This Side of the Gate

This Side of the Gate

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by John P. Johnston

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This Side of the Gate 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
John¿s book is great! A must read if you¿ve ever had any interest in your past lives and their relevance to the life you live today. I enjoyed the way John wove his past experiences together to walk the reader through the stories and see the meaning he found in each one. Each life is used to enrich the learning process and grow consciousness. It¿s profound if you can remember the past in this lifetime and be aware of your own growth and transformation.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Finally a book on reincaration that resonates with the soul. This is a life-changing book. The author skillfully poses important questions, and provides many answers wrapped in thrilling tales, leaving the reader contemplating the nature of life after death. After reading 'This Side of the Gate' I had several dreams which I am convinced represent memories from past lifetimes. Along with the 'Power of Now' this is the most thought-provoking book I have read in the last few years. Both books are hard hitting and challenge us to move towards soul-consciousness. Both of these authors inspire us to live with the highest ideals and dedicate ourselves to a life of service and gratitude for the miracle of life. One of the concepts that I found the most helpful was that no matter what mistakes we have made during the course of our lives, there is always another lifetime with opportunities to make amends. Beyond being a spiritual book, this book is full of swashbuckling adventure in the spirit of Wilbur Smith. My favorite chapters are the lifetimes of the warriors, which have the epic feel of Crouching Tiger Hidden Draggon and House of Flying Daggers. This book challenges us to live a deeper, more meaningful life, lest we get stuck on what Johnston calls the 'Wheel of Rebirth.' I highly recommend this fresh and fascinating book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a must-read for anyone captivated with the theory of reincarnation. The author takes us on a fascinating and profound spiritual journey via his previous incarnations which in turn trigger our own. I recognized myself in many of the author's situations, scenes etc. It was rather uncanny..(the familiarity of the oneness.) This book contains invaluable lessons as together with the author we flow in and toward all that is. The One!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Here is a page-turner about life after death. Reincarnation. A continuation of spirit in the lifetimes of 32 different, yet similar individuals. This Side of the Gate by John P. Johnston, is an unusually well-written novel that opens doors to self-discovery and minds to new consciousness. This Side of the Gate begins in Atlantis long ago and relates stories of recollection and revelation, good and evil, and life and death in that ancient kingdom. You will visit the Black Lodge who swore allegiance to Satan and the White Lodge, the religion most Atlanteans embraced with unbridled passion. You will bear witness, through Mr. Johnston¿s elegant prose, to the demise of this historic community and understand the reasons why. But before Atlantis disappeared 12,000 years ago, their people seeded other areas of Earth and these later generations each carried a little piece of the culture. Thus, author and visionary John Johnston was able to bring us tales from the Cro-Magnons at the dawn of civilization to the 100,000 Atlanteans who migrated to Egypt and helped design and build the Pyramids. This Side of the Gate takes the reader back to the times of dragons in China, and the origins of the Buddhist Culture in the Himalayas. We travel to Greece long before the Romans became a militarized force and to Japan way before the modern age. This Side of the Gate is a ¿...saga of one Soul who has been bound to the Wheel of Rebirth for thousands of years.¿ John P. Johnston has given us a new legend of two worlds, one on this side of the gate, and one on the other side. More, Mr. Johnston connects the two. Here is a book about relationships, then and now, with our environment, friends, relatives and God. In this reviewer¿s opinion, this novel is destined for the best-seller list! Richard Fuller Senior Editor
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is right up there with Autobiography of a Yogi in terms of Great Spiritual literature. It is categorised as Nonfiction but is infact semi-autobiographical. While writing about his past lives, Johnston manages to incorporate innumerable spiritual teachings and truths below the surface. This book will certainly withstand multiple readings over the years, and I can assure you that anyone who read it multiple times will get something new from it every time.