Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

by Michael Anderson

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VOYA - Mary Ellen Snodgrass
A respectfully written and illustrated survey of Thomas Jefferson, Anderson's volume delves into the background and accomplishments of a founding father during the slavery era. Photos and sketches enliven the discussion of Jefferson's relationship with women, particularly daughter Patsy, friend Maria Cosway, and slave Sally Hemings. A map on p. 52 illustrates the wisdom of the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark's exploration of Oregon, while the explanation of party formation on p. 44 does little to clear up the meaning of "Republican," "Federalist," and "Democrat"—a chart of differences would have been more helpful. Glossing adequately explains pivotal terms, such as primogeniture, slander, Articles of Confederation, and dissension. Some flaws include the caption on p. 15 which makes no sense—there is no garden in the picture; the flow from p. 22 to p. 24 obscures a profound aspect of U.S. citizenship; and chapter 5 is missing a photo of Jefferson's horticultural projects and a portrayal of his respect for the American farmer. Overall, Anderson's text covers too much of the milieu and not enough of the presidency, especially memorable aphorisms and impact on federal documents. (Pivotal Presidents: Profiles in Leadership) Reviewer: Mary Ellen Snodgrass

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Pivotal Presidents: Profiles in Leadership
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