Three of Spades

Three of Spades

4.5 13
by W. Ferraro

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Dylan Cross is the type of man that enjoys everything female, and enjoy it he does, but always on his terms. However, his terms are pushed to their limit when Natalie Parker proposes an offer; teach her and her delectable little body, all about sex and desire. There is one catch. He has to play the part of Natalie's madly in love boyfriend for her dying mother. Dylan…  See more details below


Dylan Cross is the type of man that enjoys everything female, and enjoy it he does, but always on his terms. However, his terms are pushed to their limit when Natalie Parker proposes an offer; teach her and her delectable little body, all about sex and desire. There is one catch. He has to play the part of Natalie's madly in love boyfriend for her dying mother. Dylan signs on, and finds that separating the two is harder than he thought. Natalie's days of shyness and lack of confidence come to a quick close as she learns what her body craves and demands in the bedroom. Soon, Dylan becomes the student as Natalie teaches him things he didn't even know he wanted. Will Hamden's notorious playboy, bachelor be able to keep calling the shots, or will he find that, he, himself, is just another player at the card game of life, as we all are?

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W. Ferraro
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Hamden Series , #2
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Three of Spades 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Blamjam More than 1 year ago
I had already had my eye on Dylan Cross when I "met" him in Three of Hearts. I was drawn to his witty one-liners and him being the playboy of Hamden, I knew I wanted to know his story. Natalie needed a business transaction. Dylan wanted to bed her and since that is what the little lady wanted, he was more than happy to oblige. There was something about her that intrigued him. Natalie was Dylan's polar opposite. She was a shy virgin who has never even been on a first date. She spends her days teaching kids and her nights caring for her dying mother, while Dylan was spending his nights bedding the beautiful woman of Hamden. What Dylan didn’t know was that this business deal would be just what he needs to make his heart whole and end his playboy ways. Her innocence drove him wild and tamed him at the same time. I loved watching Dylan settle down and put “his heart” on the line in a deal that started as an agreement, yet ended in their forever. Beautiful. This can be read as a series (#2 in series) or a standalone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
cheekychick13 More than 1 year ago
ARC Was Give To Blog For An Honest Review Dylan, don’t you just love that name? It reminds me of Dylan from 90210 when I was kid, and I was so in love with him, I even have a Dylan doll ( shh don’t tell anyone!).  It seems that I have fallen for many men named Dylan in the books I’ve read. Well if you have not read the first book in this series, Three of Hearts, please go back and do that. Why? Because you will want to read about this Dylan as soon as you can, but you have to meet him and learn more about him from book one to really understand him in his story. In this book, there is a twenty-eight year old virgin named Natalie, not many of those around anymore. I was quite amazed by that revelation. Dylan is (I really do love saying that name) the playboy, the love and leave them kind of guy, no commitments for him ever. NO WAY, NO HOW. Dylan thinks he is doing a good thing, helping the virgin. He is teaching her how to have sex, saving her from possibly asking someone else that could hurt her, He is also pretending to be in a relationship with her, for show to ease her dying mother’s wish to see her daughter happy.  Dylan is sweet with Nat, but oh does he teach her all the ins and outs (yes pun intended) of sex.  Natalie’s confidence grows and her beauty shines brighter. Dylan does not see it coming but Cupid hit him with the arrow piercing straight through his heart. If you’re looking for a book that will make you hot and bothered but you also enjoy great dialogue and storyline, you will love Three of Spades. You will get a happy ending, actually there are many happy endings in the book! Wink wink.
StacyN74 More than 1 year ago
OMG! This was AMAZING right from the start. Just can't say enough good things about it. Natalie is a shy, innocent kindergarten teacher who wants to taught about sex and make her dying mother think she has found true love. Dylan is the town playboy who is a hot, badboy who loves females and takes Natalie up on her offer to teach her everything about sex and desire. They both teach each other things and the story is just hot, sexy and full of emotion. It will have you breathing heavy one minute, laughing at the banter between characters the next and then grieving a second later. There is a lot of description in it which helps to make you feel like you have traveled to the small little town of Hamden.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Laugh, cry and then have your heart melt
Gina_M More than 1 year ago
“Natalie, you need to stop hiding behind me and your job and go put yourself out there if you don’t want to find yourself pitiful and alone”. Harsh words to hear from your mother! Gloria Parker was dying of cancer. Her and her daughter, Natalie, have a special bond and she knew her time was limited. She hated to be so mean to her daughter but she needed to make sure that Natalie would not be alone when she passed and if this gave her the push she needed, than Gloria felt that her scheme would be worth it. We all want what’s best for our children, but personally, I’m not so sure I would have been able to do this! Natalie, a kindergarten teacher, is a 28 year old virgin and has a very negative self image. A chance meeting at a local bar forces her to step out of her comfort zone and approach Dylan Cross with a business proposition. “I’d like to pay you to have sex with me.” Dylan Cross loves women and sex, he is a private person and the more you get to know Dylan the more you love him. He surprises himself with his feelings for Natalie and we get to see him become her knight and shinning armor and protector. It’s no wonder Natalie has such low self esteem when you get to know her brother’s and hear about her father. All Natalie wants is “to know what it’s like to be held in a man’s arms and to know I’m wanted both romantically and physically. Hence, if I am going to engage in such an affair, I want to make sure it’s full of occurrences and know-how that I can carry with me when I truly am alone.” Dylan’s sensitive side clearly comes out with Natalie. We see a new side to him that shows us that he is looking for his soul mate. He is envious of the relationship between Seth and Mae and I think he is truly looking for that same kind of love and happiness, even if he has a hard time convincing himself. The infamous bachelor becomes tamed when he finds the right woman!
