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Three for Avadar

Three for Avadar

4.1 6
by Steven Drennon
His brother's entire family is murdered by soldiers preparing for war against the country of Avadar. Now Bengar, a lone soldier of fortune, is determined to reach Avadar before the invading army to offer his sword, hoping to exact some measure of vengeance.

Torn between her desire to be her own person and her responsibility as the heir to the throne, Ariadne, the


His brother's entire family is murdered by soldiers preparing for war against the country of Avadar. Now Bengar, a lone soldier of fortune, is determined to reach Avadar before the invading army to offer his sword, hoping to exact some measure of vengeance.

Torn between her desire to be her own person and her responsibility as the heir to the throne, Ariadne, the only child of the king of Avadar, had hoped to find an education far away from Avadar. Now, with war eminent, she has been summoned home where she must decide in which direction her future will lead.

Mahri, a sorceress from the distant lands of Omhri, is in search of a mystical crystal that was secreted away by her father before he was murdered. With the crystal, anyone with magical powers would become immensely powerful. The sorcerer who murdered her father has spawned the army which is about to attack Avadar, believing that is where the crystal will be. Now Mahri must get there first to ensure that he does not corrupt the power of the crystal.

Three separate travelers, drawn together by chance, all destined for one place . . . Avadar!

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Three for Avadar 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anna del C for Readers Favorite Three in Avadar starts with a handsome and very experienced warrior, Bengar, who comes upon a woman named Ariadne and her two escorts who are under attack by highwaymen. After Bengar saves Ariadne from capture, she convinces him to take her to her kingdom where her father will pay handsomely for his services. He accepts since he is going there anyway. In the next town, they enter a tavern, which was a bad idea since the girl stands out, and many man are ready to kill Bengar to get to her. They find a new ally who helps them overcome that problem. Now Mahri, a young sorcerer from another race, is running with them. The three are going to Avadar for different reasons, but the battle they must win will tax them to new heights, and their destiny will bring them together at the end. The writing in Three for Avadar is simple and should be understood by anyone with basic English reading skills. The tale hasn't been overused, and the author did a good job with the theme. It has some repetition in it, yet not enough to make the book tiresome. A good editor should be able to clean and tidy it up easily into a great story. I congratulate the author for writing a tactful sex scene that adds, instead of distracting, from the story. There is also no bad language. I recommend this book to readers from young adults to adults alike. Well done!
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
In Three for Avadar its no surprise that three people meet up on the trail for Avadar. First Bengar is a warrior and hears sounds of fighting he heads over to where the fighting is. He sees Two soldiers on horse's fighting a group of seven thieves and trying to get to the lady they are protecting. Bangar steps in and helps defeat the thieves and is timing was great because the one soldier just died and by the time all the thieves are dead the last soldier died and Ariadne faints. Ariadne tells him her father is a merchant and will reward him for helping to get to avadar safely. Bengar is planning to go thier to join the army because who they are going to war with killed his brother and his family and he wants revenge. They come to a tavern and hope to spend the night but most of the people in their want thier money and Ariadne. Bengar ends up fighting most of the tavern but a person in cloak helps him to defeat them. Mahri is a sorceress who is on trail of a powerful object called the heart of Omhri that gives a lot of power to a sorcer. King of Omhri to protect it sent it away before it could be stolen before he died. So the three travel and when they to Avadar they realize who Ariadne is and they are each allowed to do what they want. It goes from action to action and keeps your focus on the story. It has love, vengence, hero's and villians. Good over evil. You care for Bengar,Ariadne and Mahri and want them to suceed in their goals. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
tammy_r More than 1 year ago
i enjoyed this book alot. it was well written and had great humor interwoven thruout the book. the main characters an eclectic bunch and all have great personalities that i had no trouble identifing with. the plot was also very good as it was not one of those that you had figured out 5 minutes into the book but it kept me guessing right up to the last pages. i would highly recommend this book to anyone that likes a fantasy genre or even someone looking for something different from their everday reads. they won't be disappointed.
JB_Pilot More than 1 year ago
Review of Three for Avadar by Steven R. Drennon Three for Avadar was a great read and fast paced story. Overall the author did a great job but I feel he could've developed the characters more. The story is based upon three travelers that meet each other along the way to Avadar. Where each character has a reason for being there. We learn just enough about each character as the story continue to keep us interested. Overall this book deserves a 4.5 out of 5 in my honest opinion. Many thanks to the author for writing a great book and allowing readers the chance to enjoy his writing.
Ravenswood_Reviews More than 1 year ago
STEVEN R. DRENNON'S "THREE FOR AVADAR" (REVIEW) This story was a wonderful fantasy tale about three unfortunate travelers that find their way into each other's company all bound for the land of Avadar. Along the way their tales are highlighted and some interesting things happen. Steven R. Drennon reminds me heavily of some of my most favorite fantasy authors such as R.A. Salvatore. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys fantasy stories with tons of action and magic. -Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud Book Club
theborneanbookworm More than 1 year ago
While I'm actually not a huge fan of epic fantasy, this book, in my honest opinion, had me turning pages one chapter after another. I found the book truly impressive in many ways and definitely much better than the author's debut. I wasn't sure whether it's me or the author had greatly improved, Three For Avadar had so many things I'd like to pinpoint but I fear that I might spoil my whole review and other readers' mood. To begin with, I truly loved how the book kept me engaged with its suspenseful starter; I must admit that the typical 'man-saves-a-beautiful-lady' starter really worked for me. It tickles my curiosity of wanting to know what eventually happen to the two, thus motivates me to read on. Even in his first book, I thought the author is frankly good with prose and played well with imagery. I was impressed by the flawlessness of its narration though I'm not an English teacher and English isn't my mother tongue at all. And although there weren't any thrilling twists added in the story, its straight-to-the-point storyline was something to be praised. At least, I didn't find the story heavy and draggy with outlandishness. As a final verdict, Steve Drennon had done a fairly good job with his second book which I enjoyed reading very much. I would definitely recommend this book to not only his fans, but also to epic-fantasy and romance lovers out there.