Through the Eyes of Social Science / Edition 3

Through the Eyes of Social Science / Edition 3

by Frank Zulke

ISBN-10: 0881330957

ISBN-13: 9780881330953

Pub. Date: 08/01/1984

Publisher: Waveland Press, Inc.

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Waveland Press, Inc.
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Table of Contents

Pt. IIntroduction1
1Science and Social Science, Pro and Con3
2Lost on the Planet Earth7
3Science, the Scientific Method, and Research Designs in the Social Sciences11
Pt. IISeeing the Social Sciences33
4Psychology: Observable Behavior and Internal Processes35
5Sociology: Human Behavior in a Group and Societal Context49
6Anthropology: Evolution and Culture56
7Political Science: The Study of Governing62
8Economics: Limited Resources and Unlimited Needs66
9History: The Study of the Past71
10Geography: The Discipline with a Persistent Spacial Perspective81
Pt. IIIThe Foundations of Social Science: Historical Philosophical and Social87
11European Foundations of Social Science91
12Objectivity in Social Science: Beyond European Assumptions105
13Scientific Principles and Their Social Consequences111
Pt. IVResearch through Deception123
14Pathology of Imprisonment125
15If Hitler Asked You to Electrocute a Stranger, Would You?134
16Research Through Deception148
Pt. VHuman and Sociocultural Evolution163
17Evolution and Natural Selection: The Human Animal's Tale165
18One Giant Step for Mankind179
19Types of Societies: Sociocultural Evolution187
Pt. VICustoms and Cultures207
20Body Ritual among the Nacirema211
21Lest Ye Be Judged: Ethnocentrism or Cultural Relativism217
22The Sounds of Silence228
23What Hunters Do for a Living or, How to Make Out on Scarce Resources239
24Eating Christmas in the Kalahari255
25Chinese Table Manners: You Are How You Eat263
Pt. VIIAmerica: Its Ethnic History275
26One Hundred Percent American277
27All Mixed Up: Ethnicity in American Life280
28Ethnicity in American Life: The Historical Perspective302
Pt. VIIIAmerica: Do Race and Ethnicity Still Matter?313
29American Diversity and the 2000 Census315
30An End to Counting by Race?328
31Beyond Black/White: The Racisms of Our Time336
Pt. IXFamily and Education: Two Basic Institutions349
32The American Family353
33African American Families: A Legacy of Vulnerability and Resilience361
34What's Ahead for Families367
35Gender and Myth: Data about Student Performance380
36Look Homeward, Parents394
Pt. XHuman Nature and Personal and Gender Identities409
37Why Do We Do What We Do?: A Freudian and Skinnerian Overview411
38Erik Erikson's Eight Ages of Man419
39Rethinking Puberty: The Development of Sexual Attraction437
40Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation448
41Shattered Innocence460
42The American Indian Berdache and Other Third Genders467
43The Evolving Interface between Feminism and Women of Color481
Pt. XIPoverty: Causes and Consequences495
44Families in Poverty in the 1990s: Trends, Causes, Consequences, and Lessons Learned499
45Toward a 24-Hour Economy521
46The Bare Minimum526
48The Uses of Poverty: The Poor Pay All550
Pt. XIIMinorities and Mobility557
49Driving While Black: A Statistician Proves That Prejudice Still Rules the Road561
50Necessary Dreams567
51Immigration to the Burn Zone575
Pt. XIIIPopulation, Aging, and Crime: Creating the Future589
52Impacts of Population Growth591
53Fourteen Forecasts for an Aging Society601
54Preventing Crime: The Promising Road Ahead612
Pt. XIVGlobalization: Threat or Opportunity?621
55Globalization and the Social Sciences623

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