Three Days to A Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview

Three Days to A Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview

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by Lisa Lane

Large 8x11 book. 3 Days to a Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview is loaded with everything that you need to know to break into pharmaceutical sales. Readers of this step by step program will learn how to land interviews, impress managers, stand out from the crowd of applicants and start a career in pharmaceutical sales! Excerpts of the material have been printed in…  See more details below


Large 8x11 book. 3 Days to a Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview is loaded with everything that you need to know to break into pharmaceutical sales. Readers of this step by step program will learn how to land interviews, impress managers, stand out from the crowd of applicants and start a career in pharmaceutical sales! Excerpts of the material have been printed in over 30 newspapers including The Miami Herald, The Chicago Tribune, The LA Times, The Baltimore Sun, and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine. WHAT IS 3 DAYS TO A PHARMACEUTICAL SALES JOB INTERVIEW? 3 Days to a Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview is an amazingly effective step by step program which has been used by thousands to help them land pharmaceutical sales jobs worldwide. With the author�s insight, applicants learn how to shorten their job search, locate unadvertised job openings, get direct access to managers home addresses and email addresses, and learn how to effectively market themselves and their resumes for the attention that they deserve.....It�s a sure shot way to get your foot in the door! (Book purchase also includes free one on one job coaching! Simply email the author with any questions about pharmaceutical sales or your job hunt. She will usually respond to any questions within 24 hours)

3 Days to a Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview has helped thousands of applicants land interviews with top pharmaceutical companies.

This step by step guide, written by a 15 year veteran pharmaceutical consultant is loaded with "knock their socks off" tips to help job seekers stand out from the crowd and land interviews for pharmaceutical sales jobs.

Expert advice covers all areas of the pharmaceutical sales job hunt starting with a copyrighted step by step guide to landing interviews. (A guide in itself)

The guide book also addresses the basics of the job hunt including: frequently asked questions about the pharmaceutical sales job hunt, how to write a successful pharmaceutical sales resume, tips for writing e-resumes, resume samples, cover letter do's and don�ts, sample cover letters, phone interviews...what to expect, preparation for face to face interviews, questions to ask your interviewer, interview questions and answers, the brag book, career organizer worksheets, resume tracker, and resource pages. This comprehensive guidebook/workbook covers all the bases of the pharmaceutical sales job hunt. A must have for any job seeker in this competitive job market!

The traditional methods of seeking sales employment in the pharmaceutical industry are not the most effective simply because of the number of applicants per opening. The reality is that there is a need for an innovative approach to landing these dream jobs. 3 Days to a Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview is my tried and true innovative approach to landing pharmaceutical sales job interviews. Thousands have landed interviews with top companies using the step by step techniques that are in my book. I also offer a free email help line for those who need questions answered as they are following along with the program.

About the Author

Lisa Lane's 15 year pharmaceutical career started when she landed her first pharmaceutical sales position right out of college. Since then, she has been an award winning sales representative with 3 top pharmaceutical companies, a sales trainer, and promotional planner. Currently, she is a professional pharmaceutical sales consultant, author, and President of Drug Careers, Inc. She is recognized as an authority in her field and is the recipient of the Marketing Destiny Award for creative sales programs. She has served as pharmaceutical sales career expert for the career sections of many newspapers and periodicals, including Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, The L.A. Times, The Baltimore Sun, The Miami Herald, The Chicago Tribune, and over 20 others. She maintains daily contact with professionals in the industry, councels her customers, and devotes time to staying on top of current pharmaceutical news and information.

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James Bartley
This book was extremely helpful and worthwhile. It gave me some great ideas on how to market my resume for submission online. I didn�t realize that a whole separate set of rules apply to resume submission online!

I also followed the step by step advice to landing interviews and have a lot of excellent leads because of this book. It provides some very creative tips on how to get your foot in the door for interviews.

Dan Dick
This is the first interview that I have had (after searching for several months) and I am very excited.
....This book has put me right on track. This career change thing is going to happen! Thank you Lisa!
If you want to break into pharmaceutical sales, buy this book! This book is full of great information and also focused on ideas and suggestions on how to get the interviews. The other book that I bought didn�t cover this very important info.(If you have looked at all for a pharma sales position, you will know that getting the interviews is the toughest hurdle.

I had been looking for a pharmaceutical sales job for months and this book finally made the difference for me!! With it, I learned everything that I needed to know that related to my pharmaceutical sales job hunt....this book makes it happen! I now have a job with Novartis! Thank you Lisa!

R Caudano
I never thought I would have taken the approach suggested in this book to land interviews with pharmaceutical companies. It is a very effective approach that gets results. I have some great leads and have a phone interview with J and J this week as a result of reading this book.

The author also offers a free email help-line if you buy the book. I have used that and she has responded to all my questions within 24 hours. Definitely some great, creative, insight!

....I used the techniques in the book and, "BANG", I had 13 different leads in 20 minutes!!.....

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Three Days to A Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wow! I've had some great success with this book! I've got something in the works with three major pharmaceutical companies who have open positions they are looking to fill in the short term. Having someone on the inside scoping things out really makes a difference. With this book, I've gotten some information that I would never have ordinarily been able to find on my own or on the web.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lisa's book is exactly what I needed from the very beginning of my Pharmaceutical Search, had I had this book a month ago I would have landed at least 2 of the jobs that I interviewed with, with top 5 Pharmaceutical companies. The questions that were asked in my interviews are exactly the questions that were listed in her book, and unfortuneatly I did not have the correct answers then, but I sure do now. I truly beleive if I follow her step by step instructions. That landing another interview will not even be a question. I'm glad that I purchased it, it made all the difference in the world. Sincerely, Darci Mims
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've been trying to break into medical sales for about 3 months and have secured an interview at a major pharmaceutical company. I did not buy or use this book to get interviews, but the section regarding the likely interview questions and the 'right' answers were very helpful. When you haven't worked in pharmaceuticals, its hard to anticipate what a hiring manager is going to ask and what they want your answers to be. I think I'm going into this interview much better prepared than I would have been otherwise, especially since she gives helpful hints on what a day in the life of a pharmaceutical rep is like. The book covers all of the bases in the how to interview department. It even included a section on how to sell the interviewer a "pen" which is is usually required in these interviews. Also, a great section on situational interview questions and answers and a great comprehensive list of pharmaceutical companies and contact information. I highly recommend this excellent resource!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I saw an article in the LA Times that quoted the author of this book. She gave some great advice in just a few words so I decided to hunt for this book (which was also quoted in the article...thats how I found it) Anyway....after a long search, I finally found the book and ordered it. I must say, the book is full of great information. The tone of the book is very motivating and it is very interesting and fun to read. She gives a lot of her own experiences and insight. I am now well prepared and have alot of extra insight into this career. Everything that I needed to know is in the book. Well worth it
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is outstanding. It was a huge help when hunting for my pharmaceutical sales job. I was having not much luck at all in landing interviews until I found and bought this insightful book. Very informative and creative information and actually fun to read.