Through a Faraway Window: A Tribute to Jimmy Silva

Through a Faraway Window: A Tribute to Jimmy Silva


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Steadyboy Records


  1. Intro/Carnival Barker
  2. Waking Up  - Dennis Diken
  3. All the Places  - Sal Valentino
  4. I've Got Time  -  Flywheels
  5. People Standing In a Line  -  Minus 5
  6. Need I Know  - John Wesley Harding
  7. Spontaneous Entertainment
  8. Big House  -  Roy Loney & the Longshots
  9. Man of the Cloth  - Christy McWilson
  10. Doesn't Matter At All  - Chris Eckman
  11. I'll Never Go To Sea Again  -  Bill Rivers Trio
  12. For the Love of Land  - Jim Hrabetin
  13. City of Sisterly Love  - Jon Auer
  14. Tin Whistle and a Wooden Drum  -  Freddie Steady 5
  15. We Want the Empty Set
  16. Fair Exchange  -  Young Fresh Fellows
  17. Train Crossing
  18. May the Second  -  Flywheels
  19. Robot Men From the Void of Space  - Jimmy Silva
  20. St. Catherine's Statue  -  Minus 5
  21. Through a Faraway Window  - Chris Eckman
  22. The Branch  -  Jigsaw Seen
  23. Kate of the Human Race  -  Young Fresh Fellows
  24. Tell It To the Raven  - Joey Kline
  25. For the Masses  - Jimmy Silva
  26. Christmas is Holy  - John Wesley Harding
  27. Grease the Wheel  - Sal Valentino
  28. A Fine and Private Place  - Eddy Irvine
  29. Jim Silva Ad

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Wesley Harding   Acoustic Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Scott McCaughey   Organ,Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Harmonica,Percussion,Piano,Drums,Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals,Mellotron
Mark Andes   Bass Guitar
Jon Auer   Sounds
Emily Bishton   Background Vocals
Kurt Bloch   Guitar
Chuck Carroll   Guitar
Jed Critter   Background Vocals,12-string Guitar
Layton DePenning   Bass,Electric Guitar
Dennis Diken   Drums,Glockenspiel,Vocals,Background Vocals,sleigh bells
Tad Hutchinson   Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals
Hugh Jones   Bass
Bradley Kopp   Guitar,Background Vocals
Freddie "Steady" Krc   Acoustic Guitar,Drums,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Roy Loney   Vocals
Christy McWilson   Vocals,Background Vocals
John Olufs   Guitar,Vocals
Riley Osbourne   Keyboards
Jim Sangster   Bass
Jimmy Silva   Vocals,Background Vocals,12-string Guitar
Conrad Uno   Bass,Percussion,Tambourine,Background Vocals
Sal Valentino   Vocals
Jim Babjak   Electric Guitar
Walt Singleman   Bass
Paul Skelton   Guitar (12 String Electric)
Johnny Sangster   Organ,Bass,Background Vocals
Brent Pennington   Drums
John Moremen   Acoustic Guitar,Drums,Background Vocals
Jim Hrabetin   Bass,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Chris Bolger   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Bouzouki,Background Vocals
"Waco" Jack McVey   Drums
Patterson Barrett   Keyboards
Joe Adragna   Drums
Martin McClellan   Electric Guitar
Richard Mockler   Keyboards
Joey Kline   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals
Graham Black   Drums
Ernie Sapiro   Electric Guitar
Eddy Irvine   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Dave Carothers   Drums
Blackie Sheep   Drums,Vocals
Bill Jedrzejewski   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Hurdy-Gurdy
Bill "Coach" Walters   Drums
Matt Keller   Bass
Kim Wonderley   Vocals
Todd Krake   Acoustic Guitar,Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Scott McCaughey   Composer,Engineer,Photo Courtesy
Jon Auer   Instrumentation
Layton DePenning   Engineer,Mastering
Dennis Diken   Producer
Chris Eckman   Producer
Bradley Kopp   Producer
Freddie "Steady" Krc   Producer
Peter Mew   Mastering
Jim Sangster   Producer
Jimmy Silva   Composer
Conrad Uno   Producer,Engineer
Chris Xefos   Engineer,Mastering
Dave Amels   Producer
Jud Cost   Producer,Liner Notes
Dennis Davison   Producer,Personnel
Teddy Freese   Personnel
Jonathan Lea   Producer,Personnel
Dennis Loren   Photo Courtesy
Johnny Sangster   Producer
Jim Hrabetin   Producer,Engineer
Chris Bolger   Producer
Tom Currier   Personnel
Alexandra Fisher   Graphic Assistant
John Montrose   Photo Courtesy
Kim Wonderley   Photo Courtesy

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