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Through the Fire (First Responders Book #1)

Through the Fire (First Responders Book #1)

4.1 95
by Shawn Grady

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Firefighting burns in Aidan O'Neill's blood. The son of a fireman, O'Neill has a sixth sense about fire and often takes dangerous risks. When one act of disobedience nearly gets a rookie killed, O'Neill is suspended. His weeks off are supposed to be a time to reflect but instead he escapes to Mexico, where another rash act of bravery actually kills him. But only for a


Firefighting burns in Aidan O'Neill's blood. The son of a fireman, O'Neill has a sixth sense about fire and often takes dangerous risks. When one act of disobedience nearly gets a rookie killed, O'Neill is suspended. His weeks off are supposed to be a time to reflect but instead he escapes to Mexico, where another rash act of bravery actually kills him. But only for a few minutes.

Called back to Reno, he's now haunted by visions of hell and paralyzed in the face of fire. And at the worst time, because an arsonist is targeting Reno. With a growing love interest with one of the investigators complicating everything, Aidan must discover where his trust rests as the fires creep ever closer.

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The author's descriptive, imaginative word pictures help recreate life and death situations in Through The Fire. Shawn Grady's debut novel is an exploding blend of extreme action, sweet romance, and constant danger, to say the least.
—Dale Lewis

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First Responders , #1
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Meet the Author

Shawn Grady has served for more than a decade as a firefighter and paramedic in Reno, Nevada. The line of duty has taken him from high-rise fires in the city to the burning heavy timber of the eastern Sierras. He now lives with his wife and three children in southern Reno. This is his debut novel.
Shawn Grady has served for more than a decade as a firefighter and paramedic in Reno, NV, where he lives with his wife and three children. Named the "Most Promising Writer" at the 2008 Mt. Hermon Writers Conference, he is the author of Through the Fire. Visit his website at shawngradybooks.com.

