Three-Fisted Tales of Bob: Short Stories in the SubGenius Mythos

Three-Fisted Tales of Bob: Short Stories in the SubGenius Mythos

by Ivan Stang

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The SubGeniuses, followers of a satiric pseudo-religion, worship J. R. ``Bob'' Dobbs, the grinning, pipe-smoking salesman who, according to their legend, performs miracles, has sex with a four-ton giant slug and preaches a doctrine of ``slack'' (not being too disciplined). The myths of the SubGenii generally provide a platform for irreverent comment on government and religion. But this ragged collection of stories, all based on ``church'' lore, is devoid of literary merit. Many entries read as if they were stream-of-consciousness exercises assigned to male adolescents on LSD. Laser guns, spaceships, drugs, scantily clad women (``girls'') and penises (sometimes multiple or gigantic) are the dominant images. Time travel, conspiracy theories and flashing lights also figure prominently. Recommended for hardcore SubGeniuses only. Stang is the author of High Weirdness by Mail. Illustrations not seen by PW. (Feb.)

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