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Three Guys from Miami Celebrate Cuban (pb): 100 Great Recipes for Cuban Entertaining

Three Guys from Miami Celebrate Cuban (pb): 100 Great Recipes for Cuban Entertaining

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by Glenn Lindgren, Raul Musibay, Jorge Castillo

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“Miami masters of fun, good times, and easy-to-do Cuban.” —Southern Living Magazine

Every party starts with food—especially Cuban parties. Learn how to easily prepare some classic, and some not-soclassic Cuban dishes—all reinterpreted in the Miami style. In conversational style and banter, “The Guys” make cooking fun,


“Miami masters of fun, good times, and easy-to-do Cuban.” —Southern Living Magazine

Every party starts with food—especially Cuban parties. Learn how to easily prepare some classic, and some not-soclassic Cuban dishes—all reinterpreted in the Miami style. In conversational style and banter, “The Guys” make cooking fun, with recipes for delectable desserts, amazing appetizers,
savory soups, scintillating side dishes, great grill recipes, and some main dishes that will knock your socks off! You’ll be looking for excuses to make every day a party!

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Cuban Parties: Noche Buena—Christmas Eve

Jorge: In Cuba, a special thing happened each year on Noche Buena, the night before Christmas. Families and entire neighborhoods gathered and had a great feast.

Glenn: Cuban families include grandparents, uncles, brothers, second, third, and fourth cousins—basically anyone you’ve ever met who liked your jokes and complimented you on your food.

Raúl: Noche Buena parties were very large and there was always an abundance of food.

Glenn: Noche Buena means “good night.” It’s a time to celebrate life with good food, good music, and love. It is truly the most beautiful and heart-warming celebration of the entire year.

Raúl: The roasted pig was always the main attraction. Along with the pig, we had black beans, white rice, yuca con mojo, salad, and of course lots of Cuban bread.

Glenn: In the days before Christmas Eve, everyone started preparing desserts. Popular desserts included orange and grapefruit shells (cascos) in a heavy syrup and buñuelos—a type of fried sweet dough with syrup.

Jorge: We also had Spanish turrones (a nougat candy that comes in a large bar), cheeses, nuts, and lots of wine, beer, and sidra—Spanish hard apple cider.

Glenn: On December 23, they killed and cleaned the pig. The pig was doused with mojo and left to soak up all of this marinade throughout the night.

Jorge: December 23 was a day of hard work for the men and women because of all the preparations. However, it’s when the party got started, because everyone got together to help. Neighbors visited with each other and pitched in all during the day.

Raúl: On the 24th, it was time to get up early, set up the pigroaster, and begin roasting the pig. It’s when the parties really got cooking. When you walked from house to house, you could smell all the pigs roasting throughout the neighborhood.

Glenn: There are two groups of people celebrating Noche Buena—the “party givers” and the “party goers.” Some people had to stay home and host these elaborate parties, while others made the rounds from house to house enjoying many different celebrations in one evening and spreading holiday cheer.

Jorge: Many Noche Buena parties lasted until the early hours of the morning. One interruption in the party came when everyone went to the ‘misa del gallo’ or “Mass of the Rooster” at midnight.

Raúl: Of course, they call it this since it is celebrated so late at night.

Glenn: Once mass was over, many people returned to the parties for more food, drinks, dancing, and good times!

Jorge: Here in America, we have kept this tradition alive. Raúl hosts a traditional Noche Buena party each year at his home, complete with a big pig and all of the side dishes.

Raúl: It’s the biggest party of the year at our house!

Meet the Author

Glenn Lindgren first came to Miami in 1984 and fell in love with the city, the people, and the Cuban culture. A freelance writer by profession, Glenn documents the antics of the Three Guys From Miami™ in books and on the Internet. When not in Miami, Glenn and his wife live in Minnesota with their son and two daughters.

Raúl Musibay is a native Cuban and a full-time resident of Miami. Raúl is the goodwill ambassador of the group. Raúl and his wife, Esther, live in Miami’s Westchester neighborhood.

Jorge Castillo came to the United States from Cuba via the Mariel Boatlift in 1980. Jorge and his wife, Mary, live in Miami.

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Three Guys from Miami Celebrate Cuban: 100 Great Recipes for Cuban Entertaining 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These guys know what they're talking about! I love this book! I will use it time and time again :)
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved their first book, 'Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban.' I never expected a sequel. However, I saw this one online and knew I had to have it. It's got the same fun, hip, irreverent attitude. But the photography, wow! They really did a nice job with more than 50 pictures of great, mouth-watering dishes. This book is also a primer on Cuban culture. You'll learn all about the various celebrations that make up a Cuban year, from New Years Eve to Christmas Day and everything in between. The dishes are a combination of classic Cuban, some so firmly rooted in bedrock I doubt the Three Guys added many of their own twists, if any. However, most of the dishes DO bear the Three Guys unique touch. Even when they start with a classic, they always seem to improve on the recipe. Try making anyone else's recipe for Chicharrones de Pollo, and then try theirs. There is no comparison. They also present several dishes that are Latin or at least Latin inspired. For example, they have a great recipe for shrimp in a cilantro cream sauce that was a hit with my dinner circle. I believe the real secret to the Three Guys From Miami's success is their ability to make recipes that are oh-so-easy to follow. With a little humor (and an elbow to the ribs occasionally) they really make the whole process enjoyable. It's nice to read something that wasn't ghost written for one of the media darling chefs. If you are looking for a new direction for your next party, go Cuban! An excellent book and one that will forever remain in my collection.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great book. If you loved their first book as much as I did you will find this second book equally enjoyable as well as usefull. Great job guys!
Guest More than 1 year ago
A great selection and the best Cuban recipes the book has it all. Easy to do recipes and mouthwatering photography in fact the book has more than 80 full-color pictures. I also enjoy the unique sense of humor throughout the book. A most have for every kitchen.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Three Guys From Miami are back with their long-promised Cuban party book, 'Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban.' The Guys have collected the best recipes from a lifetime of Three Guys' parties and present them here in a fun and light-hearted book that truly celebrates the Cuban spirit. The book is both a guide to great party dishes and a primer on the Cuban holiday traditions that inspire them. The authors provide plenty of details about traditional Cuban celebrations -- everything from the Christmas holidays to birthday celebrations and Thanksgiving. The recipes follow the spirit of their first book, 'Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban,' with clear, easy-to-follow instructions that make creating spectacular dishes a snap. Recipe highlights include a simply wonderful guava cake, a refreshing take on tropical fruit cocktail, a delightful rice and seafood dish, a mixed salad that almost looks too good to eat, and some wonderfully complex soups brimming with exotic tropical flavor. Of course the book highlights many traditional dishes that are eaten during the various holidays, including two recipes for a Cuban-themed roast turkey. For backyard entertaining, the Guys supply several great recipes for the grill, including several pinchos (kebob) recipes that are unique and a snap to prepare. The book is organized by dish type, with the desserts in the front! The Guys obviously have their priorities in order and in a party book, why not? Like their first offering, this book is laced with plenty of Three Guy's humor. You might find yourself groaning at some of the punch lines, but this book will keep you laughing in the kitchen. All in all this is a fun and informative cookbook with great Cuban and Latin American recipes. I highly recommend it!