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Through the Fire 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 95 reviews.
Christine Ramirez More than 1 year ago
This was a very exciting novel. I am looking forward to reading his other books. It was hard to understand some of the fireman terminology but the story was so interesting, I would just skim over it. I was shocked to find out who the arsonist was! It was very well written. It opened my eyes to the bravery and selflessness of the fireman. May God keep them safe.
PreacherManRM More than 1 year ago
I have to admit that I haven't bought too many Christian fiction books because I think they could be too "preachy." That is not the case with this book. You know God is there, but the author does not force Him into the story (think the book of Esther in the Bible where God is not mentioned). I noticed the book because of it's cover and picked up. The description on the back cover hooked me and I was certainly not disappointed. Because of the author's writing style, I found myself reading "just a few more pages." Because of this, I finished it in 2 days. Not knowing anything about firefighters was not be a problem with this book. The author does a good job describing the day-to-day routines that goes on in a firehouse without being tedious. The action scenes were excellent. I felt as if I were there fighting the fires myself. The twist at the end with the revelation of who the mystery arsonist is was something I did not see coming and just made the book even better.
Lynn Gamble More than 1 year ago
Great Book. Kept you on your toes. Loved the essence of God with him throughout the book. So real to life Christian walk. Thank you Shawn Grady!
jakibookworm More than 1 year ago
Was on the edge of my seat till the last page....totally blindsided with the culprit
Maggie Stinson More than 1 year ago
Very good book... kept me interested the whole way through. Would definitely recommend this book and read this author again!
TBCN More than 1 year ago
Wow, I just finished reading Through the Fire. I'm thankful for the review copy of this fascinating, enlightening book. I realized how clueless I was as to what firefighters go through day-in and day-out to save peoples lives and risk their own! It's astounding! Only someone who's been in a firefighter's shoes could show the realistic side of this demanding, sacrificial job that most of us take for granted. Shawn Grady's been in the fire as a firefighter in Reno, for many years, which gives him a unique perspective. As I read, I felt as if I were in Aiden's skin and the enemy he faced. Shawn describes fire, "The fire danced. It mocked. It shot from the room with wicked lit fingers, clawing and scratching, curling around my air bottle. It tugged at me, pulling me to it. Flame edges whipped down the walls, forming a sickle in the air, swinging in a slow arc down toward my sternum." Now that's a perspective only a firefighter on the scene could write. Shawn gives you a glimpse of fire gone crazy; it's a horrifying, fascinating, terrible thing. The fire's sole desire is to consume everything in sight. It's surreal, chilling, and unbelievable. This author pens a suspenseful, action packed story filled with intrigue as Aiden tries to track down the Arsonist that killed his father. Aiden's obsession to right a wrong and his self-destructive lifestyle has everyone worried. His dad was good at what he did. He had to make sense of this tragedy. Aiden was angry at God letting his dad die. Aiden knew his father trusted God and now he was dead! Aiden wasn't going to go that route. He would stay far away from God. He would be in control of his own life, he didn't need anyone. It was just him and the fire. Firefighters are a strange breed. While anyone in their right mind runs from fires. Firefighters, on the other hand seem drawn into the flame. In Aiden's case, he got into the ring with the fire to win one more round. I learned how critical it was for a firefighter to be aware of his surroundings, use all of his senses and think quickly on his feet to save his life and the life of others. What a fascinating, suspenseful, captivating story, with complex believable characters. I found myself rooting for them to save the victims and for both to live another day. I couldn't put this book down until the mystery was solved. Can't wait to read his new book Tomorrow We Die. Nora St.Laurent The Book Club Network www.bookfun.org Finding Hope Through Fiction www.psalm516.blogspot.com
Retired_Chief More than 1 year ago
Shawn Grady writes using his experiences and combining them with a great imagination. He tells of the struggle of a firefighter dealing with the murder of his father and his own inability to deal with it. He pushes everyone out of his life and almost loses his in the process. An old friend is able to get Aiden to look toward God for direction. Like most everyone, he is not interested in spiritual guidance but how to make it on his own. The religous theme is not pushed throughout the whole book but is appropriately interjected into the story. In the end, Aiden realizes that God has been with him the time and has kept him safe even as he rejected God. Something we all should realize.
QueenofBlingEC More than 1 year ago
Through The Fire is a spell-binding, edge-of-your-seat read from page one to page 328. Written in first person from the view point of the main character, Aidan O'Neill, it is a book that you will not forget for a long time. This book is Shawn Grady's debut novel and he has "hit it out of the ballpark" on his first try. Mr. Grady is writing from experience - he has served over a decade as a firefighter and paramedic in Reno, Nevada, the setting for Through the Fire. Here is the back cover summary: "Firefighting burns in Aidan O'Neill's blood, but his innate gift for reading flames has made him overconfident and sometimes puts lives in danger. When one call goes horribly wrong and a rookie is hurt, Aidan ends up suspended and finds himself questioning everything. It couldn't have happened at a worse time. An arsonist is targeting Reno, leaving a scorched path of destruction. The department needs Aidan back, but his return is troubled. The gift he relied on for so long has gone silent.and it's as though the fires are coming for him, hunting him down. Teaming with a beguiling fire investigator who may know more than she's saying, Aidan must discover where his trust rests as the flames burn ever closer." Ladies, you may think this sounds like a "guys" book - but I loved it! Enjoy!!
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Through the Fire by Shawn Grady is a powerful debut novel about the power of redemption and letting go of the past. Aidan O'Neill has firefighting in his blood. His grandfather, father, and uncle all served the Reno Fire Department with honor, but he blames himself for the death of his father in a fire several years ago. A.O. has become almost self-destructive in his quest to find the truth about his father's death and to prove himself as worthy. His recklessness leads to his dismissal from the department, but they are forced to bring him back when a series of fires are started by an arsonist that are unpredictable and frightening in their intensity. Working with fire investigator Julianne, the two of them create their own sparks while trying to bring down arsonist. Grady writes every scene involving the fires with frightening intensity. The reader can practically breathe in the smoke and feel the heat of the flames. The mystery isn't as tautly rendered. While the culprit makes perfect sense when all is revealed, it felt like there were a few too many loose ends. That said, Grady is fantastic with his characterization of a man who goes from living like there's nothing to live for to understanding the true value and Giver of his life. I look forward to more of Grady's writing.
Carlybird More than 1 year ago
In Through the Fire by Shawn Grady Aidan O'Neill is a firefighter in Reno, Nevada who is chasing a firebug who he suspects set the fire that killed his father five years ago. The closer Aidan gets to finding out who the arsonist is, the more it seems the fires are chasing him. With the help of fire investigator Julianne, Aidan hopes to find the arsonist before the fire finds him. Although, the basic storyline of this book is somewhat of a cliché - the overconfident firefighter seeking to avenge the death of his father - the story is very well told. The story moves very quickly and has a nice mix of action with the firefighting scenes, suspense and mystery as Aidan and Julianne search for clues, and a bit of romance. The Christian aspect of this book was very well done. Actually, I was quite impressed with how the author infused faith into the story without it feeling forced or out of place. They say you should write what you know, so it only makes sense that Shawn Grady, being a firefighter and paramedic himself, would write a book like this. It helps the story feel more real, but I found that in Through the Fire, the author's expertise might cause the layperson reading this book some confusion. I wouldn't know a Nederman exhaust tube from a Halligan bar and I found that there was a little too much technical jargon for my liking. Overall, this book is well written. There were some aspects of this book that did not suit my liking, but there were also many aspects that I really appreciate. Fans of action novels will enjoy this book and, I'm sure, future books by Shawn Grady.
Richard_Mabry More than 1 year ago
Shawn Grady, with more than a decade's experience as a firefighter and paramedic, brings authenticity to every page of this debut novel about a troubled firefighter, seeking to solve the puzzle of his father's death while battling his own personal demons. Grady has a great ability to paint word pictures, and although the technical language and details seem a bit daunting at first, I soon found myself caught up in the struggle between man and that most primitive and powerful of forces: fire. Unapologetically Christian in its viewpoint and message, the novel marks a promising start to a writing career for which I predict significant success. I'll certainly be waiting to read Grady's next book.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of the best books I've read in a very long time!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found this book completely riveting, could not put it down. After reading this book, I have even more respect for those who serve as firefighters and police officers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed this book. Had a different form of writing which really made it seem like a man was writing it...no wasted words.
bookreaderBS More than 1 year ago
I got this book for my husband who is a former firefighter. He doesn't do online book reviews so I'll just say, he enjoyed it and he wants to read the rest of the trilogy.
DON40 More than 1 year ago
God was with the fireman kept my interest but only read it for a few minutes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Author really "puts" you into the fire. enjoyed it immensely.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story. A lot of action. It makes you more appreciative of fire fighters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My husban and son are firefighters there is so much in this story that i have seen and heard from them it is a great book and have enjoyed it hate to seit ended
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a wife of a fire fighter I was glad to have someone to ask about some of the terms used in the book. I was also glad to have a nook at my disposal to looko up some definitions. That being said I was able to increase my vocabulary. I enjoyed the book, the characters and the subtle Christian undertones. There were times while I read I thought I was immersed in the fire with the characters. It is definetly worth the time to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An easy read. Some of the terminology was difficult to manage, has a christian theme.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago