This Is the Way We Eat Our Lunch: A Book about Children Around the World

This Is the Way We Eat Our Lunch: A Book about Children Around the World

by Edith Baer, Steve Bjorkman

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Children's Literature - Beverly Kobrin
To illustrate the cultures reflected in their favorite foods, suggest youngsters create a classroom version or this book. Ms. Baer's peek at the midday repasts of children worldwide. Whether the focus is lunch or any other meal, your children will enjoy creating rhyming couplets like Ms. Baer's, to wit: "Amma savors beans and rice - cooked with fish, they're twice as nice!"
Children's Literature - Dia Michels
This is an inviting title that promises a worldwide look at children and their lunches. Unfortunately the foods and the ways that people eat them are overshadowed by general scenes of the people and their surroundings. The premise is great, but the text and art together just don't work-a waste of a wonderful title.
Children's Literature - Gisela Jernigan
"Time for lunch! What will it be? Come along - let's taste and see!" With this cheerful rhyme, we are invited on a culinary trip that includes nine stops across the U.S., from chowder in Massachusetts to salad in California, and then moves to lunches in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Each destination is depicted by a full page spread and a brief, two-line rhyme showing a child eating typical food of the area. The lively, sketchy watercolors go well with the cheerful text of this multicultural tour for the very young. A map of the places visited, recipes for three of the dishes, and explanations of the other foods, are included at the end.
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
K-Gr 2-As they did in This Is the Way We Go to School (Scholastic, 1990), Baer and Bjrkman have again teamed up to broaden the horizons of youngsters, this time by introducing them to different cuisines from around the world. They follow the format of the earlier title, presenting two rhyming lines per location, beginning with various U.S. sites and then extending outward to Canada, South America, and so on. Additional features include a world map highlighting locations mentioned, three recipes, and a listing of dishes and types of cookery at the book's end. While the watercolor and pen cartoons are fine for conveying local flavor, they sometimes fall short of adequate depictions of some dishes, especially the gumbo, couscous, and Chinese dumplings. Sometimes the food is impossible to detect-the curry, pita bread, and Ghanan beans and rice are completely hidden within their pictures. Thus This Is the Way We Eat Our Lunch will be best presented if followed by further research or taste testing.-Claudia Cooper, Ft. Stockton Independent School District, TX
Linda Ward-Callaghan
Baer's sprightly rhyme canters on a lunchtime tour around the world through nine states, two Canadian provinces, and 11 countries. An appended world map charts the journey from clam chowder in Massachusetts and hot dogs at Coney Island through soufflein Quebec, plantains in Puerto Rico, couscous in North Africa, curry in India, and tempura in Japan. Food facts and recipes for fruit salad, hummus, and wild rice soup round out the book. Complemented by Bjx9a rkman's delicate, airy pen drawings washed in a wide palette of watercolor tones, the lively rhyme will appeal to a wide range of children, from toddlers who will relish the pictures to young students just beginning to savor the wider world.

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