IlovetoreadKS More than 1 year ago
The second book in the Hansen series is about Dylan Cross a ladies man who. Gets a offer like no other. Natalie is a school teacher who is Virgin and wants a fake relationship so her dying mother die in peace. This book was hot steamy and full of surprise . I love Dylan. You will love the Hansen hotties
Bex_n_Books More than 1 year ago
Reviewer: Brittany  Rating: 5 out of 5 Fairies  Oh, how I love Dylan. His niceness in Three of Hearts made me swoon for him and this book straight pulled out the rug from under me. I always thought he was like a knight in shining armor but I never dreamed he would be this yummy. He may be a womanizer, but he's a single bachelor, so what's the harm in having a little fun.  Poor Natalie man. She was suited with a horrible hand with the men in her life. It's no wonder she is a 28-year old virgin. I know I wouldn't trust my judgement with a father and brothers like that as role models. Sheesh. Talk about scum. I felt for her when her mamma was being so hateful, but I understood the reasoning. I'm sure no mother wants her child to always be alone like she was heading towards. She saw a problem rising with her mother and she found a unique way to solve it. And the steps she took to solve it floored me. She's got a major set of balls to offer Dylan a deal like she did. I literally had to place my tablet down, I was laughing so hard. She's so shy, but yet a confident sex siren all at the same time. She is the best of both worlds, and most guys wet dream I'm sure.  The relationship between her and Dylan had me swooning. He was so gentle with her in every manner. But yet domineering in a yummylicious way. He protected her from probable harm with her brothers and her mother. He was strong for her when she needed a shoulder to lean on. When everyone around her was putting her down. He even picked her back up whenever she put her own self down. When you are told something or treated a certain way for so long, eventually you are going to believe those cruel intentions. And believe she did, whole-heartedly unfortunately. From the very beginning, I saw that they were going to fall in love with each other. They had met their soul mates. And I'm glad that they discovered that before it was too late.  ****SPOILER ALERT**** The twist with Jones I didn't see coming. Call me naive or whatever, but I never connected the dots between RJ and Jones and I'm glad that she didn't get hurt in the end. Instead it honestly brought her and Dylan closer. I'm glad they got their happily ever after and the babies to boot. Twins! Whooda thunk it! And girls at that. Lord have mercy on those two girls when they start dating. Daddy gonna have a F-I-T! Disclosure: This book was provided by the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review.
Tazzy-TMH1 More than 1 year ago
Three of Spades I would to thank W. Ferraro for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I have to admit I prefer The Three of Spades to the Three of Hearts and was extremely happy to see that W. Ferraro didn’t have the same issue of overusing character names in this book. This is the story of Dylan and Natalie. I’ve got to say I LOVE Natalie. She may be shy, she may be inexperienced and she may embarrass herself to the point even I was embarrassed for her, but she’s also feisty and not a complete walk-over. With this book there is more suspense. The book has you wondering when things are going to happen and when they do, well they really do come from the left wing. The book flowed really well for me and I was able to loose myself in the story finishing it in a few hours. I like the way the book switches from different POV without confusing you and leaving you wonder whose head you’re in now. The dialogue between the characters is real and again this just drew me in. I loved the cameo roles that the characters from Three of Hearts played in this storyline and also the teaser of Wes and Lola. That has me hooked and impatiently waiting for the next book in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Of spadeclan
susank23 More than 1 year ago
First off, author W. Ferraro has a very distinctive writing style. She is SNEAKY and can weave very subtle hints, or clues into her story line of what is happening next, or what to expect out of the next book. Its difficult to explain, but she had clues ALL over Three of Hearts which I missed, and I am a very detailed person when reading. EXCELLENT JOB with having that ability-many writers do not. Her writing is easy to read and understand, allowing the reader to easily fall into character and enjoy the journey with the characters of the book. Three of Hearts was a TRUE romance story, as is Three of Spades.  Three of Spades is Book #2 in the Hamden Series, which follows Book #1, Three of Hearts. I will be perfectly honest, I LOVED, LOVED Three of Hearts; which is why I went onto Three of Spades. Three of Spades follows new Hamden Hottie, Dylan and naive Natalie, on their journey of finding more than what they bargained for. Dylan is a bad boy who likes sex-love em and leave em type of guy. Natalie is dealing with an overbearing/protective mother who is dealing with a health crisis and only wants to see her very single daughter, Natalie have herself a happily ever after.  I'm not about spoilers and will not go into the details, but I can say, these two are a lot like vinegar and oil. I enjoyed the book. Did I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it? No. Was Three of Hearts better? Yes. Spades had some editing issues; but this isn't the reason I didn't love it. Hearts captures, soothes and carefully mends the characters, where Spades almost gets their, but doesn't quiet accomplish what it seeks out to do. Spades is no different than many three part book series. Often times, Book #1 is FABULOUS, Book #2 is RUSHEd and Book #3 pulls it all together and KNOCKS it OUT OF THE BALL PARK!  I have confidence in this author, W. Ferraro, Book #3, Three of Diamonds to be released 2013, will be even better than Three of Hearts, which I fell in love with this author and the Hamden Boys.  YES! I would HIGHLY recommend Three of Spades, Three of Hearts and the soon to be released Three of Diamonds!!!
Gayle78 More than 1 year ago
I love this story. Dylan and Nat are great characters.  I love that Ferraro can make me feel the emotions that her characters do. I would recommend this book to any and everyone. And the steamy scenes are pretty awesome as well. *on the top of a Cuda...swoon*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago