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Three Score & Ten: A Voice to the People

Three Score & Ten: A Voice to the People

Topic Records is truly one of the world's musical treasures -- a company that has, for 70 years now, gathered, organized, described, and distributed recordings of folk singers, instrumentalists, ensembles, and songwriters from across the British Isles and beyond into Europe. If you've heard the music of the Watersons,


Topic Records is truly one of the world's musical treasures -- a company that has, for 70 years now, gathered, organized, described, and distributed recordings of folk singers, instrumentalists, ensembles, and songwriters from across the British Isles and beyond into Europe. If you've heard the music of the Watersons, Ewan MacColl, Martin Simpson, June Tabor, Eliza Carthy, Dick Gaughan, the Battlefield Band, or Shirley Collins, it's in large part due to the efforts of Topic's small but dedicated staff. Three Score & Ten compiles seven discs of material taken almost (but, weirdly, not entirely) from the Topic catalog and sticks them into the inside front and back covers of a handsome coffee-table book filled with priceless photos and a comprehensive label history. To listen through the whole set is to be both entranced and surprised: those who know the label mainly as a source of traditional English, Irish, and Scottish folk tunes may be a bit startled by the material from its earlier, radical period, and perhaps discomforted by some of that material as well. You don't have to be a card-carrying socialist to sympathize with Pete Seeger's call to union solidarity against fiendish bosses, but given what we know about the realities of the Soviet system it's a bit harder to sit through lusty renditions of "The Internationale" and "The Red Flag" without squirming. Also surprising to some listeners may be the occasional incursions of Eastern European folk melodies into what is largely a program of traditional fiddle tunes, ballads, and music hall fare. But that's a more salutary kind of surprise, and those whose tastes don't run to such foreign exotica will still find an almost overwhelming wealth of what they came to hear: Ewan MacColl making "Sixteen Tons" sound like it was written in Wales during the Thatcher administration (though he recorded it in 1956); piper Seamus Ennis keening his way thrillingly through "The Blackbird"; Brass Monkey reclaiming the village brass band tradition on "The Maid and the Palmer"; and, of course, the Watersons' heartbreaking rendition of the maritime tragedy "Three Score & Ten." Read along in the book while you listen and you'll come away, nearly eight hours later, with both a deeper understanding of the rich and varied folk traditions that Topic is dedicated to preserving and an almost awestruck appreciation for both the breadth and the quality of the label's work over the past seven decades.

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Release Date:
Topic Records


Disc 1

  1. The Humpback Whale @@Nick Jones
  2. Angi
  3. The Shaskeen Reel @@John Wright
  4. The Lancashire Toreadors
  5. Sullivan's March @@Pat Mitchell
  6. San Francisco Bay Blues
  7. Country Gardens @@William Kimber
  8. Tamlyn
  9. The Air for Maurice Ogg/Jumping Jack/The Air for Maurice Ogg
  10. Creeping Jane @@Joseph Taylor
  11. Wasps in the Woodpile
  12. Prince Heathen
  13. The Bonny Labouring Boy
  14. Rawtenstall Annual Fair
  15. Music for a Found Harmonium
  16. Bitter Sweet

Disc 2

  1. The Nut Dance @@The Britannia Coconut Dancers
  2. Spencer the Rover
  3. All Things Are Quite Silent
  4. Blackwater Side
  5. The Two Magicians
  6. Scan's Polkas @@Oak
  7. The Crafty Maid's Policy
  8. A Place Called England
  9. When in Die
  10. The Bold Princess Royal
  11. Hal-An-Tow
  12. We Shepherds Are the Best of Men
  13. The Rose of Britain's Isle/Glorishears
  14. Riding Down to Portsmouth
  15. Higher Germany @@Pheobe Smith
  16. The Ideal Schottische
  17. The Methody Parson
  18. The Maid and the Palmer @@Brass Monkey
  19. Hopping Down in Kent @@Louie Fuller
  20. The Devil and the Farmer's Wife

