Do, another song that conjures up such imagery, it’s beautiful. Words, is just that, such beautiful words and phrases, again a loved song from the Revue Bar and then there’s the Tuning of Violins, what a stunning song to finish a truly stunning album. I’d waited for months to hear this album and now it’s here and I still can’t believe that I own this amazing musical masterpiece. Thank you Darren and everyone else connected with you for having the courage to produce this work of art.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have followed Darren Hayes' music for over 10 years. I guess you can say a true die hard fan. This album has renewed my excitment for his music and genius lyrics, I wasn't quite sure what to expect because his style is forever changing, but I was pleasently surprised. It is Brilliant!
Guest More than 1 year ago
A delicate masterpiece - My review of "This Delicate Thing We Made" (album by Darren Hayes) I've been anticipating the new music for months, and when I got it, I was not disappointed at all. As usual, Darren is a lyrical genius who can touch your heart and soul with his words. The musical parts are very different on each song. Its not a typical pop album where each song sounds similar. Each song is unique in its own way lyrically and musically. Alot of artists have songs that sound similar in terms of music and lyrics, but each of Darren's songs is not that way. He was not afraid to explore the depths of his heart and soul during the writing process, and some of the songs remind me of his last cd "The Tension and The Spark" which was not an American release but should have been. But at the same time, there are many tracks that very positive and upbeat, and reflecting Darren's new found happiness both personally and professionally. I recommend the following tracks as my personal favorites so far - "Step Into The Light" - a track that has proven to be very danceable and there are great remixes for this track that will keep you on your feet "Casey" - A very deep and personal track - It may be about Darren's sister and others in his life, but we all have someone who has filled the role of 'Casey' in this track in our lives.. "Bombs up in my face" - I compare this to "Affirmation" in a way with the statements in it but deeper and more angry in tone in some areas of the song. "Me myself and I" - Very Prince-like, and great beat, and an excellent song to dance to, and it should be very remixable for a night in a club or a party too. "A Conversation With God" - A deep and touching & personal track, and like the title says it is like you are having a conversation with the Higher Power Himself "Who would Have Thought" and "On The Verge of Something Wonderful" - songs that will get you on your feet and dancing for sure - they did for me. "The Only One", "Sing To Me", "Lucky Town" and "I Just Want You to Love Me" - Each of these are love and/or ballad type songs describing different kinds of love in life. For most of us, we can relate to at least 1 or more them during our lifetime. The whole album is worth the purchase and the wait, especially for Darren's American fans who have been waiting over 5 years for music they can go online to get or purchase in a store, and they will still see the genius that is Darren Hayes (without the tagline of Savage Garden tied to his name).
Guest More than 1 year ago
'This Delicate Thing We've Made' is the best thing I have heard from Darren Hayes. The music is amazing and honest. I have been a fan for 7 years and I have never been more excited during his career than towards this CD. It is who Darren truly is and he is finally able to express his true self through this CD. This CD exceeded my already high expectations. I cannot wait to hear the whole thing. I only need to hear the 30 second clips to know that this CD will be more amazing than CD in the world!!! LOVE YOU DARREN!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mr. Darren Hayes has done it again! This Delicate Thing We've Made is yet another magnificent piece by the super talented Darren Hayes, with amazing songs as "Listen All You People" which is my fave upbeat song in the album... so far, and I think it could have been an amazing 1st single, hopefully he will release it as a single! Great slower tunes like "Sing To Me" and "Who Would Have Thought" such amazing and inspirational songs! "The Sun Is Always Blining Me" love it! "The Future Holds A Lion's Heart" very good midtempo song!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Darren has matured after the release of the critically acclaimed " The Tension and The Spark" Songs like How to Built a Time Machine and Words makes you travel back in time in which you can relax and indulge with a cupcake and a cup of coffee without leaving your chair This album really emits a Positive vibe in which everyone can relate Overall, Darren Has Crafted An album which truly define what a "Masterpiece" is.
Guest More than 1 year ago
From Savage Garden to His New Material, I would like to say that: I like the New Stuff Better than the Old Stuff.I'm very pleased with his Evolution, even if he's been ditched, forgotten and Unloved. This is Darren Hayes Anthem. to get back from the scene and Introduce the Music into a whole new world. As a Musician, I know where to spot a Musical Genius. And this is it. Darren Hayes.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Best album yet. I was able to see Darren perform many of these songs during his more recent tour this year. I am nothing less than impressed by the uniquness and electric vibe that seemed to resignate in every song. I hope that for those people who are not already a fan and even for those who are but are thinking of passing this album up, please take the time to listen to this album. I swear if songs like Me Myself and I or This Delicate Thing We've Made doesnt spark something in you soul I don't know what will. xoxox Nikki
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is an art of it's own. You'll never hear anything like this from another artist or group. After hearing it through, I know now why it had to be on 2 discs. You must hear this!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago