Three Masters of the Renaissance: Leonardo: Michelangelo: Raphael

Three Masters of the Renaissance: Leonardo: Michelangelo: Raphael

by Claudio Merlo, Sergio, Louis R. Galante, S. Bonini

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During the Renaissance, three Italian artists rose to prominence around the same time. By the close of the fourteenth century, they were known throughout Italy and other parts of Europe as well. Their lives intertwined with other important figures of the time. These artists and their patrons, such as the Medici family allowed them and others to practice their art through commissions. For example, Lorenzo di Medici sent Leonardo to the court in Milan where he designed a giant equestrian figure, created portraits, worked on urban planning projects, and developed a passion for science. Michelangelo caught the favor of Pope Julius II with his sculpture of David and was commissioned to design a tomb and later the Sistine Chapel murals. The pope also gave Raphael the opportunity to decorate several stanzes which he completed with help from apprentices in his workshop. The text describes the political climate of the period as well as information concerning historical figures. Many drawings and photographs of works of art are included.

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