Disc 3

  1. The Rising Sun/The Pope's Toe
  2. The Waterford Boys
  3. The Banks of Red Roses
  4. Gillan's Apples/The Prize Jig
  5. Slieve Gallon Brae
  6. Paddy Ryan's Dream/Mamma's Pet
  7. My Irish Molly O
  8. The Blackbird
  9. The Factory Girl
  10. Roaring Mary/The Old Torn Petticoat
  11. Spailpina Rún
  12. The Choice Wife @@Williw Clancy
  13. The Tinker's Old Budget
  14. Padraig O'Keefe's/Con Cassidy's
  15. Dowd's Favourite
  16. Wife of the Bold Tenant Farmer
  17. The Music in the Glen/The Greenfields of America @@The O'Halloran Brothers
  18. The Knight Templar's Dream
  19. The Yellow Tinker/The Humours of Scarriff
  20. He Rolled Her to the Wall
  21. The Heather Breeze/The Traveller
  22. The Patriot Game
  23. The Belfast Hornpipe/The Rights of Man
  24. Bridie Morley/Duignan's Favourite @@Packie Duignan

Disc 4

  1. Miss Drummond of Perth/Fiddler's Joy/Traditional Reel
  2. Come All Ye Fisher Lasses
  3. Queen Among the Heather
  4. Cullen Bay/Jig O'Slurs/Seagull
  5. Wi My Roving Eye
  6. Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk
  7. Soldier's Joy
  8. The Dowie Dens of Yarrow
  9. Erin Go Bragh
  10. Young Jimmy Foyers
  11. Kempy Kaye
  12. Lady Eliza @@Winnie Campbell
  13. Tilley Plump/Auld Foula Reel/Oot and in Da Harbour
  14. Herd Laddie O' the Glen
  15. The Fireman's Not for Me
  16. Dance with Me, Morag @@Isabel Sutherland
  17. The Wind That Blew the Bonnie Lassie's Plaidie Awa'
  18. MacCrimmon's Lament
  19. The Gallant Forty Twa
  20. The Twa Corbies
  21. Boulavogue
  22. The Wandering Piper @@John Burgess

Disc 5

  1. Unity (Raise Your Banners High)
  2. The Dominion of the Sword
  3. The Sun Is Burning @@Ian Campbell
  4. Go Down Ye Murderers
  5. Police Patrol
  6. Two Tears
  7. Never Any Good
  8. Both Sides of the Tweed
  9. Georg's Son
  10. Reconciliation
  11. Stumbling On
  12. Acceptable Losses
  13. Ships of Shame @@Steve Ashley
  14. The Land of Three Rivers
  15. No Telling @@Linda Thompson
  16. Dust
  17. Two-Fisted Heroes

Disc 6

  1. The Man That Waters the Workers' Beer @@Paddy Ryan
  2. Taking Union Blues
  3. Joe Hill
  4. Masters of War
  5. The Red Flag @@Bob Smith's Ideal Band
  6. The Blackleg Miners
  7. No Power on Earth @@Billy Bennett
  8. The Internationale @@The Topic Singers & Band
  9. To the Begging I Will Go
  10. The Hand-Loom Weaver's Lament @@Harry Boardman
  11. The Rigs of the Time
  12. Greedy Landlord @@Stan Kelly
  13. Time to Ring Some Changes @@Richard Thompson
  14. Sixteen Tons
  15. The Peat-Bog Soldiers @@Ian Campbell
  16. Aa'm Glad the Strike's Done
  17. Three Score and Ten
  18. Dirty Old Town
  19. The Liverpool Barrow Boys @@Spinners
  20. The Weaver's March @@The Celebrated Working Men's Band
  21. We Poor Labouring Men
  22. Perfumes of Arabia
  23. Hot Asphalt

