This Strange New Feeling

This Strange New Feeling

by Julius Lester

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More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA  See more details below


More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

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Children's Literature - Uma Krishnaswami
This edition honors the twenty-fifth anniversary of a book that remains astonishing in its beauty, a celebration of life even in the midst of the horrors of chattel slavery. Each of the pieces here (two short stories and a novella) is grounded in a true story. This commemorative edition includes a new preface in which Lester reminds us that we do not "need to understand to feel the pain of another." Love drives each of these tales in ways both gentle and powerful, strengthening bodies and clarifying minds. In the title story, a young man elaborately feigns capitulation then helps his love escape, and both take fearful risks in crossing that bridge to freedom. In "Where the Sun Lives," the gain and loss of both freedom and the loved one leads to poignant courage and dignity, with the capacity to transcend pain. In the final tale, the viewpoints of husband and wife are so closely linked they switch lightly, almost intangibly, back and forth. This is the story of Ellen and William Craft who escaped from slavery to become significant figures in the history of abolition. In places the writing feels less taut than the masterful prose we know from Day of Tears, yet its lyrical qualities remain compelling. These stories particularize and vivify a larger landscape through the lives they reveal. "We are people who live in history," Lester says, and in truth he takes us so deep into this world that we cannot help but be moved by its touch upon our souls.

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