This Is Smooth Jazz: The Box Set

This Is Smooth Jazz: The Box Set


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Instinct Records


Disc 1

  1. Uptown Groovin'
  2. Super-Real Feel  - Duncan Millar
  3. Unforgettable Feeling  -  Gota
  4. N'iceland  - Fredrik Karlsson
  5. Coast To Coast  -  Nite Flyte
  6. Coconut Kiss  -  V.I.P. Club
  7. Catch 22  -  Spice Cabinet
  8. So Low  - Johann Asmundsson
  9. Summer Strut  -  Yada Yada
  10. 'Nuff Said  - Chris Standring
  11. Coastal Route  -  Beatifik
  12. Crazy Horse  - Brian Tarquin

Disc 2

  1. Believe  -  James Taylor Quartet
  2. But You Don't Hear Me Though  - Preston Glass
  3. Everlasting  - Nigel Martinez
  4. Summer Rain  -  Gleeps
  5. My Baby  -  CFM Band
  6. Magic  -  Shakatak
  7. Joy and Pain  -  Count Basic
  8. Do It Right  -  Act of Faith
  9. First Class Love  -  A.J. & Company
  10. Heart Strings  - Cathi Ogden
  11. Think Twice  - Preston Glass
  12. So Cool  -  Esperito

Disc 3

  1. Mellow  -  Jazz Steppers
  2. Fly  -  Spice Cabinet
  3. Breathing Space  - Jill Saward
  4. Nightlife  - Martin Fuss
  5. Animal  - Woody Cunningham
  6. The Gift  - Jon Dalton
  7. For the Love of You  - Victor Haynes
  8. Two Doors Down  - Cal Rutherford
  9. From My Heart To Yours  -  Faranak
  10. Red  -  Exodus Quartet
  11. (and) It All Goes 'Round and 'Round  - Nicolas Bearde
  12. Das Land  -  No Sé

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Jarreau   Composer
Isley Brothers   Composer
James Taylor   Composer
Shakatak   Producer
George Anderson   Composer,Producer
Johann Asmundsson   Composer,Producer
Chris Bangs   Composer,Producer
Larry Batiste   Producer
Frankie Beverly   Composer
Tony Campbell   Composer,Producer
Woody Cunningham   Composer
Preston Glass   Composer,Producer
Eric Hilton   Composer,Producer
Fridrik Karlsson   Composer,Producer
Nigel Martinez   Composer,Producer
Mick Talbot   Composer,Producer
Roger Odell   Composer,Producer
Jill Saward   Composer,Producer
Matt Schwartz   Composer,Producer
Bill Sharpe   Composer,Producer
Gota Yashiki   Composer,Producer
David Ylvisaker   Composer,Producer
Reynald Deschamps   Composer,Producer
Ernie McKone   Producer
Megumi Matsuura   Composer
Gleeps   Producer
Duncan Millar   Composer
Brian Tarquin   Composer
Wolfgang Haffner   Composer,Producer
Martin Fuss   Producer
Philippe Kayser   Composer,Producer
Rodney Lee   Composer,Producer
Peter Legat   Producer
Cathi Ogden   Composer
Nicolas Bearde   Producer
Chris Standring   Composer,Producer
Arden Hart   Composer
Steve Christian   Producer
Jamie Odell   Composer,Producer
Aaron Wonesch   Composer
Pat Leacock   Composer,Producer
Jon Dalton   Composer,Producer
Victor Haynes   Producer
Andrea G. Rohlehr   Composer
James E. Rohlehr   Composer,Producer
Faranak   Composer
Pete May   Producer
Thomas Kruger   Composer,Producer
Oisin Little   Producer
Jill Seward   Composer
Bernard Ighner   Composer
Yo Watanabe   Composer
Noel Closson   Composer

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