Disc 7

  1. Skye Crofter's/The Swallow Tail
  2. While Gamekeeper's Lie Sleeping
  3. Boi Se Otvori @@Roza Tsetkova
  4. Barleycorn
  5. The Girl on the Greenbriar Shore
  6. The Happy One-Step/Green Willis
  7. Clyde Water @@Nick Jones
  8. Baranca
  9. Georgie @@Levi Smith
  10. Jenny Lind
  11. Worcester City
  12. Talking Dustbowl Blues
  13. Kaba Vençe
  14. The Green Banks of Yarrow
  15. Johnny, Will You Marry Me?
  16. Hamburger - Polka Fra Hardanger @@Vestlandsgruppa
  17. Hedger and Ditcher
  18. Burren No. 1/Chris Droney's Favourite
  19. Nna Hamu
  20. Little Sadie
  21. Fulmine @@Andy Cutting "Blowzabella"
  22. No One Stands Alone @@Blue Murder

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jesse Fuller   Guitar,Vocals
Paul James   Bagpipes,Soprano Saxophone
Alistair Anderson   Concertina,Northumbrian Smallpipes
Peter Bellamy   Concertina,Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Kevin Burke   Fiddle
Martin Carthy   Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals,Voices
Shirley Collins   Voices
Jackie Daly   Accordion
Seamus Ennis   uillean pipes
Archie Fisher   Guitar,Vocals
Cilla Fisher   Voices
Ray Fisher   Voices
Dick Gaughan   Guitar,Vocals
Frank Harte   Voices
Joe Heaney   Voices
Andy Irvine   Bouzouki
Ron Kavana   Bouzouki,Guitar,Vocals
John Kirkpatrick   Accordion,Vocals,Button Accordion
Sam Larner   Voices
Ewan MacColl   Voices
Dave Swarbrick   Fiddle
Scan Tester   Concertina
Roy Harris   Voices
Maddy Prior   Vocals
Peggy Seeger   Dulcimer,Guitar,Concertina,Vocals
Pete Seeger   Banjo,Voices
June Tabor   Vocals,Voices
Paul Robeson   Voices
Clive Gregson   Guitar,Background Vocals
Bob Smith   Drums
Andy Bown   Bass
Andrew Cronshaw   Concertina,Human Whistle
Davy Graham   Guitar
Ian Hardie   Viola
Tom Paley   Voices
Martin Simpson   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Voices,Lap Steel Guitar
Peta Webb   Fiddle,Voices
Cathal McConnell   Flute
Hugh Gillespie   Fiddle
Dan Sullivan   Piano
Margaret Barry   Banjo,Voices
Rod Stradling   Melodeon
Paddy Tunney   Voices
Bobby Casey   Fiddle
Aly Bain   Fiddle
Leon Rosselson   Guitar,Voices
Vin Garbutt   Guitar,Vocals
Sarah Makem   Voices
Tomas Lynch   tin whistle
Louis Killen   Voices
Dan Ar Bras   Guitar
Frankie Armstrong   Voices
Jim Boyes   Vocals
Jim Bray   Double Bass
Anne Briggs   Guitar,Voices
Martin Brinsford   Percussion,Saxophone
Bill Caddick   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Cheetham   Trombone
Jenny Clarke   Dulcimer
Dolly Collins   Portative Organ
Christine Collister   Background Vocals
Andy Cutting   Accordion (Diatonic),Melodeon
Brian Daly   Guitar
Bob Davenport   Voices
Alan Dunn   Piano,Accordion,Human Whistle,Piano-Accordion
Robin Dunn   Mandolin
Nigel Eaton   Hurdy-Gurdy
Alf Edwards   Concertina
Mark Emerson   Violin,Viola
Tony Engle   Anglo Concertina
Howard (Jimmy) Evans   Trumpet
Peter Filleul   Keyboards
Jo Freya   Saxophone,Vocals
John Gahagan   Human Whistle
Paul Gross   Fiddle
Sue Harris   Oboe,Vocals
Stewart Isbister   Electric Bass
Fred Jordan   Voices
Bill Leader   Drums
Chris Leslie   Fiddle
Lev Liberman   Alto Saxophone
Mark Lockheart   Saxophone
Jeff Lowe   Human Whistle
Dave Mattacks   Drums
Arty McGlynn   Guitar
John McCusker   Cittern
Ruari McFarlane   Electric Bass
Brian McNeill   Fiddle
Dudley Phillips   Double Bass
Michael Plunkett   Fiddle
Alan Reid   Keyboards
Colin Ross   Fiddle
John Tams   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Foot Percussion
Graeme Taylor   Dobro,Electric Guitar
Huw Warren   Piano,Keyboards
Lal Waterson   Vocals
Mike Waterson   Vocals,Voices
Hedy West   Voices
Bill Whelan   Keyboards
Chris Wood   Fiddle
Royston Wood   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Terry Woods   Concertina
Pete Zorn   Flute,Penny Whistle
A.L. Lloyd   Voices
Ged Foley   Guitar
Chris Parkinson   Melodeon
John Skelton   Human Whistle
Ian Blake   Bass
Dave Clewlow   Piccolo Trumpet
Laurie Harper   Violin
Lee Nicholson   Concertina,Vocals
Tom Willet   Voices
Eliza Carthy   Fiddle,Violin,Vocals
Kate Rusby   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Bob Diehl   Fiddle
Isla Cameron   Voices
Phil Nicholl   Vocals
Jim Sutherland   Percussion
Mike Carthy   Vocals
Martin Dunn   Flute,Human Whistle
Andy Schofield   Saxophone
Norma Waterson   Vocals
Nancy Kerr   Violin,Viola,Background Vocals
Dominic Behan   Voices
Len Graham   Voices
Jim McCann   Fiddle
Gordeanna McCulloch   Voices
Rod Paterson   Trumpet,Mandola
Seamus Tansey   Flute
Barry Coope   Keyboards,Vocals
Jim Barnes   Cittern
Dave Philips   Voices
Norman Chalmers   Piano
Duncan MacGillivray   Bagpipes
Ron Copper   Voices
Ben Ivitsky   Viola
Murty Rabbett   Voices
Barnaby Stradling   Double Bass
Barney Strachan   Organetto
Jeannie Robertson   Voices
Miko Russell   Flute
Johnny Handle   Accordion,Voices
Don Mackay   Melodeon
Mark Bassey   Trombone
Sean Mac Donnchadha   Voices
Saul Rose   Vocals,Melodeon
Sheila Stewart   Voices
Jim Eldon   Human Whistle
Andy Seward   Electric Bass,5-string Banjo
Jeffrey   Guitar
Jack McKenna   Guitar
Iain Dixon   Bass Clarinet
Jim Rattigan   French Horn
John Howarth   Vocals
Harry Cox   Voices
Sean O'Shea   Fiddle
Levi Smith's Clefs   Voices
Richard Fox   Tuba
Richard Iles   Trumpet
Sylvia Barnes   Dulcimer
Lorna Campbell   Voices
Bob Copper   Voices
Rosie Cross   Dulcimer
John Dunkerley   Banjo,Voices
Jack Daly   Accordion
Walter Pardon   Voices
Chris Droney   Concertina
Joe Flanagan   Voices
Reg Hall   Piano,Melodeon
Trevor Hunter   Fiddle
Billy Pigg   Northumbrian Smallpipes
Belle Stewart   Voices
Norman Kennedy   Voices
Oliver Knight   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Pete Flood   Drums
Hysen Zizolli   Accordion
John Doonan   Human Whistle
Davie Stewart   Accordion,Voices
John Croall   Trombone,Vocals
Lester Simpson   Vocals
Maria Gilhooley   Vocals
Sandy Stanage   Banjo
Keith Angel   Drums
Martin "Nobby" Clarke   Melodeon
Tim van Eyken   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Jon Boden   Fiddle,Violin
John Elijah Wright   Jew's Harp,Jaw Harp
John Rea   Dulcimer
John Spiers   Melodeon
Refki Taho   Clarinet
Ahmet Metolli   Drums
Nikola Robanovski   Violin
Patrick Mitchell   uillean pipes
Ian Manuel   Voices
Roger Williams His Piano and Orchestra   Trombone,Tuba
Neil Nolan   Banjo
Tony Corcoran   Fiddle
Mary Ann Carolan   Voices
Jimmy McBeath   Voices
Johnny G.   Guitar,Vocals
John B. Spencer   Guitar,Vocals
Hughie Jones   Voices
Dessie O'Halloran   Fiddle
Willie Scott   Voices
Bryce Anderson   Piano,Accordion
Donald Hay   Percussion,Drums
Trevor Stewart   uillean pipes
Ian & Lorna Campbell   Voices
John Harrison & The Hustlers   Vocals
Kelly, Stacey and Smith   Voices
Alison McMorland   Voices

Technical Credits

Jesse Fuller   Composer
Paul James   Producer
Alistair Anderson   Composer,Producer
Peter Bellamy   Arranger,Producer
Boys of the Lough   Producer
Martin Carthy   Arranger,Composer,Lyricist,Producer
Shirley Collins   Arranger
Dick Gaughan   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Frank Harte   Arranger
Ron Kavana   Composer,Producer
John Kirkpatrick   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Ewan MacColl   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Dave Swarbrick   Arranger,Producer
Percy Grainger   Engineer
Woody Guthrie   Composer
Maddy Prior   Arranger
June Tabor   Arranger
Bob Dylan   Composer
Andrew Cronshaw   Arranger,Producer
Davy Graham   Composer
Ian Hardie   Arranger
Martin Simpson   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Peta Webb   Arranger
Cathal McConnell   Arranger
Margaret Barry   Arranger
Aly Bain   Arranger
Vin Garbutt   Composer,Producer
Frankie Armstrong   Arranger
Dave Bland   Engineer
Jim Boyes   Producer
Jerry Boys   Producer
Paul Brown   Producer
Bill Caddick   Composer
Jenny Clarke   Arranger
Dolly Collins   Arranger
Bob Davenport   Composer
Tony Engle   Producer
Peter Filleul   Producer
Edward Haber   Producer
Maggie Holland   Composer
Simon Jeffes   Composer
David Kenny   Producer
Bill Leader   Producer,Engineer
Brian McNeill   Arranger
Robin Morton   Producer,Engineer
John Ravenhall   Producer
Alan Reid   Arranger
John Tams   Composer,Producer
Lal Waterson   Composer,Producer
Mike Waterson   Arranger
A.L. Lloyd   Producer
Ged Foley   Arranger
Chris Parkinson   Arranger
Bobby Pridden   Producer
John Skelton   Arranger
Ian Blake   Arranger
Dave Clewlow   Arranger
Laurie Harper   Arranger
Eliza Carthy   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Austin John Marshall   Producer
Nancy Kerr   Arranger
Dominic Behan   Composer
Rod Paterson   Arranger
Riccardo Tesi   Composer
Phil Smee   Art Direction
Norman Chalmers   Arranger
Duncan MacGillivray   Arranger
Ben Ivitsky   Composer,Producer
Neil Wayne   Producer
Johnny Handle   Composer
Saul Rose   Arranger
Paul Carter   Engineer
Ian Duncan   Composer
David Suff   Producer,Liner Notes
Mike Yates   Engineer
Hamish Henderson   Engineer
Peter Kennedy   Engineer
Rosie Cross   Arranger
Traditional   Composer
Dave Kenny   Producer
Billy Pigg   Arranger
Belle Stewart   Arranger
Oliver Knight   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Pete Flood   Arranger
John Croall   Arranger
Frank Purslow   Engineer
Tim van Eyken   Arranger,Producer
Ken Stubbs   Engineer
John Rea   Arranger
Rolly Brown   Producer
John B. Spencer   Composer,Producer
Donald MacLeod   Composer
Willie Scott   Composer
Trooper D. Richardson   Arranger
Alison McMorland   Arranger

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